Men’s hair with a razor

Posted in News on January 8th, 2013 by Reagan

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I’ve been using a straight razor more and more on my man haircuts these days. I’m not really a fan of that crunchy hard “gel” look, so any and all texture that can be added to their hair just means less product needed for styling. One of my very favorite clients, Clay, (who I should mention is engaged to my good friend Jen B!) only uses a spritz or two of Ocean Mist, which he discovered because Jen uses it! The combination of the razor with the salty spray and his natural waves is like money in the bank. I don’t know how it’s like money in the bank, but I heard a rapper sing that and I knew I wanted to use it on my blog (I believe in honesty even when it proves that you’re a huge nerd.).

Oh, don’t let me forget the neckline! Undercutting the neckline so it lays softly is the key. I need a picture, don’t I?

Hairstylists, what’s your favorite trick for man haircuts? I like calling it a man haircut. It sounds caveman-ish.

Sam’s Man Makeover.

Posted in News on October 22nd, 2012 by Reagan

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My friend Sam Adams came in for a man make over last week. He recently left the world of male modeling for a more corporate career that requires him to wear suits and look a little more clean cut. I think we can all agree that all that blonde hair is amazing, but I was dancing around the salon with glee when he came in for the big change. Sam’s long hair is one of the first things people think of when they hear his name….also this…so being the one responsible for the change was a big job.

He came in asking for something a little retro, that could be worn different ways, and something that didn’t look like every other guy walking down the street. I cut the entire thing with my straight razor to give it the right texture, and left lots of length on the top so that it can be worn all kinds of different ways. It looks pretty clean cut here, but the top is quite long and looks very ’90s punk if worn down. I’ll have to take some more pictures of it!

I cut his sides really short towards the front, and gradually went longer as I got towards the back, so that he can comb his sides back for the Don Draper look.

Rumor has it he loves it, and equally as important, so does his wife ;)

Elvis: My longest running crush.

Posted in Celebrities on February 12th, 2012 by Reagan

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It’s Valentine’s week. Let’s talk about sexy hair!

Elvis was my first crush. I grew up listening to his music and watching his movies with my parents. Seeing these photobooth pictures made me so happy! I started laughing when I first saw them, because what the H was he up to? Was this at a party? I love the smolder in photo 1 and 2, but the 3rd photo where he is distracted adds a certain mystery to the set. Did he take off his tie for the second picture and then put it back on for the third? Once my mom&dad’s best friend met Elvis while she was living in Hawaii. That is the #1 ultimate celeb sighting of all time.

I wish I knew him.

Anyway, Elvis is sexy.

So is his hair.

PS my Elvis crush may be one of the nerdiest things about me. I was only about 8 when it started, and I spent the next 5 years gathering collectables and memorizing lyrics. Only to eventually start crushing on real boys my own age. I kind of miss us, me and Elvis.

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