Happy Halloween!

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Sorry, I haven’t been around..I’ve been “tied up”.

But I do hope you have a spooky and exciting Halloween. I’ve already worn two costumes this year, I’ll post the other one soon!

Stay safe out there my little Ghouls!

Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween

I’m stormed in. Sandy came through and destroyed so many parts of my beloved city. My heart sincerely goes out to everyone effected. I’m lucky to live on a hill, so along with not losing power, I haven’t had to deal with any flooding.

Cell phone service is quite patchy, and internet as well. I don’t imagine I’ll be posting much this week. I hope your Halloween is safe and lots of fun! And if you haven’t seen the Bride of Frankenstein tutorial yet, take a look here!

Tutorial: The Bride of Frankenstein

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If you’re looking for an elaborate Halloween costume that is easy and cheap, then I suggest you watch this tutorial. I love Halloween and totally wouldn’t mind doing Halloween hair tutorials only from here on out.

HDOF-BOF-D1 from Joe Varca on Vimeo.

Supplies you’ll need:

Hairpins (work better than bobbies)
Styrofoam Cone
Extensions (Optional)


Tease your hair until it’s high and mighty.  Spray with hairspray like crazy. Place Styrofoam cone on your head in desired position. Pull up large sections of your hair to cover the foam cone, and pin into styrofoam. You can stick the pins directly into the foam! Continue until foam is completely covered by your hair and it feels secure. Optional: add a strip of extensions onto either side of your head at the temple area. I curled mine with a marcel iron. Spray with hairspray like crazy.

Now you’re ready to get married. Lots of people are possessed on their wedding day you know.

My favorite parts are all the parts with huge hair, and when the candle gets lit. My least favorite part was combing out the teasing which mightn’t have been so bad if I had done it that night instead of stuffing it into a bun for two more days…

And just because I have to say it somewhere…I would like you to know that I was this close to calling this a “spooktorial”.

Special thanks to the very talented Joe Varca for making this awesome film and Amanda Blair for being the world’s best light flickerer.

What do you think?


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Before I forget, I want to talk about Halloween!

My ragdoll costume was last minute. In fact, I was going through my closet in a panic for a costume, and I saw this dress! Every time I wear it, people tell me I look like a ragdoll, so it was just kind of the perfect last minute costume!

One major factor for me with Halloween, is that I want to have “special” hair and/or make up. My ragdoll hair wasn’t all that difficult or crazy, but it’s not every day that I get to wear my hair in high pig tail braids with satin ribbons, so I was very happy with it. My make up was a little more work. I used individual lashes on the top and the bottom. It took some time, but it totally reminded me of a doll. For my lips, I first used very light concealer to make them blend with the rest of my face, then I drew a smaller doll looking heart mouth.

I love Halloween. Do you dress up? Do you go for scary, funny, cute or sexy?

Halloween Hair: Sid and Nancy

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It’s Halloween week! Yay!

I love Halloween, so much. I love to dress up and I love to spice up my hair/make up too. Last year, Jake and I were Sid and Nancy, and the costumes came out perfect! (in my humble opinion!)

Along with the right clothes, what really made these costumes work, was the way we did our hair! I rolled my wet hair, bangs included, in tiny perm rods (think white, gray and pink!) and let it dry by itself all day. After I took the rods out, I fluffed and sprayed so it would hold. It looked rad even the next day. I seriously considered perming my hair after wearing it like that for two days.

Nancy’s make up is just a very pale foundation, lots of blush and red lips….then all the black liner, mascara and fake eye lashes I own.

For my Sid, I flat ironed Jake’s hair, teased it so it was nice and spikey, then hair-sprayed it into a pokey punk look.

Topped off with some fake cigs (rolled up note paper!) and we were good to go.

These costumes were a huge success and we were recently featured in UsWeekly for best celeb Halloween costumes!

Fun fact: Jake is wearing my jeans.