Divine Caroline: Bungee tutorial

Posted in Tutorial on July 27th, 2012 by Reagan

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This week on Divine Caroline I show you a little bungee tutorial.

I talk about how bungees are amazing for all your pony tail needs…”Especially if your hair is thick and unruly. Bungees don’t put up with that type of behavior….and for good reason.”

Click here to see the tutorial

Photos by Ty Mecham

Divine Caroline: Pretty Ponies

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It’s getting hot and humid out. Either cue pony tail or cue neck sweat.

To read my latest post on Divine Caroline about pony tails, click here!

Katie Holmes pony photo from DC


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Don’t mind me, I’m just sprucing along over here.

Hair accessory-Craft leather tied around twice, Dress-Think Closet, Bloomers-American Apparel, Moccs-Minnetonkas, Dog-Jen’s.

Headband-Accessorize, Weird Plastic Top-Think Closet, Skirt-Target, Clogs-Jeffrey Campbell. (Sadly, they broke that day)

Hair accessory-Black Grosgrain ribbon from a craft store, Jacket-hand me down from friend, Tee-American Apparel, Jeans-F21, Shoes-Chuck Taylor Allstars.

Bow-American Apparel, Jacket-Alexa Chung for Madewell, Cords-Gap, Oxfords-Bottega Veneta.

I’m starting to lose steam over here. I’m running out of cute accessories and am having to get creative with the arts and crafts (eh hem, 3/15 and 3/17).

Photos by Jen and design by Tiffany Breinholt

Aussie Anti-Breakage Spray

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Happy Thanksgiving week! What are you thankful for? Today I’m thankful for healthy hair! Jokes aside, I can’t wait to show you our fourth video from our Aussie series. My model, Hadley, has long gorgeous hair that she wears in many ways. She colors is, curls it, ponies it and buns it. So using products to prevent breakage is very important. In this video, I’ll be using the Aussie Anti-Breakage Spray before blow drying and finishing up with a pretty pony tail. Enjoy!

Visit the Aussie site to learn more about this, and other Aussie Stylers.

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J. Crew Spring 2012

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It’s still fashion week for another day here in NYC, and yesterday was J.Crew’s presentation. Jake went as press, and got these photos for me. They had lots of hats in the collection, and those who weren’t wearing hats were wearing painfully tight pony tails and tangerine lip color. Did you know a perfect, slicked pony tail is one of the hardest things to master in the hair world? In fact, personally, they are my weakness. You get it all perfectly smoothed out,  and one false move forces you to start over. I took a 3 hour class on ponies once. They used about half a bottle of mega-hold gel and had the model lay down during the styling and everything. I thought it was a little much, but afterwords she looked like she had had a face-lift.

Pony rant over.

This hat below is my favorite! I have a panama hat, but it is pretty cheap. I think I’ll invest in a nicer one next spring.

Resuming pony rant…There is something amazing about a girl who can pull of a slicked pony. I love to have hair all messy around my face, so to me, slicked hair is out of my comfort zone. But look at this girl below. She is such a babe with her tight hair and her crazy cheek bones.

Do you wear a sleek pony?


All photos by Jake Breinholt

Sporty hair.

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My go-to hair style for running/exercising is definitely a mermaid braid and a pony tail. The mermaid braid keeps my fringe out of my face and looks cute so I only feel red faced, sweaty and smelly instead of adding ugly haired to that too. I have some great stretchy headbands from Aasics that work great too, but I always prefer the mermaid braid.
Jake took this photo of me during a 5 mile race in central park last Saturday. It was at 9 am and it was H O T hot.

I also snapped this photo with my phone when we were walking to the starting line. Can you believe this is in the middle of the city? So beautiful! (Not too far in from the 102nd street entrance on the west side.)

Over 1,000 likes! You like me!

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for liking my Facebook fan page! Over the weekend, we hit 1,000 likes! I’m so happy!

I want to do a giveaway soon to thank you all!


While I’m on the topic, look at Brittney’s cute summertime side pony! She posted it on the HDOF page wall the other day. She looks perfectly summery!

Tutorial: Summertime Side Pony (and how to use a bungee)

Posted in Tutorial on August 2nd, 2011 by Reagan

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Guys, go pick up some bungees at your nearest beauty supply store and practice using them. They’re awesome! Especially for you girls with super long hair, super thick hair, or you lovers of the sleek pony. Let’s get started!

Prettiest Pony Ever.

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I love this girl and this photo and her dress and her hair. There is nothing wrong with wearing a see-through nightie in some sort of wheat field, guys. As long as you have a pretty pony tail! Let’s try it.

This is just a simple side pony, there is little or no teasing at the crown. The biggest thing that makes it so pretty is her layers that probably hit a little around her shoulders. And I can bet she has some kind of texturizing spray in there.

If that’s not working for you, did you know you can TEASE the pony part? I did it here.


I wish I remembered where I got this pic from. Sorry to not credit it!


Playing with my friend’s hair.

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Sometimes when I’m hanging out with friends, I get a sudden urge to mess up/play with their hair. I did this little number on Amanda Blair the other night when we were just hanging out and chatting. I didn’t spend too much time on it, maybe 5 minutes, but I love it.

I kept thinking I had seen a picture similar to it somewhere, so I spent sometime looking around and found this photo that my friend Michelle sent my way..

I love this photo so much. Everything about it is perfect. Seen here thanks to Michelle.