Lips On Fire. Number One Red.

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I have this one client from Hong Kong. She comes in and heads turn. I’m talking all the heads in New York City turn. Beautiful skin, gorgeous face, amazing style…she’s stunning. Just trust. She always wears a red so perfect, so I finally had to ask her what it was. She reached for her Chanel bag and pulled out a little tube of what I was calling “the red of the century”. I’ve now started calling it “the red of every century”, because there was never a better red. And there will never be a better red.

It’s Sephora Cream Lipstain. Number One-Always Red. And you can get it online here. (Bonus: It’s only 12 bones!)

Lip stains are great because they stay on for a very long time. In fact, put this on slowly and carefully, because it is hard to fix a mistake once it’s been applied. This lip stain only needs to be applied once every 12 hours, if that. You can eat, drink, kiss..whatever, and it will stay on. I wish they were paying me to say that.

This lip stain and I are so happy together. We smile, we smile big.

Photos by Devon Baverman

Hair and Beauty tips from Iris Apfel

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One of my favorite clients is a beautiful, bubbly young make-up artist at the MAC store in Times Square. I have to be careful when she is in my chair because I could talk to her for so long about beauty products and hair and fashion, that my whole day could easily get backed up. She came in to see me on NYE (they had to close the Times Sq store because of all the tourists!) and we got to talking about lipstick. She told me that Iris Apfel is doing a collaborative line with MAC and I got so excited. You see, Iris Apfel is one of my most major Lady Crushes. (If you don’t yet know, a Lady Crush is like a girl crush, but in a more sophisticated/elderly way). The line is full of bright, matte colors, and according to my client, “Pink Pigeon” is going to be my new favorite lipstick. I can’t wait to see it in person, something tells me that she is right!

The other day, my friend Jana linked to an article of Iris sharing all her views on hair, beauty and fashion. The 90 year old doesn’t believe in plastic surgery, uses Cetaphil, and only dyed her hair one time. The article is inspiring and reminds me why I have such an extreme admiration for Iris and her generation. My Grandma who passed away last year just before turning 90 was very similar in a lot of ways. She wore nice clothes and had her hair and make up done beautifully whether she was leaving the house or not. So very dignified. Their reasons for caring about beauty and hair seemed less vain than our generation somehow.

Anyway, I hope you’ll read the article. My favorite part of the article was when Iris was talking about plastic surgery, she said, “I think if women put some more of the time and money they put on their heads in their heads, they’d be better off. I mean, nobody’s going to think you’re thirty-two, so what’s the point?”.

And one more “I don’t like trends anyway—I like tradition.”

Well said Iris, Well said. What a cool lady.

What do you think of my Lady Crush Iris Apfel?


Love Alert

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Friends, it would be a crime to not share my newest lip obsession.

It’s lipgloss. MAC Dazzleglass in Love Alert made my weekend.

Last night was my salon holiday party and working with a bunch of gorgeous and stylish women means bring it. I knew I wanted to wear my favorite winter party dress, but it being all black, I really wanted some kind of color pop. Since my dress is very textured (mesh with huge shoulders and tattered ribboning down the front) I didn’t want to wear jewelry, so naturally I thought of bright lips.

Since it was a holiday party, I decided to go more festive than just my normal red lip. I love lipstick and generally prefer a matte look, especially with reds, but to jazz up the color I bought a glittery gloss to go over my lipstick. I thought it would annoy me all night, but I loved it. It was the perfect punchy pop. I can’t believe how tame normal red feels now that I’ve worn this! I wish I had better pictures than these crap iphone ones, but I don’t and I’m still obsessed with this glittery, shiny, glossy red.

This just might be my new thing. My friends and I were *pruning all night.

Hoping to get better pictures up eventually!

*Prune is what Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen say instead of “cheese” in pictures because of the perfect luscious pout it gives your lips! It’s the world’s most successful party trick. You will have the entire room pruning. Try it!


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Before I forget, I want to talk about Halloween!

My ragdoll costume was last minute. In fact, I was going through my closet in a panic for a costume, and I saw this dress! Every time I wear it, people tell me I look like a ragdoll, so it was just kind of the perfect last minute costume!

One major factor for me with Halloween, is that I want to have “special” hair and/or make up. My ragdoll hair wasn’t all that difficult or crazy, but it’s not every day that I get to wear my hair in high pig tail braids with satin ribbons, so I was very happy with it. My make up was a little more work. I used individual lashes on the top and the bottom. It took some time, but it totally reminded me of a doll. For my lips, I first used very light concealer to make them blend with the rest of my face, then I drew a smaller doll looking heart mouth.

I love Halloween. Do you dress up? Do you go for scary, funny, cute or sexy?

My Beauty Secrets: Two Minute Make-Up

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I make my mornings before work very busy. I work out, I read, I clean sometimes, I watch reality tv, I blog, I read blogs. It’s when I’m my busiest. I am a morning person and I just don’t really sleep in.

Being a morning person, and not needing to leave for work until 20 after 11 on most days, I crack up thinking about how I’m still almost always rushing to get ready for work even though I’ve been awake for 5 hours already. I’m throwing together an outfit, brushing my teeth while putting on my shoes and running all over the place making my lunch and looking for my keys.

On those days, I literally do my make up in under two minutes. I examine my biggest flaws, and plan my attack. I pick the most essential items and run away with them. Here they are.

Under eye hideous bags of destruction.
Nothing makes me feel older than I am and more poorly rested than under the eye bags. For that f-bomb of a problem, I use the big guns known as Make Up Forever. This stuff is no joke. I got it at Sephora. I put a tiny dot under each eye and pat it on until it’s all blended.

Next is powder. All over my face guys. I use MAC mineral powder in Light.

On to mascara. I rarely leave the house without mascara. I only put it on my top lashes and I only do about 4 or 5 swipes on each eye. Even though I don’t use all that much, I just can’t imagine wandering this city with naked looking eyes. Ew. Just ew. I love Smashbox because it has a wonderful huge wand and it just applies so perfectly. I love this mascara.

Finally, I finish up with this.

I have never known what this is called. I guess Rosebud? I just call it my lip tin. I love this because it smells and tastes nice, but also because it was one of my first beauty products. I remember using this when I was a little girl. Only the case had a sliding lid. I used it until there was nothing left. Then I cleaned out all the slime and kept secret treasures in there. I bought this at Anthropology for basically double the normal cost, but you can also get some online for sure. I guess just google “Lip Tin from Reagan’s childhood”.

There you have it! My quickiest of the quicks make up routine!