Happy New Year!

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Thank you all for reading and supporting Hairdresser on Fire over 2012! It’s been a big year with lots of changes, and I appreciate all of you for joining in on the fun with your comments and emails.

I thought it would be fun to show you a little of what goes on behind the scenes when my tutorials are filmed. I hope you enjoy these silly outtakes. They crack me up!

Hairdresser on Fire – Outtakes 2012 from Joe Varca on Vimeo.

What are you doing for New Years Eve? I made a ridiculous headpiece with my friend Holly. Can’t wait to show you all!

I’m so looking forward to a fresh year. I’ve never been so excited for things to come.

Safe and happy celebrating to all!



Hairdresser On Fire Holiday Special: Part 3.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed the Hairdresser On Fire Holiday Special! Here is episode 3!

Hairdresser on Fire – Holiday Special – Episode 3 from Joe Varca on Vimeo.

Bardot Pony Tail instructions:

Get started by teasing a really good full base at your crown..this is optional. Pull up your hair in stages, creating a roll in the back by wrapping hair around your thumb or finger, and pinning in place. Continue to do this, working your way down until everything is pulled up, except what you want left out for your pony tail!

I bet you look gorgeous. I bet all my money that it’s true. Where this for Christmas or New Years or your birthday, or really anywhere!

Check out Andrea’s Beau for beautiful accessories! Follow them on Twitter here, and Facebook here!

Special thanks to my good friend Karrie for being spontaneous and fun and beautiful. And Joe Varca, who is the best director, camera man, editor I know.


The Hairdresser On Fire Holiday Special: Part 2.

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Are you folks chomping at the bit for the next episode in the Hairdresser On Fire Holiday Special? I certainly hope you are enjoying them! In this episode, you’ll learn how to do the beautiful and incredibly festive cinnamon roll braid that I demonstrate on my dear friend Karrie. You’ll nail the holiday party season with your hair done in this little number. See for yourself!

Hairdresser on Fire – Holiday Special – Ep. 2 from Joe Varca on Vimeo.

Cinnamon Roll Braid instructions:

Part your hair where you would like to wear it and start French braiding..I like to start my braids on the side that’s parted heavier. As you’re braiding, follow your hairline around your head, only adding hair to the bottom section (I love the effect it give this particular braid). Once you get to the opposite side of your head from where you started (likely behind your ear), you’ll finish off the braid and secure with an elastic. Coil it up around itself creating a “roll” and secure with pins. Tug and pull at the braid, and loosen up those man-catchers!

See episode 1 here, and stay tuned for episode 3 where I give myself the Bardot ponytail!

 And make sure you check out Mairzy Dozy here! Forks in your hair make it sound like your there is a delicious meal on top of your head!

Red, white and blue (and lips too!)

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Of all the holidays that make for exciting hair endeavors, the Fourth of July is not one of them. Valentine’s day, Christmas, Halloween? All amazing. All endless. But on the Fourth I just feel like protecting my hair from flames and fireworks, and staying cool. It was a scorcher this Fourth, so I only wore my hair down for the photos before pulling it up into a knot. A knot that promised relief from the heat, and safety from flame igniting.

This post…this post is mostly about what I wore. Because I believe in dressing the part (wink Karrie!), and believe in beating a theme to death.


Red heart shaped sunnies, red lip tattoos with hearts on them, white wife beater (hopefully not so american), dyed cut offs, and the most sophisticated red wedges to complete my theme beating.

Tank-Forever 21, Cutoffs-TJMaxx, Wedges-Dolce Vita, Lip tattoo-Violent lips.

These lip tattoos are so fun. I bought loads to try out. They are absolutely for looks alone. Imagine me…starving (no eating), thirsty (no drinking), grumpy (no smiling), and talking like a ventriloquist because that’s what these lips allow for. I’d still say they’re worth it. Cant wait to show you the rest!

Have a great weekend!

Introducing the 3/4 Halo.

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Here are a few more pics of our 4th celebration. We basically hung out on our roof all day long. It was so much fun. Jen and I made desserts while Jake, Joe and Janky grilled up the veggie burgers and meatie burgers. We drank juice with fruit at the bottom and Jen and I got silly all over the roof. We even climbed onto some of our neighbors roofs. I hope that’s not illegal!

Anyway, I wanted to post a few more pictures, because my hair for the day was great! I simply started out doing a halo braid, but after 3/4 of the way through, I finished up the braid and then tucked it back with the rest of the braid. I guess if I had to name this guy, I’d call it the 3/4 Halo. That might not sound like a clever name, until you think about an angel that only go 3/4 of her halo because she was 1/4 naughty, and then it sounds like a very clever name for a hair-do indeed.

As always, pull and pin until you’re satisfied with the beautiful mess you’ve created on your head.

Just for kicks, here are a few other pictures from the day slash night.

More sparkler writing. Boom Boom Boom (like fireworks, get it?)

I guess I need to grow up. I’m still talking about my old cheerleading days at most social gatherings. I can still do a toe touch even! It isn’t as impressive as it used to be, but at least my toes are pointed.

So uh…you should try the 3/4 Halo and let me know if it concludes in 1/4 naughtiness like mine did. For instance, I had two desserts. That is very naughty.

If nothing else, it will keep your hair off of your neck on a hot day.

How was your fourth?

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This is my favorite picture from the weekend. We were playing with sparklers on our rooftop and there just so happened to be a giant firework behind me during this shot. I also love the bridge all lit up to the left! I also love Jake!

The rest of my weekend included family time, ikea, a bachelorette party, and trying to figure out how to wear my hair for the wedding this weekend!

How was your holiday weekend?

PS I’m on Instagram! I just started last week and I love it. If you want to follow me, I’m Reagangb.