Brides with Bangs.

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I recently got an email about brides wearing bangs, asking if I thought it was a good look. Yes, I do! But I don’t know if I’m the type of girl who says you should completely avoid dating your wedding. I mean, it will be kind of fun to look back at the pictures and know know that what you wore was what you wanted, instead of not wearing what you wanted because you were too afraid of the occasion being dated. I wore my hair long, down and wavy with a nod to the 1940s (with sort of a victory roll on the side). I also wore a big champagne colored sash which will forever go down in 2007 wedding history. The point is, it was what I wanted to wear. (Actually, I got married in Vegas and it was the only dress I tried on. But I did my hair myself and I did like it.)

So, maybe sweepy bangs wont be around forever. Maybe you have Zooey Deschanel hair and that wont be around forever either. But if you love your bangs, and you don’t feel like yourself without them, you should just wear the bangs.


..If you are afraid of looking like you are hiding under your big heavy bangs in all the pictures, then maybe you should try curtain bangs. Which is basically the beautiful bangs you already have, just parted down the center. You’ll have the comfort of the bangs that you know and love, but you will also be able to see your forehead!

So I know none of these above ladies are brides at the moment, but I do know that they all have the beautiful “curtain bang” that I love so much. I wear curtain bangs whenever they get too long to wear all the way down. They’ve been too long for that for several months, and I’ve enjoyed so much the curtain look.

I am interested to hear if you wore bangs to your wedding. Or if you will. My friend Maggie has had bangs as long as I’ve known her (6th grade) and she is getting married in just a few months. I am so curious what she’ll do with her bangs. Frankly, I can’t picture her without them!

PS this question came from Bosnia! Crazy!

Tutorial: Party Bun

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Quick and beautiful party bun tutorial. Have fun!

This bun was inspired by…

Hair Answers: Jennifer Lopez

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Q from Newbie- so i am a hairdresser my self. but i am still a baby at it. and i love love love jennifer lopez’s color. i just can’t seem to understand how they get her all over color so light with lifting with color. i know she has foils but her natural is probably a level 3 or 4 and her all over looks like a 6 with blonde foils. i need someones elses imput. or how you think they acheive such a pretty color. thank you so much. it would be awesome to hear a response back from you.

A from Reagan: Dear Newbie, great question. I’m sure you are right about JLo’s natural color. There is no way she is anywhere near a 6 or 7 naturally*. One of my dearest friends from beauty school and I have a huge pet peeve of people trying to be blonde with only highlights when their base color is so dark. You have to lift your base first. If you don’t, my friend will call you calico hair. And she’ll have a right to. Because your roots will look like a coat pattern, or a scarf at best. Lift your base first!

Although I am not Jennifer Lopez’s colorist, I can tell that Jenny gets her base done. A lot of times, if you are just lifting one or two shades, you can still use 10 volume. But I would guess for J.L’s color, she uses a 20 volume developer. And most times when I have gotten my base done, they only leave it on 10ish minutes before rinsing.

After the base is lifted and the color is rinsed, THEN you throw in the foils.

The beauty of a two process color, is that you don’t always have to have highlights every time. Someone as dark as JLo, probably has to get their base done every few weeks, but only needs foils every 8-10 weeks.

This hair lingo might be foreign to everyone besides me and newbie.

Here is a translation for you hairclients on fire.

You: Help! I think I have calico hair. The coat kind!

Me: Not for long. (rubs evil hands together). Let’s start by lifting your hair to at least a level 6, but for you dirty blondes, lets go an 8 or a 9. If you already have highlights, you can just have the color applied to your roots. Since the color is touching your scalp and lifting slightly, it will probably tingle/burn a little bit. After rinsing the color, you might worry that you look like the singer, Vitamin C (you wont, I just think it’s a funny comparison), this is just because you aren’t used to having light roots!  Next, blow dry your roots and add the foils.

When you are all done cooking, you are going to be amazed, because for the first time in your life you will look like a natural blonde with subtle highlights. Most blonde celebrities do this, that is how they basically never have roots (except for when they’re doing Ombre!). Think Jessica Simpson, Reese Witherspoon, Gwennyth Paltrow… all those light blondies.

A base isn’t necessarily needed if you have light hair naturally. When I’m not getting my ombre on, and I’m foiling to the roots, I like to have a base done just to change the tone of my color since naturally I’m so ashy. I want to be flashy, not ashy. That was bad, don’t laugh at that.

A base is especially awesome if you have grey hair that needs to be covered. Something to think about ladies (and I guess maybe a man or two).

*Levels are how we describe how dark/light your hair is. Black is a level 1, Platinum blond is a level 12 (right? why am I not sure?).  My natural color is about a level 8. Is this helpful? Or confusing?

I’m easily all over the place with these hair answers, because I get really excited when I talk about hair. Super sorry. But you’ll have to like me the way I am, because I just can’t help the excitement. hooray.