The best brush for detangling.

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This brush recently appeared at my salon in the shampoo sink area, and I’ve enjoyed it so much, it really just needs to be shared. It’s by LuxorPro and is just called “The Wet Brush”, and is meant to detangle your hair quickly and painlessly even in the shower. I’m not sure if you know this, but at a salon, long hair can easily tangle up while being shampooed at the sinks, because it kind of balls up on top of itself in there, rather than having room to hang freely like in the shower. It can really set a stylist back if they have to spend ten minutes combing out someone’s tangles, so this brush is my idea of convenience! I’m not sure how, but it really does glide through the hair, removing tangles so quickly!

It would be so great for those heads of hair that are long and incredibly thick and tangle easily, or for children with very tender scalps. I have heard people mention they’re also great for extensions, but I haven’t used them for that purpose yet.

Get one here! I like the black, which has a cool matte finish.

Also, detangle even quicker with these two leave ins!

It’s a 10

Hair Answers: Athletic Children

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Q by Michelle: I have a 9 year old daughter with very curly hair that is just above her shoulder. When she is active within 5 minutes her head/hair begins to smell like little boys dirty socks. The smell is horrible and only goes away if she shampoos. She is starting PE this year in school and she really does not want to smell in school. Any tips on any products that might help. Thanks

A by Reagan: Ok michelle, I’m wondering if she shampoos her own hair, or if you help her. Because the first (and most simple) reason I thought of for this, is that maybe her hair isn’t being properly shampooed. It’s likely since her hair is very curly, she probably has a lot of volume and it’s easy to feel like your getting a really good, squeaky clean lather when in reality the shampoo might not even be getting to her scalp! The build-up and dirt that isn’t getting cleaned will be the cause of odor. Again, this is the most simple cause I can think of, but I wont be surprised at all if it is the culprit. Have your daughter (or help her) shampoo her hair like this:
1~make sure hair is totally wet before putting in shampoo
2~put shampoo in your hands and rub together
3~scrub, scrub, scrub scalp and hair. Really make sure you are getting underneath her hair and touching the scalp. Did you know you aren’t even supposed to get much of a lather with the first shampoo? if you do, then you didn’t let your hair get very dirty, or you are using too much shampoo.
4~rinse repeat. the second shampoo is supposed to lather a lot. that means the hair is clean!
5~condition ends and rinse

You can try a variety of shampoos if you haven’t already, and you might try sending her to school with a dry shampoo in her backpack to spray after gym. They have a nice fragrance similar to regular shampoo and they soak up odor.

I hope these suggestions help, but if they don’t, you might want to take your daughter to a dermatologist. Just in case. Good luck!

Hair Answers: Kid’s hair

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Q by Ashley: I have a two year old with hair identical to the girls in the photo you posted here. No one in our home has curly hair so my partner and I are drawing a blank on how to care for it. We wash her hair about once a week, some times less and use a conditioner every time she bathes to remove the knots (with our fingers). Beyond that its a total mess. Is there a no fuss (and natural) way to tame her hair? Would you please post about caring for curly/wavy hair?
Pretty please and Thank you!

A by Reagan: Buy this product. This is my biggest seller by a landslide. I recommend this product to almost all of my clients, many men included, but as soon as I find out they have kids it goes from a recommended product, to a must have product. This is the best de-tangler I have ever used. It is a leave-in conditioner, a smoothing cream, a de-tangler, anti-frizz and a little hold all in one.  Kids hate to have their hair brushed, and it can become a rat’s nest (as my mom often called my hair growing up), so a great de-tangler is the most important, if not the only product you need for children.

When using this product on your daughter’s dry hair, you would want to spray just water on it first to get damp on top and wet on ends, then spray It’s a Ten in the palm of your hands, rub together and then apply evenly to her hair. Then gently comb or brush through. I usually spray enough in my hands to be about the same size as a small grape, but you’ll learn what is right for her after you’ve used a few times. Also, you can spray directly into her hair, I just prefer my hands first so that I can deposit onto the hair more carefully.

This product is kind of expensive, but very very worth it. Good luck!

The Biebster

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A few years ago I felt the same way about the Katie Holmes bob. Let it be known that in 2010 I have decided I could happily go the rest of my life NOT doing another “Justin Bieber”. What is with mom’s suddenly bringing their sons in for $45 dollar haircut anyway? I guess he is pretty dreamy with his head gently resting on his palm….laying in that red pleather bean bag all sexily. Eww.

Pretty hair on little girls

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These little girls have the prettiest hair ever. I love how the ends are almost metallic, a look you can only get properly from being in the sun (in my opinion). Adorable.

photo found on a cup of jo