Does your hair texture change?

Posted in News on January 18th, 2012 by Reagan

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After talking about bi-texturals, I thought I would talk a little about shape shifting hair!

I’ve heard that a woman’s hair changes every 7 years. It can become thicker, thinner, more brittle, curlier, less curly, etc. For me, that is definitely true. When I was a little girl, I had really loose wavy hair, then in middle school it was on the straighter side with tiny ringlets around my face (in the Southern humidity). Since high school, my hair has traded off being wavy-curly-wavy-straighty and thicker or thinner depending on the year.

Our texture can change for many reasons, but most of all it can be blamed plain and simply on hormones. But if you have had a baby, a surgery, an illness, a weight gain/loss, change of diet or any major change in atmosphere, you can expect that your hair might have a slight fit over it.

Has your hair changed over the years?

PS this picture is an example of how I would like my texture to shift next. I set it in tiny rollers for this permed look but don’t have the patients to do this every day!

And here is a funny/ugly photo of Jake forcing me to smile.