Men’s hair with a razor

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I’ve been using a straight razor more and more on my man haircuts these days. I’m not really a fan of that crunchy hard “gel” look, so any and all texture that can be added to their hair just means less product needed for styling. One of my very favorite clients, Clay, (who I should mention is engaged to my good friend Jen B!) only uses a spritz or two of Ocean Mist, which he discovered because Jen uses it! The combination of the razor with the salty spray and his natural waves is like money in the bank. I don’t know how it’s like money in the bank, but I heard a rapper sing that and I knew I wanted to use it on my blog (I believe in honesty even when it proves that you’re a huge nerd.).

Oh, don’t let me forget the neckline! Undercutting the neckline so it lays softly is the key. I need a picture, don’t I?

Hairstylists, what’s your favorite trick for man haircuts? I like calling it a man haircut. It sounds caveman-ish.

Hair Answers: helping Patrick

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Q by Lacey and Katie: We need your help. Our co-worker Patrick keeps asking for hair advice but will not get rid of his longer locks. We keep telling him he needs to go shorter for a look that is more in this decade, but he is not satisfied with our suggestions. That’s where we turn to you… the hair expert and professional! Please look at these pics we snapped of him – any suggestions or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

Patrick seems to think he can pull off a look similar to Bradley Cooper in the Hangover if he just has the right products. But, his excuse is that he doesn’t know what products to use. We told him that we don’t think he could pull that look off, but, we are no professionals. He said he would value your opinion over ours, so please help us!

Feel free to ask any other questions you may need to know! And no worries if you don’t have the time. I’ll still be a loyal ‘Hairdresser on Fire’ follower!

Lacey and Katie “Co-workers that Care

A by Reagan: Can I start out by saying this whole email tickled me to pieces. Sorry to who was in the coveted “favorite question” spot before, you have now been demoted. Patrick is practically the best sport ever….posing front and back and to the sides, and trying not to laugh. Then not to mention seeing office-y things in the back-ground just made me die. I am so proud that I have taken a small group of your office away from your jobs so that you could discuss, take photos of and submit to me all in the name of Patrick’s desire for good hair. I love it all, right down to the cubicles in the background. I’m putting this whole experience on any future resumes.

So, back to the question…I know you said you’d still be a loyal follower if I didn’t have time to answer this question, but will you still be a loyal follower if I’m team Patrick? Maybe? Please? First hear me out. The front and back of his hair isn’t too bad, in fact, it is actually very close to Bradley Cooper in The Hangover, in my opinion. They have a similar cut, but Bradley’s hair is a little thicker than Patrick’s. See? (can we all agree this is one of the best scenes in the movie?)

Lacey, Katie and Patrick, it’s the sides that are hurting. It’s a little too windswept and not enough messy-hot guy bed head (see any picture of Chase Crawford for the messy-hot guy bed head). Try not to push the sides back so much while you’re styling your hair, Patrick. Kind of shake it out as it’s drying (using a few sprays of volumizer), and then apply product to it when dry. I recommend Rough Paste or Work Hard, both by Redken.

Next time you have your hair cut, have your stylist use thinning sheers all over on your ends. It gives it an imperfect edge and helps it look a little wild without being too jaggedy like a razor often does. If your stylist says no, tell her to do it anyway. Not enough stylists use thinning sheers on men, I think it is because of the name, but it really makes the cut.

If you feel like this isn’t working out still. Start doing this version of the the Bradley Cooper Hangover Hair….

In which case you would comb everything back with your fingers (and maybe even a blow dryer if you are willing), then used rough paste or work hard to give it some hold. Rub that stuff together in your hands until it’s warm before you apply.

Guys. Thanks again. This was perfect. And if I ever work in an office I hope the fun level is similar to yours…

Don’t make fun of Zac Efron in front of me.

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Zac Efron has great hair. Mostly. Sometimes I used to be like, ok ok ok, your hair is sweepy, we get it. But most of the time, I think he has just the right amount of thickness, curl, flip, separation and suaveness.

It’s kind of funny, because usually when a guy is sitting in my chair, trying so hard to explain the hair cut he wants, I am thinking “he wants a Zac Efron”, but when I say that out loud, the guy gets embarrassed and says “no way, I want the opposite”. But he has just spent the last ten minutes explaining Zac Efron’s hair to a T, so then I say sure and give him the Zac Efron anyway. He loves it and leaves my salon zippity doo-dah-ing down Broadway. And I knew all along what was in his hair’s best interest. Is it because Zac Efron is a teen hear throb that guys are scared off? I think he is the next Leonardo DiCaprio and that’s in a good way. Who wouldn’t want this guy’s hair?

plus, look at all the strange places he finds himself wearing a suit? Ooops, I’m laying on the beach in a skinny suit and pea coat! How did this ever happen?