No highlights until December. Done!

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I went from June-December without highlighting my hair and it feels so good to reach the end. This was not easy. There were times when I was like “hey! i want fresh ‘lights in my hair!”, but I held out. I stayed strong. At the end of the six months, I actually started to love my rooty blonde hair more and more, and I would honestly go much longer, but I have a collaboration coming up that I should look a little more polished for. I’m having color done today and I’m thinking of doing a little change. Someone mentioned in a comment the other day that I should consider going dark..maybe I will?

The six month break was the way to go. I feel like my hair grew so much, and all it needed was a tiny trim every few weeks to keep it cleaned up. It would have been much more desperate with some more processing.

My advice for growing out your hair:
Keep your color jobs close enough to your natural color, so that you can stretch them out longer. Your hair and pocket-book will grow right before your eyes!

Also, use tons of this.

(all you colorists out there, forgive me for the above advice.)

Alexander Wang’s blondes.

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When I left work on Friday night (at 9pm) there were 9 runway models in the salon getting “1950s blonde” in preparation for Saturday night’s Alexander Wang Spring 2013 show. My bosses, who are both colorists, work closely with a few modeling agencies here in New York. They get a call from the models’ agent, and get a mere word/phrase of what they need their color to look like for that particular job. In this case it was 1950s blonde, but really anything could be used to describe what the end result needs to look like. They get food, decades/eras, celebrities, art, movies, etc for their guidance. In this industry, it’s so important to know pop culture, art, fashion and anything else that a client would use for inspiration. You want a good general knowledge of those kinds of things so that you can keep them happy, no matter how crazy their description seems!

Maybe it’s Lucille Ball red, maybe it’s Brigitte Bardot waves, maybe it’s butter blonde, Roman Holiday chop, or a 1970s fringe…nothing feels better than being on the same page as your client.

Now let’s look at these 1950s blondes. This show looked amazing, wish I could have been there.


PS protect your blonde ends with my favorite argan oil.

Je Veux

All photos from Vogue

Holding out for highlights.

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I have a little game I like to play called “how long can Reagan go in between highlights”. The motivation behind this game is that my locks are naturally dry and highlights do a number on my hair’s health. Since I’m hoping to grow out my hair long enough to clothe me this winter, I have to be careful with the chemical services. Y’all, this game is a matter of necessity…I just pretend that it’s fun.

So this round of the game lasted since early February. If you remember, I went quite a bit lighter. I held out an impressive 4 and a half months, and have a feeling I can go longer next time.

Here I am before the touch up..roots for days, er, months.

Silly roots!

So, I blocked out a little time at work to have my roots done, but gave special instructions to go easy on the processing (I told my colorist about the game). So she did a light painting at my roots, being careful not to saturate the hair too much with the bleach so that it will have a much more natural effect. It’s very subtle and lots of my true color is still there, just a little brightening up. Especially at the front. She nailed it. Mark my words, I’m going at least six months this time.

(Looking up to the heavens for support during this journey)

I’ve found that the painting technique (free handing the application, rather than using foils) allows you to go much longer between services. How long do you go in-between? Do you have any strategies to growing out your hair healthy and quickly?

See you in December, bleach!


Brigitte Bardot and a deer

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I love Brigitte Bardot so much that I could have a blog just about her and her hair and the beautiful pictures I find of her. She really is my idea of a perfect woman. Naturally pretty..with little imperfections like her messy hair and the gap in her teeth. I secretly always wanted a gap in-between my front teeth!

When I look at photos of Brigitte, she oozes confidence but also seems fun and playful. Look at her feeding this deer some grass! So cute! And her hair always looks incredible. She has inspired me to wear my hair half up more, which is the best of both worlds-hair edition.

When Jake and I were in Brazil a few years ago, we went to a little fishing village called Buzios. For various reasons that date back to the 1960s, this particular village worshiped Miss Bardot. They have a statue right on the water that I went to every day and got a million pictures with.


Out of all my hair idols, Brigitte is my main hair idol squeeze. My love for her will never falter.  This picture of her with the deer seals the deal.

My favorite blondes: Elle Fanning

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LOVE shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot

Elle Fanning on the cover of LOVE magazine takes my breath away, pure and simple. The fuzzy waves and the random little white ribbon is just so pretty. I have been loving this cover for the last few months, and recently when I got my W in the mail with Elle and Dakota on it together I had a new Elle Fanning magazine cover to love. Both covers are styled (both clothes and hair/make up) and shot so well.

W shot by Mario Sorrenti