J. Crew Spring 2012

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It’s still fashion week for another day here in NYC, and yesterday was J.Crew’s presentation. Jake went as press, and got these photos for me. They had lots of hats in the collection, and those who weren’t wearing hats were wearing painfully tight pony tails and tangerine lip color. Did you know a perfect, slicked pony tail is one of the hardest things to master in the hair world? In fact, personally, they are my weakness. You get it all perfectly smoothed out,  and one false move forces you to start over. I took a 3 hour class on ponies once. They used about half a bottle of mega-hold gel and had the model lay down during the styling and everything. I thought it was a little much, but afterwords she looked like she had had a face-lift.

Pony rant over.

This hat below is my favorite! I have a panama hat, but it is pretty cheap. I think I’ll invest in a nicer one next spring.

Resuming pony rant…There is something amazing about a girl who can pull of a slicked pony. I love to have hair all messy around my face, so to me, slicked hair is out of my comfort zone. But look at this girl below. She is such a babe with her tight hair and her crazy cheek bones.

Do you wear a sleek pony?


All photos by Jake Breinholt

Care if I expand?

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(Above: Me looking off into the distance at a never ending horizon of topics.)

Guys, I’ve been thinking about this blog..and I love it. I’ve been thinking lately that while I still plan on hair and all hairy things being the main focus of this blog, I have also thought a lot about broadening the span of topics. A little fashion? A little art? A little lifestyle? What do you think? I’ve kind of tested it out in the last few months, and I’ve enjoyed posting more when I feel like I have a wider range of things to dish. Again, don’t get too nerv’, I still plan on mostly talking about hair. I’m not about to get into religion or politics, I’ll keep with the lighthearted and sleepover-y just like normal.

What do you think?

If you think yes, then can I tell you about these shorts? You’ve seen them a million times on this blog. They are pretty much weightless and I wear them constantly in the dead of hot humid NYC summer.

They are from Modcloth, last year to be exact. And also before I forget, this shirt that you loved so much is from TopShop. It’s great, right? Ha, I’m wearing these shorts in that UnElvis post!

Speaking of hot and humid, it is so hot and humid right now.

Over the weekend, Jake and I went to the High Line and enjoyed a cookie/ice cream sandwich from Melt Bakery. We had the Elvis, which is peanut butter cookies, with banana ice cream in the middle. Woah. Also,  I rocked a big leather bow in my hair.

And, my fanciest and favorite kinds of photos, are when the sun is low and your hair looks like it’s glowing or on fire, or both.

See ya!

runway hair

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I know I’m late posting Spring ’11 runway shows. But here are a few shots from various shows. Lot’s of up hair!

3.1 Philip Lim

Zac Posen


Alexander Wang, not a fan of the hair, but love the whole outfit. (ps i really want that shimmer skin)

My favorite of all, Badgley Mischka (clothes=love. hair=love)

And one from Dolce & Gabbana

all images from Style.com

ps just in case it’s not obvious, i didn’t work on any of these shows.