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For our “Pins” segment, I’ll be covering a broader area than just pins. I’m including all the things I use to secure different styles. Before you get started, you want a pin case. This one below is great. I didn’t use my own picture because my pin case isn’t organized very well right now.
You can get this one here.

I like to bring a big clip to hold the hair while I’m blow drying/curling. This clip holds the thickest of the sections and never falls.

I make sure to always have lots of two prong clips for setting. Also, if you are doing a shoot or a show (or even a wedding) the make up artist will want to front of the hair pinned away so it doesn’t get in the way during the make up application. A lot of times I’ve used a piece of tissue between the hair and the clip to prevent a mark, but there are also special clips just for that purpose if you don’t want to deal with the tissue.

Bungees are the best way to get a smooth pony. They hold the hair tight tight tight! See my bungee tutorial here!

I go through these little bands like crazy. I use them mostly for securing braids and ponies. Make sure you have clear (pictured, but hard to see) for your blonde clients.

Japanese bobbies. I’ve written about these before. Normal bobbies don’t come near these guys. They are expensive, but one box comes with hundreds, and you non hairstylists will likely have a life supply by getting one. You hairstylists will likely have a few months supply. Let’s be real. We go through a lot of bobbies!

Last up is hair pins. I also like Japanese because they are easy to form without being too flexible. They are very comfortable to wear. The longer I do hair, the more I find myself using hairpins instead of bobbies. Go here for a quick hairpin tutorial!

Tomorrow I’ll choose a winner! Also, We have a new tutorial all edited and ready to go. I’ll probably post it Monday, but I just had to tell you!

All photos by Jacob Breinholt for Hairdresser On Fire. Except the top one.

Japanese bobbies.

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Some people have extremely thick hair. And when they put in a bobby pin, sometimes the bobby pin will immediately slide right back out because the hair is too thick to hold it. Well, get ready for Japanese bobby pins my friends! Before you doubt these, keep in mind the kind of hair that invented them..Japanese hair is thick, silky and straighty straight, so the right pins are very important. I have yet to see a hair type that these wont hold.

Japanese bobby pins are flat, and I wish I knew the chemistry/physics/engineering/technology behind how they work so well, but I don’t. I just know they are bobby pins on crack.

Japanese bobby pins are pretty hard to find, so you may have to get them online. They are much more expensive than regular non-cracked out bobbies, but a big box will last you a long time and you will finally have something that works for you rather than having to use ten pins to anchor down one little strand of your huge haired head.

You can order them from Shear World here. You’ll want anything in that center row.

Let me know if you try them out!