Hairdresser on (off) Broadway!

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Last night I went to the Opening of Grasses Of A Thousand Colors at The Public Theater. I was proud to be there as the show’s Hair Designer with my close friend Carla Naya, the show’s Hair Colorist. I’m not too cool to admit, seeing my name in a Theater Playbill made me squeal like a newborn baby puppy. Big thanks to Rachel Guilfoyle for booking me. It was such a pleasure and I hope to do more!

Rachel, Carla, Me and one of the stars of the show, Jennifer Tilly.

Never too shy to get some sills out on the Step and Repeat.

Happy Opening, Grasses!

Sam’s Man Makeover.

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My friend Sam Adams came in for a man make over last week. He recently left the world of male modeling for a more corporate career that requires him to wear suits and look a little more clean cut. I think we can all agree that all that blonde hair is amazing, but I was dancing around the salon with glee when he came in for the big change. Sam’s long hair is one of the first things people think of when they hear his name….also this…so being the one responsible for the change was a big job.

He came in asking for something a little retro, that could be worn different ways, and something that didn’t look like every other guy walking down the street. I cut the entire thing with my straight razor to give it the right texture, and left lots of length on the top so that it can be worn all kinds of different ways. It looks pretty clean cut here, but the top is quite long and looks very ’90s punk if worn down. I’ll have to take some more pictures of it!

I cut his sides really short towards the front, and gradually went longer as I got towards the back, so that he can comb his sides back for the Don Draper look.

Rumor has it he loves it, and equally as important, so does his wife ;)

Tutorial: The Bride of Frankenstein

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If you’re looking for an elaborate Halloween costume that is easy and cheap, then I suggest you watch this tutorial. I love Halloween and totally wouldn’t mind doing Halloween hair tutorials only from here on out.

HDOF-BOF-D1 from Joe Varca on Vimeo.

Supplies you’ll need:

Hairpins (work better than bobbies)
Styrofoam Cone
Extensions (Optional)


Tease your hair until it’s high and mighty.  Spray with hairspray like crazy. Place Styrofoam cone on your head in desired position. Pull up large sections of your hair to cover the foam cone, and pin into styrofoam. You can stick the pins directly into the foam! Continue until foam is completely covered by your hair and it feels secure. Optional: add a strip of extensions onto either side of your head at the temple area. I curled mine with a marcel iron. Spray with hairspray like crazy.

Now you’re ready to get married. Lots of people are possessed on their wedding day you know.

My favorite parts are all the parts with huge hair, and when the candle gets lit. My least favorite part was combing out the teasing which mightn’t have been so bad if I had done it that night instead of stuffing it into a bun for two more days…

And just because I have to say it somewhere…I would like you to know that I was this close to calling this a “spooktorial”.

Special thanks to the very talented Joe Varca for making this awesome film and Amanda Blair for being the world’s best light flickerer.

What do you think?

More retro hair, darling.

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I went ape with the 1930s theme at my sister’s wedding. I did soft waves on myself, my sister Kelly, my sister in law Melanie, and fingerwaves on my sister Erin. It was the retro hair loving girl’s dream come true. I hermited in the upstairs of the bridal suite (at the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta, amazing) and did hair and did hair and did hair some more. I was focused. I turned on some music…a little Britney, a little Bowie, a little Gaga…and my curling iron and I had a party.

Here are the fruits (curls) of my labor.


I was so excited to do fingerwaves. It’s been a long time and I enjoy them so thoroughly. Even in beauty school when everyone was moaning on about how awful they were, I was passing mine off left and right. I was a little rusty, but got the swing after a few tries. If I could marry retro hair, I surely might.

Below you’ll find a lovely photo of the Shake It Girls. We did a fantastic choreographed dance at the reception to “Hey Ya” that took months of practice. I’m in the center, the two on the right are friends of my sisters’, and the two on my left are my sisters. Yay. Erin’s fingerwaves turned out nice, right?

I plan to post some more photos of the wedding and the beautiful brides and even a tutorial for the vintage looking hair pieces Melanie and I wore. Stay tuned, darling!


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I have been in Atlanta since last Wednesday for my sister’s wedding. I had the most amazing time and I did all kinds of glamorous hair for her 1930s themed occasion. I can’t wait to share more photos!

For now, I just have one of the hair I did for my eldest sister, Kelly (not the bride)..

She turned 40 last week. I tell you if I look half as good as she does at 40, then I look forward to 40.

How was your weekend?

Whittemore House featured in The Cut.

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New York Magazine’s blog “The Cut” did a little write up about my salon last week. They interviewed my fellow stylists/colorists and myself about our beauty routine and called us “The Hot Girl Factory”. I don’t mind a description like that one single bit!

There’s a cool little slideshow of all my amazingly stylish Whittemore Teammates, go here to see the photos and read the whole story!


Photos by Elizabeth Lippman

Story by Christina Han

PS I’m wearing this lipstick in the picture.

Hairdresser on Fire-Tiny edition.

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Photo taken in 1988

That’s me, little Reagan, in the center…being busy busy busy fingers (I probably wasn’t allowed to use scissors yet). That’s my cousin, Jenny, getting her hair done by me. Possibly my very first client!

I remember this 4th birthday party of mine like it was yesterday. We played dress ups, and then had an exquisitely fancy tea party. And I practiced my hair skills.

PS my mom’s caption to this photo “Reagan grew into her lips and Jenny grew into her cheeks.”.
Also, the little girl on the left was my best friend when I was 4. I called her by her last name, Shinney. I wish I could find her.

Grumpy Old Braid

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Jake and I went on a snowboarding trip over the weekend to Utah. On our trip, I made up a very special new braid to go along with my snow hat. I call this, the Grumpy Old Braid! I have always called these hats “Grumpy Old Men” hats, because that movie from my childhood (that I actually never saw)  is nothing but a bunch of men running around in these hats.

I did this braid as a joke to make my friends laugh, but then I decided it was cute and wore it down the slopes! It was nice to know my hat was never going to fall off, haha!

Instagram pic, if you want to follow me, I’m reagangb!

Here are a few other pictures from our trip!

Wallis had a bday!

Below is my brother Nathan, his wife Melanie and my mate Jenny! It was Nathan’s 30th bday.

The gang with our shred sticks.

Backflips on the tramp at Jake’s parents’ house.

It was such a fun weekend, but when we got home we found that our apartment had been broken into! It has been terrible but thankfully nothing we can’t get over in time. I took a few days off from blogging and it’s good to be back!

A little of my Sunday shoot.

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I did some hair at a music video shoot all day on Sunday. It was for a British DJ named Dego. The video was supposed to be set in the late 1950s/early 60s. I love that kind of hair, so I was thrilled to join in on the action. I only brought my phone with me, so these crappy pictures are all I have to show for it, but the producer took a few stills and I’m hoping to get them soon!

The is the lead girl, Gizem. The pretty blonde in the background, Stephanie had smooth soft waves after I combed out her set. I also did several mens’ hair, which was basically the Pete Campbell/Don Draper look. You know, loads of greasiness combed through with a side part.

This was the make up girl, Pam. She had pink, purple, orange and yellow hair. So I asked if I could Halo her.

I can’t wait for the music video to come out so I can show you all!

a video shoot with my husband and friends.

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It was a dream to work with my husband and friends on the Aussie video shoot yesterday. I hope to do this much more often, and to always be able to have so much say in how the day goes. I chose many of my friends as models, who were all beautiful and so fun to work with, and Jake was there to film all 5 videos and all the stills too.

Here are just a few photos from the day. I’m not pressing my luck by trying to upload any more because blogging has for some reason been pure hell for me this morning. (broken laptop, images not showing up, entire hdof website not showing up..)

I can’t wait for the videos to be all edited and ready to show you!