Batiste Tones Dry Shampoo

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Over the weekend I was at my local drug store picking up cleaning supplies and hint o’ lime chips, when I happened to find colored Batiste. You know, for those of us who don’t have white hair? I love dry shampoo, I love it so much. Long love story shortened, I bought the blonde and tried it once. I already like it much better than normal white Batiste Dry Shampoo, but still think it’s too light since I like to keep my roots nice and rooty. I’m going to try the medium color next, and I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll be the perfect match.

I always get complaints about brunettes not being able to use dry shampoo because it’s white, so this is a good way for everyone to use it.

Tip: don’t throw away that old can of white dry shampoo yet! I use it on my brunette clients all the time, but just put it on little by little, working it in between layers. That way it soaks up the oil without depositing too much white powder.

If you can’t find it in a store near you, buy it here!


Tutorial: Applying Dry Shampoo

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People have been asking me for a long time how to properly apply dry shampoo, and we’ve finally made a tutorial! This is all a little overboard, but don’t worry, the drama is just to get my point across! You likely wont need this much applied (unless you have the world’s dirtiest hair…which…impressive!) and you don’t need to leave it in for 5 minutes before combing it through with your fingers. That was just so we could play with some stop motion.
Have fun dirty hairing!

Hair Dresser On Fire Tutorial on using dry shampoo, by Reagan Breinholt from Jacob Breinholt on Vimeo.

Dirty Hair at Storm King

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Jake and I (and my dirty hair) took a trip upstate to Storm King Art Center over the weekend. It’s huge-beautiful fields and streams and ponds and wooded areas that have giant sculptures all over the place. If you have the chance, you have to go. I would recommend this time of year. The air was cool and breezy and I ate a pumpkin donut on the way up.

Plus I just love fall. I’m so original right?

Anyway, I filmed a bunch of tutorials with Jake and our friend, Hadley over the weekend. One of those tutorials included “how to use dry shampoo”. While Hadley and I were talking about it, she asked a great question…

“Do you use it every day that you don’t shampoo?”

My answer is no. For instance, I shampood on Wednesday, let it do what it wanted on Thursday, dry shampood on Friday, did nothin’ on Saturday, and dry shampood on Sunday. I just kind of gauge what it needs.

So there is your Monday morning dry shampoo tip! Enjoy a few Storm King photos! All taken by Jake.

PS Jake and I went to a 1970s themed costume party on Saturday night, and these glasses were part of my costume. I decided to throw them on again on Sunday morning, even though they are completely clear with no proscription or anything. Silly.

Here are a few other posts on dry shampoo!

Shampooing less often for athletes.

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Guys, don’t be mad at me. I posted something about how I go 3, 4 and 5 days in between shampooing and this is what you had to say…..

“You’re a runner!!!! How do you do that?”


“But don’t you get sweaty running? My hair gets drenched!”


I got many emails and a few comments with people wanting an explanation, which is understandable. When I was reading them, I started reflecting on it my life…..’What do I do about a sweaty head?’, I wondered. So I quit my job and traveled the world for a year eating food in Italy, wandering India and trying to figure out how I dealt with post-running hair.

I accidentally got my life mixed up with a popular book/Jula Roberts film for a second…

What I really did, was pay close attention to my shampooing schedule this week. I don’t usually decide, ‘Hey, It’s Monday so I am not going to shampoo my hair until Friday’. It’s really just ‘Do I need to shampoo my hair today, or do I not?’. So here is how it went….

Sunday-Did a 14 mile training run. Shampood my hair afterwards.
Monday-Day off from running, lifted weights. No shampoo
Tuesday-Ran 7 miles. No shampooing in shower, but used dry shampoo before leaving for work.
Wednesday-Ran 4 miles. No shampoo.
Thursday-Ran 8 miles, then I shampood my hair finally!
Friday-Day off from running, no shampoo.
Saturday-Ran 6 miles, no shampoo.
Sunday-Day off (actually I was supposed to do a long run, but didn’t! hehe rebel) no shampoo.

I imagine I’ll probably shampoo my hair tomorrow or Tuesday.

Some important things I discovered after traveling the world for a year, I mean, evaluating my shampooing routine for a week…
~I don’t sweat very much. I’m sorry, but I don’t. The hair at the nape of my neck is the only place that I can say really gets anywhere near “drenched”. My hairline gets a little sweaty, but for the most part, my hair isn’t really wet when I finish my runs. Maybe that is because I run at 6 a.m. and not having direct sunlight on me works in my non-sweaty favor, I’m not really sure. The only times I have sweated like a man, is if I go in the middle of the day, or if I run indoors on the treadmill, which I very rarely do.
~I would say that if I was “drenched” after running, I would probably shampoo my hair. I’m not trying to have you walking around feeling gross all the time.
~Dry shampoo really is heaven sent. My head/hair never, never, never smells. never. I use it a few days after I shampoo in the shower, and then I don’t really need anything more until it’s time to shampoo in the shower again. I take my hair out of it’s runner’s pony (panda tail) tail and let it dry before applying the heaven sent goods.
~I don’t force my hair to go longer than it wants in-between shampooing. If my hair is dirty, I shampoo it!

Man, you all really love to learn about shampooing less often. I know, it makes life so much easier, right? I’m going to change my header to “she’s always busy, busy busy, busy dry shampoo bottle”.


Hair Answers: Athletic Children

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Q by Michelle: I have a 9 year old daughter with very curly hair that is just above her shoulder. When she is active within 5 minutes her head/hair begins to smell like little boys dirty socks. The smell is horrible and only goes away if she shampoos. She is starting PE this year in school and she really does not want to smell in school. Any tips on any products that might help. Thanks

A by Reagan: Ok michelle, I’m wondering if she shampoos her own hair, or if you help her. Because the first (and most simple) reason I thought of for this, is that maybe her hair isn’t being properly shampooed. It’s likely since her hair is very curly, she probably has a lot of volume and it’s easy to feel like your getting a really good, squeaky clean lather when in reality the shampoo might not even be getting to her scalp! The build-up and dirt that isn’t getting cleaned will be the cause of odor. Again, this is the most simple cause I can think of, but I wont be surprised at all if it is the culprit. Have your daughter (or help her) shampoo her hair like this:
1~make sure hair is totally wet before putting in shampoo
2~put shampoo in your hands and rub together
3~scrub, scrub, scrub scalp and hair. Really make sure you are getting underneath her hair and touching the scalp. Did you know you aren’t even supposed to get much of a lather with the first shampoo? if you do, then you didn’t let your hair get very dirty, or you are using too much shampoo.
4~rinse repeat. the second shampoo is supposed to lather a lot. that means the hair is clean!
5~condition ends and rinse

You can try a variety of shampoos if you haven’t already, and you might try sending her to school with a dry shampoo in her backpack to spray after gym. They have a nice fragrance similar to regular shampoo and they soak up odor.

I hope these suggestions help, but if they don’t, you might want to take your daughter to a dermatologist. Just in case. Good luck!

Hair Answers: you like MY hair?

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I can’t believe you guys like my hair! I’ve gotten more than a few emails asking for my hair’s step by step.  I guess I can’t feel too cool, because apparently I have a very common hair texture, and it can take a little bit of time to figure it out. I flat ironed my hair every single day for probably 5 years before one day I accidentally air dried it and someone gave me a huge compliment. My head then immediately communicated to my hair the following conversation…

Brain- “Hey hair, what do you say we take it easy on the damage and 45 minute daily styling?”

Hair-”I thought you’d never ask.”

…And I (we) never looked back.

Here is my hair’s step by step:

Step 1~Shower. Maybe. I’m only going to say this once (except I think I’ve said this more than once) I usually shampoo once every 4-5 days. Please like me anyway.
Step 2~Towel dry.
Step 3~Apply product. I use all or some of the following: Redken Outshine (A cream), Redken Full frame (a mousse), Garnier Wonder Waves (a miracle spray of beachiness), It’s a ten (detangler and leave in treatment),  L’Oreal Proffessionel Architexture (a wax) and Redken Anti snap. I genuinely use all (and others on occasion) of these products. I’ll start out with a cream after I towel dry, then wonder waves spray or a mousse, then I continue to scrunch until the cows come home or until my hair is dry, then I rub some wax in my hands and scrunch again!
Step 4~Scrunch more. Just do it and stop complaining.
Step 5~Maybe blow dry my fringe (bangs) if I feel like it or need to. I’m going to do a bang/fringe tutorial soon
Step 6~Dance.
Step 7~Wear for 4 or 5 days with no regrets. And maybe use a little hairspray.

*guys, this was really hard (I swear I accidentally wrote “haird” when I meant hard) for me. I guess it’s because I do my hair different every day! Sometimes I leave the house with nothing in my hair, sometimes I use everything on this list. I guess I don’t like to be chained to anything, but these products I’ve suggested really are what have been consistantly great for me. I hope it helps and that you have all the hair success you always dreamed of. And if you don’t then I think you should repeat step 6.


Also, please forgive the picture. I had a hard time finding a decent picture that wasn’t the side of my head.

Hair Answers: Washing Less Often (part two)

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Q by Melissa: So I’m totally with you on not washing–sorry–shampooing my hair every day, but I don’t have awesome big wavy hair. I have very small straight hair, and frankly two days is really pushing it. On day two I pretty much have to ponytail or braid it because it’s too stringy to be decent. Is there any way to extend the time between shampoos if your hair is super straight and thin?

A by Reagan: As you know, with fine, small hair (btw I love you for calling it small) you can’t get away with as much. The best thing for you is to get regular trims to avoid stringy ends. You want to avoid a hair cut with too many (if any) layers or face framing. Try out bangs to give you some style (see? Bang pusher!), and use products to trick the rest of the world of your fine hair. Volumizing mousses, root lift and really REALLY rinse out your conditioner.

Back to your real question…use a dry shampoo if your hair gets oily on the top. Once I worked on a runway show where I learned that dry shampoo is actually a great volumizing technique. We sprayed it in already clean hair to give it extra grip. If you haven’t noticed, I love dry shampoo with every bone that I’ve ever heard of.

Since your hair gets stringy, My best suggestion would be to play with the ponies and braids that you do. Do something interesting so that you aren’t feeling like you didn’t do your hair that day. Isn’t the picture above gorgeous? Do something like that Melissa! What are you waiting for? Sorry if I’m yelling. I just feel like I need to stick up for pony tails (or us girls with short hair who have Panda tails). I think pony tails, braids and buns can be a beautiful, sleek style and not just what happened because we’re rushing out the door. Also, I don’t know if you have bangs but if you don’t, you should get them. Bangs make a pony tail especially cute.

If you insist on wearing your hair down (which I’m not judging you for if you do), just doing a quick once over with your blow dryer and round brush to freshen it up.

My number one recommendation to fineys is to get a regular trim.

Hair Answers: Sleeping on wet hair

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Q by Lea: Reagan, I love your blogs, and your hair. I have wavy hair that’s just past my shoulders (similar to yours) which I like to wear natural. I know how to style it with a diffuser to wear it curly. My problem is that I prefer to *wash and style my hair at night (mornings are way too hectic), but sleeping on it flattens my hair and makes it frizzy. Is there a way to keep a naturally wavy style overnight so I don’t have to wash it every morning?

A by Reagan: This is a tough question. It is so hard to change your routine when you are used to it. But after I have just answered a question about wearing a hairstyle for multiple days, I am wondering why you *shampoo every day? It would really cut out on time, effort and product if you started to stretch your style out longer. You’ll be a changed woman. Quote me on that!

Your question is actually in a way very similar to Julie’s, even though I think I got your question first! I would recommend that if you absolutely prefer 100% to *shampoo your hair at night, then you should just do a 5-10 minute touch up in the morning. The same way I suggested to Julie, i.e. spray with a little water, use a little product, do a little scrunching, maybe a little defusing..voila! It works for me, and I am a crazy sleeper. I don’t know what I do in the night, but I have wanted to video myself sleeping just to get some lifelong questions answered about what goes on there….

I so hope this works for you, because I am not about to tell you to change up your beloved routine. I lift weights every morning at 7 am while I watch re-runs of saved by the bell. Nobody in the world could convince me to change that.


Reagan. Your neighborhood hairdresser on fire.

*We wash dishes and shampoo hair

Hair Answers: Shampoo-ing less often

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Q by Julie: I have medium long, super thick, curly in the back, straighter in the front hair.  I hate washing it.  The first day I wash my hair looks pretty good, just letting it air dry.  The second, not too good.  The third, I’m pushing it.  Do you have any suggestions (besides washing it again) for maintaining a good style with curly hair the day after washing?  Also, what do you mean use a flat iron for wave?????  That blew my mind!

A by Reagan: I have a tutorial in the works for the flat iron waves. I have had so many questions about it. You guys are going to go completely ape when you see it. Seriously, you’ll go pretty ape.

Your question is one that I love. I am constantly trying to convince my clients that washing your hair less isn’t gross, dirty or bad hygiene. Nothing, not any conditioner, is better for your hair than it’s own natural oils. So, great job on wanting to wash it less. Since I’m such a fan of the multiple day style, you can bet I rocked a sometimes 5 day look with my long hair (sometimes even more with my short, that might be sort of gross.). What works best for me, and many people that I have recommended this to, is to simply spray your hair with just water the next day. If my hair has gotten a little weird in some spots…straight, flat, etc, I’ll spray a little  water with a spray bottle, apply some more product and scrunch like I usually would. I’m talking a few sprays for each section. Your hair will be a little damp, not any where near sopping.Want to know a secret? My wavy huge hair and I have been using this….

In fact, we’ve been using this like crazy. One time, my friend Kim told me she used this and that I should try it. I was like “nu uh, sister. I am a professional and a snob. I will not use Garnier”. But this stuff is awesome for us wavy, beachy b****es. Point of this is that I will spray some plain water (how many times am I going to share that step?) then I will scrunch, then I will spray this all over and scrunch again. Your hair will become the opposite of what it is now. Meaning, it is going to progressively get better, prettier and awesomer each day. Instead of suckier. (PS you don’t have to use this garnier stuff. You can use whatever product you like to begin with. This has been something I have especially loved since my hair has gotten bigger)

Last but not least…ironically I am just getting to this at the bottom of the post when the image is at the top. Dry shampoo will prevent your hair from looking and smelling oily/dirty. I have used such brands as Pssssst, Oscar Blandi and my personal favorite, Batiste. I feel like dry shampoo is still a secret to most women. It is probably my favorite beauty product ever. In fact, if I ever went on survivor, I’d bring dry shampoo as my luxury item. Then i would talk to it like it was my own little Wilson.

Thanks for the great question Julie! I hope this helps!