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I have gone through this photo gallery from NY Magazine’s “The Cut” blog 4 times. I love the Met Ball. My salon spent the last two weeks making wigs for the event, which added to the excitement of the evening. I look forward to seeing the beautiful gowns, hair and make up more than any other red carpet event of the year. This year, all my favorite looks were people who had their hair up, which is funny because I love long-down hair more than anything else on the planet. But there is such a statement made when hair is warn up. And these ladies nailed it..

I can’t stop looking at Nicole Richie’s eyes. She’s like a hungry vampire. And I would have definitely worn a deep wine colored lip like her to the “punk” themed ball.

Blake Lively’s body was made for gown wearing. She is almost always a favorite. If I could pull off a sleeky pony like her, I’d never wear it down..but have you seen her hair down? I mean…

Strappy pointy shoes, cut-out dress, up hair. Emma Watson, ladies and gentelmen (slow clap).

Gwen Stefani, as usual pulls off the perfect balance of rocker and lady-like. Normally I would HATE a heavy chunk of hair randomly pulled out of a bun like above, but she’s convinced me to be accepting of it. Probably because of the way her top is tied. Asymmetry at it’s finest. This look is so her, which is my favorite thing about her. She is so Gwen, without being a one noter. Love. Yep, Love.

Dakota didn’t wear her hair up, but this dress is bananas in a good way. Maybe my very favorite of the night. Her hair was nice and naturally parted, not too straight, and not too fussy by being brushed to the side. Any longer, any straighter and I think it would have been too much. I remember when Dakota was a little girl, look at what a beauty she grew up to be!

Sienna Miller doubled her weight with this jacket. Seriously, I want to just try to lift the jacket to see how much it weighs. She looked awesome.

All photos from The Cut. Make sure to check out the whole Gallery!


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Have you guys heard of Emi-Jay?
It’s a company that makes hair ties, bows and headbands. Here is Dakota Fanning wearing one of the bows.

My friend works for the company, and sent me a little bit of everything from their shop. I have the bow Dakota is wearing and I wear it constantly. I wish I had some good pictures! Actually look at that, I’m wearing it here and here.

And here!

And here!

I thought it would take a few tries to decide if I liked Emi-Jay, but as soon as I put up my hair in that first pony tail, I loved them! The bands are soft and really stretchy, so they aren’t too tight or damaging and they aren’t ever tangley when I take down my buns or ponies.

Here are what the regular hair ties look like

So I had a few of my friends try them too and they all like them. They hold a great pony tail for every hair type (seriously, all you super thick haired girls!). I have been really excited to show them to you  because I know you’ll love them too.

Check them out and make sure you let me know what you think!

*My friend sent over these products not expecting me to review them, but I’ve been extremely pleased with the products and wanted to share them. I am open to product reviews though, so if you have a product you want me to try out, email me here [email protected]