The Hairdresser On Fire Holiday Special! Part 1.

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Happy Holidays from Hairdresser On Fire! Here is part 1 of our 3 part Holiday Special!

I hope you enjoy!

Hairdresser on Fire – Holiday Special – Ep. 1 from Joe Varca on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 with special guests and cheery ideas for fancy holiday party hair!

And please check out Mairzy Dozy right here!

How to have the cutest fishtail braid ever.

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My favorite kinds of Fishtail braids are messy and pully. Listen, you can’t go wrong with any fishtail, right? I’m only saying the pullier the better.

Here’s how you do it.

1. Do a fishtail braid or two (I’m doing two). If you don’t know how, let me know.
2. Secure with an elastic.
3. By all means, pull on it.
4. Pull a lot more.
5. Keep pulling until you’ve pulled at every part of the braid. It should be nice and wide and also nice and fuzzy.
6. Build your style from there.
7. Stay tuned for a few style ideas. Aka, alternate endings.

Let’s give a round of applause for the worst lighting ever! It’s the best we could do at that time of night.


Ellen Von Unwerth

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Ellen Von Unwerth is an incredible photographer. She takes mostly takes dreamlike photos of pretty women in their underwear. The colors, styling, make up and hair are all perfection. I could look through her portfolio for hours because I’m so inspired by the hair! It’s teasey and curly and sexy and everything else-y I love!

I am in love with this woman’s work. Here are some of my favorite photos. (in every size imaginable!)

Go here to see some more of her amazing work.

3 easy up dos on Latest-Hairstyles.

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I’m doing a series of 3 tutorials over at Latest-Hairstyles. To me, they are three different looks that work for any occasion and they are all easy! This week’s tutorial is how to create my Party Bun!

Click here to see the tutorial!

Photo by Jacob Breinholt

Your love’s favorite hairstyle

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Jake likes my hair the most when it’s long, blonde and bang-less. He seems to prefer it straight or with loose waves, rather than my natural wavy/curly business. Kind of Victoria’s Secret modelesque, which is a pretty common look for a guy to prefer I’m guessing.

I’m posting about this today, because it’s our 5 year wedding anniversary! We got married at a little chapel in Las Vegas where I wore my hair like a Victoria’s Secret bride might. It’s these special occasions that I want to look extra pretty for him, so I’m trying to decide how to wear my hair for our date tonight!  Down and wavy or down and straighty?

Does your love have a favorite hairstyle?

Hair Answers: Half and Half Hair

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I have a few clients who literally have half curly/half straight hair. Meaning, the hair that grows from their crown is straight, and the hair that grows underneath is curly (or the other way around)…two completely different textures. It creates a problem with cutting and daily styling. After getting an email from a girl with this type of hair, I thought it would be a good idea to post about it here! She and the girls I know can’t be the only bi-texturals!

This can be caused by damage, or nothing at all! I know some people who after doing the Keratin treatment a few times experienced entire straight sections, I know people whose hair was damaged from bleach and lost wave, but I also know people with perfectly healthy/virgin hair that just likes to do its own crazy wonky thing! Silly hair!

First thing, make sure you find the right hair cut. This is very important. The first time I saw a girl with straight underneath and curly on top, I thought she had been given the most uneven haircut ever. It turned out it wasn’t uneven, it was just cut wet. Once the hair dried into it’s natural state, the curly hair shrunk up, leaving a huge gap inbetween the length and the layers. She had been unintentionally *shelfed! I undercut the length on this particular girl to make sure she is never shelfed again. So, make sure you explain very well to your stylist how your hair behaves naturally. Have a real discussion about how the hair cut may fix it (or at least enhance it). For example, using a razor to cut internal layers on the straight portion can encourage wave!

For styling, unfortunately you can’t just go natural (unless you like the bi-textural look). My suggestion is to use a curling iron to blend the straight parts with the curly parts. You don’t have to do every section, just the most troubled! Curl a few pieces from the curly section as well to blend those with the straighties. So it doesn’t look like the photo of me below!

*Shelfed [shelft]

1. A situation where a hairstylist has intentionally or unintentionally created a severely chunky layer not coordinating with the client’s length, simulating a shelf.

2. A person(s) who became victim to a stylist whose refusal to blend heavy layers ends up in an incredibly shelfy and unmanageable hairstyle.

“Have you seen Lisa’s new haircut? She’s been shelfed!”

New Year’s Eve party hair fun time goodness.

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I have recently realized that a lot of people share my same opinion about NYE…it’s not that cool. In fact, I’m not really going to do anything if it requires me leaving my apartment building or neighborhood. It’s cold, it’s packed with tourists and it’s hard to get a cab. So when Jen told me a few weeks ago that she wanted to throw a party, I was very excited because she is my neighbor just two floors down. Talk about “Friends” right?

After listing the reasons I hate NYE above, now I’ll list the reasons I love it:
Fancy hair, Fancy make up (I always wear fake eyelashes), Fancy clothes.

So after work, I came home to get fancy. Jen and AmandaBlair came up and I asked them if I could do their hair. I was feeling a half up theme for the night. I did a cute little “hair bow” flare on myself, which felt quite festive, then I did ABs and halfway through her hair I heard a Gwen Stefani song, so at the last second I did a little Gwen Stefani swirl in the back. It was mostly 1960s with just the slightest twinge of a 40s flare. For Jen I did a quickie half up fat twist but with a braid flare instead of a swirl flare. I love a little hair flare, hooray!

Since we are just a few steps away from each other, Jake and I set up a photobooth in our apartment for Joe and Jen’s party guests to come up and partake in. It was pretty fun. We put up tinsel and had props to play with. We had a great time getting our sills out! I even had fun cleaning up all the tinsel the next day.

One perk to being at home is that I was able to do an outfit/hairfit change halfway through the party. Do you every have the urge to do an outfit or hairfit change? I went from my fancy golden girl grandma vintage top, to my flapper princess dress.

How was your NYE?

Also, Ta Da!
Thank goodness my heel didn’t destroy my silk dress!

A peek into my kit: Pins

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For our “Pins” segment, I’ll be covering a broader area than just pins. I’m including all the things I use to secure different styles. Before you get started, you want a pin case. This one below is great. I didn’t use my own picture because my pin case isn’t organized very well right now.
You can get this one here.

I like to bring a big clip to hold the hair while I’m blow drying/curling. This clip holds the thickest of the sections and never falls.

I make sure to always have lots of two prong clips for setting. Also, if you are doing a shoot or a show (or even a wedding) the make up artist will want to front of the hair pinned away so it doesn’t get in the way during the make up application. A lot of times I’ve used a piece of tissue between the hair and the clip to prevent a mark, but there are also special clips just for that purpose if you don’t want to deal with the tissue.

Bungees are the best way to get a smooth pony. They hold the hair tight tight tight! See my bungee tutorial here!

I go through these little bands like crazy. I use them mostly for securing braids and ponies. Make sure you have clear (pictured, but hard to see) for your blonde clients.

Japanese bobbies. I’ve written about these before. Normal bobbies don’t come near these guys. They are expensive, but one box comes with hundreds, and you non hairstylists will likely have a life supply by getting one. You hairstylists will likely have a few months supply. Let’s be real. We go through a lot of bobbies!

Last up is hair pins. I also like Japanese because they are easy to form without being too flexible. They are very comfortable to wear. The longer I do hair, the more I find myself using hairpins instead of bobbies. Go here for a quick hairpin tutorial!

Tomorrow I’ll choose a winner! Also, We have a new tutorial all edited and ready to go. I’ll probably post it Monday, but I just had to tell you!

All photos by Jacob Breinholt for Hairdresser On Fire. Except the top one.

Michelle Williams’ loose waves.

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Michelle Williams is a great example of my favorite kind of hair. She always has a great cut, and when it’s long, she keeps it healthy and beautiful with simple styles.

I love this photo of her soft blow dry. Just the right amount of volume, wave and texture. To get this look, you would blow dry with lots of volume at the roots. Once your hair is dry, take large sections and curl mid-shaft (like the messy waves tutorial) with a 1 inch curling iron. You are going for more of a bend than a curl, so you just need to turn the iron a little, maybe once or twice at the most.

Finish up with some Ocean Mist and shake it all about.

Congratulations, you are now my newest girl crush!

Does anyone know where this photo comes from? I’m sure it’s a legit shoot and I’d love to credit the magazine and photographer if anyone knows that source

Wigs for a styling event

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Last month my salon participated in an event in Brooklyn for stylists and colorists. Some platform work was done (cutting and styling), and the owners of my salon both had their work showcased (one for color, one for wigs). We spent a few weeks working our fingers to the bones on the wigs my boss, Larry, designed. He is really an artist and it is so fun to learn from him. He comes up with these ideas, and works with us between clients, asking for our advice and welcoming any ideas. It’s so great to make such beautiful pieces as a team!

This is literally a swimming cap that he hammered spikes into. He carved out one side and added diamonds, and the other side is wiry braided extensions.

Here are some wefts I turned into wide, thin fishtails that we never ended up using.

I only worked on this beautiful braided mess for a little bit. It is braids of all different shapes, sizes and textures. Some are uniform, some are uneven and messy. There is also rope in there and some of the hair has been burned. I tried it on and it was so heavy and cool feeling. It is kind of a modern artsy take on the Victorian era.

I helped make this wig earlier in the year for a different shoot. I sewed approximately one million wefts of extensions including the blue and yellow/green ones. It’s actually a normal wig turned inside out with extensions sewn underneath. The feathers are actually a trimming from Mood that we made look like a cap. This wig was hard work, but my boss had a completely new vision for it with this event. I got to wrap and set it in perm rods, which we all know I love to do!

Here is the final product at the event. I wish I had some closer shots of each piece!

I love this one so much. It looked perfect on the model.

Work friends, hooray!

Sometimes it’s so nice to do some non-traditional work like this. I gets that creativity flowing!