Divine Caroline: Summer hair-short or long?

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It’s hot out there…

Do you get all snippy with your hair in the summer? or leave it long?

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Photo of me two summers ago when I got snippy.

Stay cool out there, stay cool.

What awkward length?

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I asked Jake to take my picture when I got home from work tonight, because I felt like I had a good hair day today. It’s not that it was anything special, or that I did anything special with it..which is how it ended up feeling so nice. I felt like it looked good just being it’s own-natural but slightly enhanced with product-self, which doesn’t happen every day, am I right?

Before I went short last spring, I had thought about going short for a long time. At least over a year. The thing I worried about most was the awkward in between length I had heard such terrible things about. I knew I would want to grow out my long hair again soon after cutting it, so I felt really conflicted for a while.

One day I decided I was ready to cut my hair short. So what I did before the big chop, was have a little pow-wow with myself and my hair. This pow-wow was to decide the mood for the next year or two. I vowed with my hair and myself that day, that I was only going to cut it if I was going to like it. Not just like the short cut in the beginning, but like it at each length as it grew out. Liking it all along the way. Not complaining that it’s not long..not regretting the cut…and not letting the unknown in-between stage get me down.

I’m not sure if that pow-wow has worked, or if I just really have loved my hair over the last year. I loved it short, I loved it shoulder length and I’m sure I’d love it during the awkward in between stage if I knew when that was. I feel like it’s supposed to be now, but it can’t be, because I love it now too.

So, before you all think that I’m just bragging about how awesome and glorious my hair is, let me tell you this. The reason I like it, is because I do things to it. I cut it when it’s losing shape or the ends are getting dry, I color it when I’m bored of what’s going on, I play with it by braiding and bunning and fat twisting it, and I appreciate the fact that I have hair on my head at all.

So many times I think we get lazy with our hair. I meet people who say “I never do my hair because it is ____”, then I look up at the messy bun on top of their head and see healthy/lush hair that could literally do anything I tell it to, and I know that they’ve never even tried. There is always something you can do to make your hair look good. Which will always make you feel a little better and prettier in the end.

This is kind of a weird post, but I think what I’m trying to get across to you all, is that if you want to love your hair, you can. By deciding to like it and spending time (even a little!) on it despite what you find wrong with it..awkward lengths or frizziness)…you can eliminate one less thing in your life to stress about, and add one more thing to be happy about.

Let’s stop making excuses and just have awesome hair, ok? Yay!

I love you guys and your hair muy mucho.

(ps, this post was inspired by my friend Jana Mobley. who i found out is the first person I’ve ever known who likes the awkward in between length as much as I do!)

Hair Answers: Razor cuts

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Q by Carolyn: Does razor cutting make your ends more likely to split and get damaged? I like the look, but I always feel like my layers grow out “fluffy” after a razor cut.

A by Reagan: Yes and No.

Yes, when you’re comparing it to regular scissor cutting. No when you’re comparing it to no cutting at all. Any cutting is good for your hair’s health, but using a razor does thin your ends out, so when heat styling or chemical treatments start to get to it, your already thin ends will split faster than they would had they been blunt cut. But a razor isn’t damaging. Especially a very sharp razor. Razoring is a great way to add texture to your hair cut, and it can make styling so much easier depending on what type of cut you actually have. It can make your hair hold curl better and blow drying easier and faster, it’s a great technique.

Razor cuts are good for people who get their hair cut often, or who have short hair. If you are the -I get my haircut three times a year if that- person, I’d say skip the razor cut. Unless your stylist is using it on your fringe (bangs) or front angles.  Some of my short haired clients who I use a razor on say they go much longer between cuts because it grows out so nicely. So it is also very much a matter of preference.

What do you all think about razor cuts?

Hair Answers: you like MY hair?

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I can’t believe you guys like my hair! I’ve gotten more than a few emails asking for my hair’s step by step.  I guess I can’t feel too cool, because apparently I have a very common hair texture, and it can take a little bit of time to figure it out. I flat ironed my hair every single day for probably 5 years before one day I accidentally air dried it and someone gave me a huge compliment. My head then immediately communicated to my hair the following conversation…

Brain- “Hey hair, what do you say we take it easy on the damage and 45 minute daily styling?”

Hair-”I thought you’d never ask.”

…And I (we) never looked back.

Here is my hair’s step by step:

Step 1~Shower. Maybe. I’m only going to say this once (except I think I’ve said this more than once) I usually shampoo once every 4-5 days. Please like me anyway.
Step 2~Towel dry.
Step 3~Apply product. I use all or some of the following: Redken Outshine (A cream), Redken Full frame (a mousse), Garnier Wonder Waves (a miracle spray of beachiness), It’s a ten (detangler and leave in treatment),  L’Oreal Proffessionel Architexture (a wax) and Redken Anti snap. I genuinely use all (and others on occasion) of these products. I’ll start out with a cream after I towel dry, then wonder waves spray or a mousse, then I continue to scrunch until the cows come home or until my hair is dry, then I rub some wax in my hands and scrunch again!
Step 4~Scrunch more. Just do it and stop complaining.
Step 5~Maybe blow dry my fringe (bangs) if I feel like it or need to. I’m going to do a bang/fringe tutorial soon
Step 6~Dance.
Step 7~Wear for 4 or 5 days with no regrets. And maybe use a little hairspray.

*guys, this was really hard (I swear I accidentally wrote “haird” when I meant hard) for me. I guess it’s because I do my hair different every day! Sometimes I leave the house with nothing in my hair, sometimes I use everything on this list. I guess I don’t like to be chained to anything, but these products I’ve suggested really are what have been consistantly great for me. I hope it helps and that you have all the hair success you always dreamed of. And if you don’t then I think you should repeat step 6.


Also, please forgive the picture. I had a hard time finding a decent picture that wasn’t the side of my head.

Hair Answers: Products for short hair

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Q by Annie: I have super short hair and am on a never ending quest to find a good quality styling aide that gives me a a textural flexible hold without making my hair look greasy. I play with my hair a lot, so I need a product that won’t break down under my fingers. Come to think of it, it seems that I have my best hair days at the beach; perhaps the sand and saltwater are a factor? Do you know of any products that will help me recreate that same feel every day? Thanks, Annie
A by Reagan: Oh man, I feel you there. Why can’t someone just bottle up salt water for the beachy women of the world? Turns out, salt isn’t all that great for your hair anyway, so I guess it’s better that way…
So, the first two products that popped up into mind were Rough Paste by redken and L’Oreal Professionnel Texture Expert Tendre Forme. Super long name on the second one, but that seems to be the M.O. of the French, oui? I’ve had a ridiculous time finding the second product online (I can only find it on European sites!) so ask your stylist about it if you are having the same trouble that I am. I can get it in my salon for those of you who live in NY and want it.

What I love about these products, are that they are a waxy feel, but a medium hold. They are great for shaping, but are workable throughout the day.  Make sure you rub any waxes in your hands (heating it up) before putting in your hair to ensure it’s evenly applied. You don’t want to be the globby haired girl on the block, do you? I know I don’t. Also, since you deal with oily hair, apply from ends to roots.
How’s this for the student teaching the teacher…my own client told me she uses wax on her curly, shoulder length hair. I was like GGGUUUUHHHH-WHAT? YOU DO WHAT? COME AGAIN? Maybe this is going to give me a bad reputation with all of you, but I had never even thought of that before. I love it! I do it (with the second product) when my hair is completely dry. It seals frizz and gives hold and like I said, is very workable. The other other other awesome thing about both of these products, you can share them with any men that you might live with. Jake used Rough Paste for several years before switching to Redken’s Work Hard.
Someone should be paying me for all these recommendations…

Hair Answers: Growing out your hair

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Q by Auro: I got (ummm … had) mid back wavy dark hair. Love it but mostly tie it in a bun on a daily basis. On special occasions I open it out, run a curling iron through it and feel fabulous :)
So I have been toying with the idea of chopping of my hair.  Have done so two times in the last 10 years. Love it for a month or two and then can’t wait for it to grow back.
Anyway – fast forward to yesterday. I went in for a hair cut armed with pictures of long, medium, short styles and one that I did not quite like. Discussed it with my hairdresser and we decided to keep it long but shape it up so that it looked changed.
By the time she was done it was by my neck. She styled it and it flipped and looked exactly like a photo I told her I did not like :( Anyway – in the heat of the moment I decided what the hell, just chop the back so it does not look flippy like that !!
Now I have short hair :( And I sit her shocked and stunned 24 hours later. My husband is quite amused by my reaction and tells me its just hair ! I know there is no magic pill and I know it will eventually grow.
But is there any advice you have in the meantime. What would you tell a client ?
I know I am being super vague here – but as you see I am emotionally scared ;)
Much love,

A by Reagan: I bet a hundred people will read your question and cry and nod their heads because they are or have been there with you Auro. I am still in the honey moon phase of short hair, I am LOVING it, but let’s be honest, it wont be for long. Soon I’ll be pulling on my hair and brushing it 100x on each side in attmepts to stimulate my hair follacles so they’ll grow faster.

Here is a short list of ways to get your hair back.

~Keep it healthy. As healthy as possible. Dry, damaged ends will break off, making your hair shorter! K?
~Get regular trims. I like to yell at my clients *I don’t really yell at them ever* when they refuse to cut their hair because they are growing it out. If you keep, nice, healthy, moist, blunt, lush ends, they will continue to grow DOWN instead of damage and dry-ness growing UP your hair shaft, breaking off inches of your hair. That is where the confusion of “cutting you hair makes it grow faster” comes from. It doesn’t actually make it grow faster, it just ensures it will continue to grow in the right direction. Your hair will end up the length you want to achieve more quickly if it is (say it with me) kept healthy! Woohoo! Team Healthy Hair!
~Deep Condition. Buy a good deep conditioner at a salon or beauty supply and use once a week or every other week. Leave on for 15-30 minutes before rinsing.  Again, keeping hair healthy and preventing damage.
~Find a stylist you trust. There aren’t many things more frustrating (when it comes to hair) than having several months of growth cut off because the stylist doesn’t understand the difference between a 1/2 inch and 5 inches. It has happened to me. It has probably happened to you. PS I dont do that to people. It is my goal in life to be a trustworthy stylist.
~Comb, Massage and Brush hair. You thought I was kidding about stimulating your hair follacles. It’s a real thing! If you stimulate them, they produce more quickly. Before showering, brush your scalp medium to hard with a bristle brush to loosen up any buildup on the scalp and to stimulate those little guys. Top it off with a clarifying shampoo every few weeks. (never over do the clarifying shampoo!!)
~Finally, talk to your hair, tell it that it’s doing a good job. Tell it you’re proud of it. Caress it. I don’t know if that helps. But it’s just one of those things that is like a “why not?” sort of situation.

Hey, do you guys want to sit back and covet some pretty hair with me? Nothing like starting out your day in seething jealousy!

Dont cry guys. Your hair will be long soon.

Sorry I never credit my photos. I need to work on a better photo storing system…

Celebrity Hair: Alexa Chung

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Alexa Chung is my number one. She is my very favorite model, and she is my number one style icon. I think there have probably only been one or two outfits that I’ve seen her in that I haven’t completely fallen out of my chair over. She’s amazing.

Now that I am noticing short hair more and more, it suits that she is my number one short haired chick too. My friend Sarah even caught on that I was copying her hair cut, and I didn’t even notice it. But she is right.

If I move to Brooklyn Alexa and I are going to be best friends. And maybe her British accent and coolness will rub off on me.

(once again these image were saved in a folder with no one to credit)

Starting Up

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Boy, is it ever awkward to start a new blog. I had no idea where to start and what the first post should be about, so I kind of waited around until my attention was grabbed. Kind of ironically, I chopped off my hair this week. I say ironic because this header was made only two weeks ago, and it is now outdated. I am really excited about my short hair, it’s always fun to play with a new look, but I have to admit that a little part of me is afraid of the big change. These beautiful pictures are helping me shake off any regret that is there. Short hair can definitely be as stunning as long hair. And even more if you have a lace baby doll dress to go with it, right? That’s what I learned from the first picture at least…


Both photos from The Sartorialist