The Hairdresser On Fire Holiday Special! Part 1.

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Happy Holidays from Hairdresser On Fire! Here is part 1 of our 3 part Holiday Special!

I hope you enjoy!

Hairdresser on Fire – Holiday Special – Ep. 1 from Joe Varca on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 with special guests and cheery ideas for fancy holiday party hair!

And please check out Mairzy Dozy right here!

Tyra’s website

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I was recently interview along with a few other stylists for Tyra Banks’ website, Type F! I was asked a few questions about root lift for her beauty section.

Here is a link to the full article.

Two looks for the Bride

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Something I’ve never really seen done before, is a bride wearing her hair one way for the ceremony and another for the reception. It is such a brilliant idea if you ask me. Maggie’s brand new husband, Ben, loves her hair down, so she wanted to be her most beautiful self for him when he first saw her. I could really cry just writing that. They are so sweet together.

Since Maggie is a Barbie come to life, I layered SachaJuan mousse-three huge handfuls on her wet hair, then Oribe Volumista all over her roots, and finished with Oribe Maxamista everywhere. For Maggie we were bringing on the volume. Then I used a small/medium size round brush and blew out her hair huge and curly, setting each section in pins. The end goal wasn’t curl, but volume! And since Maggie’s hair is super straight on it’s own, I had to do lots of curl, to get just a little bit.

(i never knew i do such a serious hair face!)

This is me and Maggie in the bathroom, discussing how much volume she still needs.

Ultimately, I decided that since her hair wants to go straight, we should do a curl set with an iron. It was the right thing to do, because her hair ended up looking similar to this picture (plus lots of Bridgit Bardot backcombing) after the curls fell a little. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Maggs with the backcombing and veil, she looked so beautiful.

After I put the veil on, Maggie leaned over to me and said the most wonderful words I’ve ever heard. She told me that this was how she always dreamed she would look.

Mission accomplished!

For the reception, Maggie wanted to dance without worrying about her hair. She and Ben had a quiet dinner by themselves while the guests were at a cocktail hour, and I snuck up into their little area to do her second look. She requested the biggest bun I could do on the top of her head.

So I packed up a small bag beforehand, and gave it to the Maid Of Honor to deliver for me. It had hair pins, bobby pins, a pocket size Mason Pearson, a rat tail comb, a few bungees and some hairspray. It sounds like a lot of stuff, but the bag was quite small.

Then I gave Maggie a Party Bun on crack. Her hair is almost to her waist, so it was huge and glorious.

(don’t worry, this photo was pre-flyaway smoothing)

We topped it off with a flower from her gown and she went to the party looking like a beautiful cupcake topper! She danced and twirled all night and none of us could take our eyes off of her!

I’ll be back next week with the bridesmaids!


Tutorial on Blow Dry with Volume and Body

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Here is our fun little blow dry tutorial. I’m so excited to get it up! I have been putting off this tutorial for a while, because it is really hard to explain a blow dry properly. There is a lot of information that you forget you ever learned once it becomes second nature to you. Then you’re whipping them out just like you’d tie your shoe.

There is so much info, that I would have to have someone doing a blow dry in front of me so that I can tell them “do this here or do that there”. There are wrist movements and brushing patterns, they are really quite complicated!

Two things I forgot to mention: The smaller the brush, the more curl and volume you’ll get (but it can look funny on too long of hair). And make sure you blow dry working your way from the roots down instead of drying the ends first and working upwards.

Also, rough drying=getting the water out just with your hands and blow dryer before you start trying to create the shape with the brush and sectioning..

I hope this all makes sense! I’m a little nervous about how this will go down. Make me proud!
(hint: the video is pretty long, so it might be kind of choppy, depending on connection speed, unless it is allowed to completely load before watching)