Blue Velvet

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Another video coming your way.

I keep watching this LDR for H&M video. It’s so strange and stylish and slightly silly. I love the typist with the curls, the girls on the sofa, and Lana’s creepy long nails. Her hair basically never looks bad.

Silk Flower Crown (a child’s btw)

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I made this flower crown for Piper Jane a few years ago and have found myself wearing it randomly around the apartment when I clean or brush my teeth or lift weights. If you haven’t ever experienced what it’s like to live alone, I recommend you try it. You will soon find that you are a very weird person. Things like lifting weights while wearing a child’s size flower crown are just things you do sometimes. Anyway, this crown is way too small for me. It looks funny when my hair is down, but I thought it might look pretty with the old “grab and pin” up do I sometimes do. If you don’t know what the old grab and pin up do is, you are so missing out! You just grab and pin! Sometimes you do a pony tail first (like I did here), sometimes you curl first, but then you just grab and pin! I’m not kiddin’…works every time.

Anyway, I made this crown with a simple crafting wire, green tape for your silk flowers needs, and silk flowers from Michael’s. I do think it looks like it’s made out of silk flowers, but it’s still pretty. I’ve had a good crush on flower crowns for a long time, and don’t know why I haven’t made one for myself. Little Piper is probably sick of me borrowing the one I made for her anyway. I wouldn’t mind having one of my own that fits my adult sized head properly, and that would allow me to wear my hair down. Also, I wouldn’t mind mastering the REAL flower crown. Silkies are nice, but the scent of real flowers in my hair would make for a very good day. Still inspired by these ones.

PS all this talk about flower crowns has me thinking Halloween costume thoughts. It’s never too soon you know.

Lana Del Rey’s flowery headpieces.

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I was recently introduced (well, my ears were) to Lana Del Rey by my friend Amanda Blair (you guys know her!)

Before I knew she had a pretty face and beautiful hair, I met her voice. She can sing so beautifully that all you can do is listen. I’ve been listening to her for about a month now, and have started to become interested in who this girl actually is. So, yes, she has amazing hair and a gorgeous face (and dude, pouty mouth!)…also, she calls herself a “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” which is important to me because These Boots Were Made For Walkin’ was the first song I ever memorized….But her flowery head pieces are the thing about her. They make me scream out loud and I want one in every color. And I want them to be made out of real flowers like hers.

See below.


I’m always a little sad to find out that some musicians come from a lot of money. It seems like an unfair advantage in the art world. To me, musicians (or any artist) are supposed to struggle in the beginning, it makes their music more authentic. Lana came from millionaire parents who found the right people to create an image for her (her real name is elizabeth grant) including a good plastic surgeon, but at least the girl really can sing. It’s just a little weird to find out that someone who seems so mysterious and interesting is kind of a fake. Despite all the controversy over her, her music is worth checking out. Give Video Games and Blue Jeans a listen!

Also, it’s pretty safe to say that I’m basically in love with floral head pieces. I think I like the top one the best.