Lips On Fire: Nars Schiap

Posted in Celebrities, Products on September 7th, 2012 by Reagan

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Schiap is in my top three favorite lipsticks of all time.

When I wear this, I think to myself “This..this is living”.

You can buy it here.

Also, I have the matching nail polish.

And last, a little fashion history for you. This color was named after Coco Chanel’s rival, Elsa Schiaparelli. Read about her here.

Lips on Fire: Pink Nouveau

Posted in Products on August 31st, 2012 by Reagan

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I call this my delicious pink. It’s creamy looking and makes me think of dessert. Like cotton candy or perhaps frosting on a doughnut. It compliments almost every color in your scheme, and can be pulled off by blondes, reds, and brunettes alike. I’ve only been blonde and red with this color, but I’ve seen one of my South American girlfriends wear this with her dark hair and dark skin like it was made for her. How can that be possible when I feel as though it was made for me? Sneaky dessert pink.

This pink, called Pink Nouveau, is by MAC. And it can be purchased here.

Photos by Devon Baverman

Raise your hand if this post made you want a doughnut.

(raises hand)

Lips On Fire. Stila Caprice.

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This week’s lip color is Caprice Fuschia by Stila, and it has a special place in my heart. I got this color in a gift bag for going to Betsey Johnson’s spring 2012 runway show last fall. I made friends with a girl who worked for a big magazine and she grabbed me and gave me a second row seat just before the show started. The little bag full of goodies was happily waiting for me. I thought this color was going to be a gloss, but like last week’s color (which you can buy here), it’s a cream stain and goes on very matte. Also, it stays on forever. I wear this color all the time. It’s a great summer color, but has just enough depth to have a place in my winter wardrobe too.

┬áIf it’s not obvious by looking at the below collage, this color needs to be applied carefully. With how long lasting it is, you need to make sure you correct any imperfect lines as soon as you apply it or else you need to just be all “oh, I’m going for the laid back look”…which is what I always say about the wrinkles on my clothes. *Pssst-I don’t own an iron*

I’m pretty obsessed with lip stains. This one is a show stopper, even Betsey Johnson thinks so. You can buy it here.

Photos by Devon Baverman