Hair Sprucing Challenge:

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Welcome to my first anti March blues hair sprucing challenge update! I’ve decided to update twice a week because I feel that once a week would make the post too long and boring. So far March has been cold, windy, gray and rainy for 3 out of 4 days. I’ve needed the extra hair play!

Yay! I like this challenge!

Two velvety rosette clips-Holly’s Apartment, Dress-Think Closet.

Turban-Boutiqe in London, Dress-H&M, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell

Beaded hair trinket (it’s actually a bracelet!)-swapped, Leather Jacket-Old Urban Outfitters, Top-H&M, Jeans-Urban Outfitters, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell.

Twist scarf-American Apparel, Kimono Blazer-H&M, Jeans, Urban Outfitters, Shoes-crappy cheap store that sells $10 shoes in my neighborhood, Sunnies-Norma Kamali.

If you are just joining, I hate March. So to cope with the March blues, I’m wearing (and documenting) hair accessories every day this month. Hair Sprucing design by my good friend (and cousin through marriage!) Tiffany Breinholt!

Hat Storage

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 I have had a very annoying time trying to find a good way to store my hats. I have wanted to find a cool antique mannequin head for a while, but I’ve never seen one in a thrift store, and the ones on ebay I have found were in the $400 range. So, the one I ended up getting doesn’t have a charming finger wave or lovely scary drag make up, but I think the androgyny of it is kind of funny. Plus I love the color so much and I think it will look great with a hat on it once it gets here.

The only problem is that it doesn’t really solve my hat storage problem at all. Just the storage of one hat. And factoring in the space that the mannequin will take up means that I am totally forgetting the purpose of the original hat storage problem.

I’m just smart and practical like that.


PS We have reached 1,500 (plus!) facebook likers so I will be doing a giveaway next week. I’m so excited. Remember, every new 500 facebook likes, there will be a new giveaway!

American Apparel hair accessories

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One of my favorite places to shop for hair accessories, is American Apparel. I only spend about two minutes in the clothes sections, and the rest of the time is hovering over their hair stuff. They have great hats, bows, headbands and clips. Their selection has gotten huge and my collection is growing along with it!

Here are a few of my favorites. I have all of these (but in different colors) and wear them all the time!

Leather bow.

Seen (a snippet of it) here.

Navy Blue Velvet Twist scarf

Chiffon Twist scarf. (I have this one in black)

So the twist scarfs are awesome. There are a million ways you can wear them. They have wires in them, so you can twist them in all different ways. You can make them look like a little rose bud, like in the first picture, or you can twist them to give them a more *”turban” effect. I also like to wear mine with a little bit of a subtle off centered bunny ear look. It’s quite cute!
Seen here!

I also have the grey version of this wool floppy hat, which is the perfect sun hat for winter.

Anyway, I’m basically obsessed with the headwear section of American Apparel. Do you wear hair accessories?
Go here to shop!

*I’ve noticed that pretty much everything is considered a turban these days. This is just a scarf with a thick twisted look for a similar effect.

Hats in London

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I want to share some photos of my London trip soon, but first (and most importantly) I want to talk about the hats!

I’ve written about my love for the British hat culture before and now that I’ve seen it in person my love for it only burns deeper. First I tried on a few in a vintage store.

Then on my second day in London, as if by magic, I walked past a wedding. Hats galore. Now I’m pretty sure this was a rich and powerful wedding, because the bride and groom were married in St. Paul’s Cathedral, and that is pretty serious. Also, we caught a peek at a program and later googled the couple to find they are rich and powerful (and sexy!). This might explain the wonder and amazement of the hats. They were spectacular. 


 I really must invest in more hats.

Hat wearing, apple picking girls.

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Over the weekend, some of my girlfriends and I went apple picking upstate. It was a hot and sunny fall day, so we all decided we would wear hats to shade our faces (and also to look cute too). I wore a grey felt floppy hat from American Apparel that I got last year, Jen wore a straw Panama hat of mine from H&M and Amanda Blair wore a cute felt floppy that she got from Old Navy.

Here are some pictures.

Do you like the felt floppy hat for fall and winter? I have kind of always been a hat wearer. I destroyed the newsie hat trend in the early 2000s, inspired by Christina Aguilera of course. (I also had a nose ring for two years to complete the Christina Aguilera “Stripped” album look.)

J. Crew Spring 2012

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It’s still fashion week for another day here in NYC, and yesterday was J.Crew’s presentation. Jake went as press, and got these photos for me. They had lots of hats in the collection, and those who weren’t wearing hats were wearing painfully tight pony tails and tangerine lip color. Did you know a perfect, slicked pony tail is one of the hardest things to master in the hair world? In fact, personally, they are my weakness. You get it all perfectly smoothed out,  and one false move forces you to start over. I took a 3 hour class on ponies once. They used about half a bottle of mega-hold gel and had the model lay down during the styling and everything. I thought it was a little much, but afterwords she looked like she had had a face-lift.

Pony rant over.

This hat below is my favorite! I have a panama hat, but it is pretty cheap. I think I’ll invest in a nicer one next spring.

Resuming pony rant…There is something amazing about a girl who can pull of a slicked pony. I love to have hair all messy around my face, so to me, slicked hair is out of my comfort zone. But look at this girl below. She is such a babe with her tight hair and her crazy cheek bones.

Do you wear a sleek pony?


All photos by Jake Breinholt

Betsey Johnson Spring 2012

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Please forgive me for the amount of photos I have crammed into one post.

I was lucky to be able to attend Betsey Johnson’s Spring 2012 runway show on Monday night. I was even luckier to be on the second row! It was a lot of fun and while I was there, I realized that I had never actually been to a show, only backstage doing hair! I don’t usually do runway because it stresses me out, but being at this show made me want to go back to it. And not to mention, the hair was done by the salon I assisted at back in the day! I kept wondering who I knew back there workin’ away on the models.

So, here are some pictures from the show. Most of the photos were taken by Jake, who was back in the standing area. He opted not to deal with the chaos of the photo pit this time around. He ended up getting some good shots anyway. He had about a foot and a half long lens on his camera, so he didn’t really have any excuses there.

The hair was pretty simple. Heavy side part, with all the hair pulled to one side. Then soft flowy curls combed out all glammy-like.

Below is my favorite dress of the night. I want to buy it.

I argued with a few people if the writing on the legs were tights or if it was sharpie. At first I thought it was tights, but then I looked closely and could see that it was written and that the girls weren’t even wearing tights. NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE ME. I kept saying, they’re not tights! It’s a marker. And everyone was like, ‘nope. tights and we’re going to buy them’. I was right, y’all. I was right. We blew up this bum picture when we got home and it was a clear message WRITTEN IN INK.

Another beauty. I love the necklace and the dress.

The number one thing I was excited to show you all, is all the hats Betsey had in her collection. I just wrote about how we need to accessorize our heads more. Yay!

I decided while I was sitting there, that seeing Betsey Johnson do her famous cartwheel down the runway was one of my greatest moments in life. Everyone in the room was smilling. This woman is almost 70, you know that? I want to grow up to be like her. And her. Sometimes I can’t wait to be old and crazy.

Me with my goodie bag. Containing cupcakes, chocolate, Redken hair product, Stila eye-liner and lipstick (what the models wore in the show), Betsey Johnson socks, and pink hair extensions! Everyone working at the show wore the pink hair extensions. It was so fun. A great little touch!

After the show we hung out at the Lincoln Center fountain for a minute. I saw a million other bloggers. I talked to the Wanderlust people for a little bit. They were all sweet as can be. And I saw the Cupcakes and Cashmere girl too. And the Glamourai. I got my picture taken a few times and Jake and I called it a day.

Oh yeah! Jake gave me a camera when we split off, and I took a few pictures from the second row. AND I made friends with the cute girl next to me. (And I saw a client of mine who works for Glamour Magazine but I blanked on her name and I almost died of embarrassment)

I’d say “that’s all”, but that would make my coverage sound small! It was kind of a lot. Thanks for reading!

Vintage Beach Turban

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I just got back from a trip to Palm Springs, CA. It was a great trip and I hope to write a quick post about it later for you all. Something that Palm Springs is known for, is there amazing thrift stores and old mid-century feel to the town. It was totally a getaway for Hollywood folks in the 60s.

I went to 3 different places for vintage shopping, I swept those three places clean, but I think my favorite find is this beach turban. It is so Barbie pattern/colors, it reminds me of being a little girl. I wore this to the pool on Saturday and felt so cute. Like *I was a Barbie in Palm Springs in the 60s.

Funny story…I later was chatting with a guy at my friend’s party and he asked if I had been to the pool yet, and I said “yes! i was there today. i was the one in the turban.” I totally was just joking and didn’t think he’d have noticed me. And he said “Oh yeah! I saw you! My girlfriend was making fun of you! She was looking at you and saying ‘who wears that?’.”

Haha. My friend and I were speechless. Actually, maybe we weren’t. Is giggling considered speech? Because that is what we were. Giggling. Anyway, it was funny, because wearing the turban had never crossed my mind as something so weird.

Do you like my beach turban? Don’t you think we should start accessorizing with lots of hats like the Britts do? And the fancy people from the 60s? I do.

*In high school I was voted “Barbie Look Alike” for my senior superlatives. This is something I’m still very proud of.

Panama Hat and Cat-eye sunnies

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My two most used accessories at the moment are my cat eye sunglasses, and my panama hat. I bought my panama hat a few months ago at H&M after wanting one for a few years. And while I’ve tried to decide if I want to shell out a lot of money for nice cat-eyes, I bought a cheap pair at Forever 21 to hold me over. I love them both!

PS if I were to shell out the dough, I’d go for these in Tokyo Tortoise. I tried them on and I’m obsessed.

Hairy Hats

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Last week I bought a faux fur hat. It’s so warm and fluffy and comfortable. *Surprisingly, I get a lot of attention in it….compliments and random statements like  “that’s a big hat”, haha.

What do you think about hairy hats?

*I say surprisingly, because I live in NYC. It takes a lot to get noticed here, when you are seeing strange and different things every time you go anywhere!