Summer’s over. I love you summer.

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I had to go to the beach one last time. This summer has been so kind to me that I don’t want it to end. Not to mention my hair has been craving salt…honest to goodness salt from the ocean. So I jaunted off to Montauk (the verrrry eastern tip of Long Island, past the Hamptons) for an end of the summer beach trip to play in the water and give my hair what it wanted. I actually think salt water is pretty drying of your hair, but it just makes it look so rad that I imagine it’s worth it for most girls. (like myself)

I think my hair’s two favorite things in life are salt water and golden sunlight. Montauk gave me both. Here are some photos…

Apps and drinks at The Montauket for the best sunset of the summer. The locals had apparently seen much better, but I was crying and becoming a believer at the site.

Did you see Amanda Blair’s new bob? I’ll be writing about it soon. I think she has found her look.

At the top of the lighthouse. Furious winds and rays of light.

I always joke when I give a client beach waves that she looks like she’s been “making out with a merman”. It gets them every time.
Maybe you had to be there..

One last, because this trip recap wouldn’t be complete without including the photo of me rolling down the hill at the lighthouse. I lost control and flailed the whole way down like a lunatic. Later I found grass and other pieces of nature in my hair. Remember how golden sunlight and sea salt are my hair’s favorites? Not so much grass.

Summer has been a dream. I found myself again, amidst various strolls in the park, bike rides, trips to the beach, and the rare slower pace the city has when everyone is away. Summer came when I needed it the most this year. Even though it comes at the same time on the calendar every 12 months, this particular summer felt like it was here just for me. Like a care package from my mom or something.

Love you so much summer of ’12.

PS I plan to continue to look like I made out with a merman by using this product. It’s my old faithful. How many times have I recommended it now?

(ps thanks for staying with me during this sappy I Love Summer post.)

Beach hair. I’m talking real-live beach hair.

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As much as I love products that give you beach hair, there is still nothing like actual beach hair. I went to the beach over the holiday weekend and was as excited about having real mermaid beach hair as I was to actually be at the beach. See my face below for proof.

How cute am I in a wetsuit? Not cute? Crap!

My surfing coach told me I was a natural. Who cares what a liar my surfing coach is, because all that crashing and salt water drinking (and snorting) only means wet ocean hair. And wet ocean hair means dry ocean beach mermaid waves. Score!

Sidenote: my shoulders and arms are still killing me from all the surfing, but I made some major progress in my skills. I am stoked to be a totally gnarly surfer babe one day. Until then, I’ll just settle for good beach hair that doesn’t come from a bottle.

Here’s to summer and beach going! And mermaid hair! And surfing wounds (unfortunately).

And if you can’t get to a real beach, try this or this. You’re welcome, Muah!

Happy weekend!

(also, so slammed and haven’t chosen any giveaway winners yet. soon my friends.)

Divine Caroline: 3 ways to get Mermaid hair.

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UPDATE: The link works now! So sorry for my mistake!

Ever since I saw the movie Splash I was obsessed with mermaids. My parents had to replace the floor of the bathroom because I splashed too much in the tub. I used to tie my feet together to make a mer-fin and go to town.

All these years later I’m still into the whole mermaid look. Go here to read my post at Divine Caroline to see my 3 ways of achieving mermaid hair.

Photo layout and graphic by Tiffany Breinholt for Hairdresser on Fire.

Your love’s favorite hairstyle

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Jake likes my hair the most when it’s long, blonde and bang-less. He seems to prefer it straight or with loose waves, rather than my natural wavy/curly business. Kind of Victoria’s Secret modelesque, which is a pretty common look for a guy to prefer I’m guessing.

I’m posting about this today, because it’s our 5 year wedding anniversary! We got married at a little chapel in Las Vegas where I wore my hair like a Victoria’s Secret bride might. It’s these special occasions that I want to look extra pretty for him, so I’m trying to decide how to wear my hair for our date tonight!  Down and wavy or down and straighty?

Does your love have a favorite hairstyle?

Michelle Williams’ loose waves.

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Michelle Williams is a great example of my favorite kind of hair. She always has a great cut, and when it’s long, she keeps it healthy and beautiful with simple styles.

I love this photo of her soft blow dry. Just the right amount of volume, wave and texture. To get this look, you would blow dry with lots of volume at the roots. Once your hair is dry, take large sections and curl mid-shaft (like the messy waves tutorial) with a 1 inch curling iron. You are going for more of a bend than a curl, so you just need to turn the iron a little, maybe once or twice at the most.

Finish up with some Ocean Mist and shake it all about.

Congratulations, you are now my newest girl crush!

Does anyone know where this photo comes from? I’m sure it’s a legit shoot and I’d love to credit the magazine and photographer if anyone knows that source

Tutorial: Beachy Blowdry

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Today is day one of our Hairdresser On Fire one year anniversary party! To celebrate we have a lovely tutorial today. This tutorial is for that girl who loves her beach vacations for the awesome hair it gives her. There are many variations of this blow-dry, depending on how big of sections you use. I did pretty small ones on Erin, but you can play around with it and decide what you like best for yourself!

Try it out and send over some photos!

Hair Answers: Trendiest Wedding Hair.

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Q by Sarah: So one of my BFFs is getting married this June, and I am the Maid of Honor. This is the third wedding for our group of friends, and in both of the previous two weddings, everybody’s looked really classic and timeless as far as bridesmaid hair and attire go. For this wedding, we thought it would be awesome if one of my Maid of Honor duties was having a really of-the-moment, trendy hairstyle on the big day. Ie. one that will be dated later so that we can laugh at the pictures in 20 years. Any thoughts on really of-the-moment, trendy Maid of Honor hair? My dress is one of those one-shoulder deals.

A by Reagan: This is definitely a fun question. The first style that popped into mind when I thought of trendy wedding hair, was long, loose wavy hair. This is how every bride/bridal party seems to be wearing their hair these days. I admit, at my own Vegas wedding just over 4 years ago, I did long, loose, flowing waves. It is more popular than ever now. It is a very Victoria’s Secret look. I think the look will keep around for a while, but it won’t be popular forever! I think one day you’ll look at the photos and know it was a 2011ish wedding. Remember when everyone wore their hair up for their wedding? Up-dos were the big thing? Most people are wearing it down. Down hair is the trendiest of all wedding trends right now. Also, look at the red carpet these days, down hair is all over that business too.

If you want to accessorize it in a trendy way, the bride can wear a birdcage veil, and the bridesmaids can wear a feather/flower piece.

The second look I thought of, is the topknot. The topknot (bun right smack on the top of your head), is definitely a big look right now. It can be done a lot of ways. You can make it slightly fuzzy for a soft/romantic look, thrown together for a messy look, teased to make it big like my party bun, or slick and smooth for a formal look. You can do it in the middle or off-centered. Do the topknot!

(i know the Mandy Moore topknot is very similar to a classic wedding bun, but it’s the fact that it is so high up that makes it trendy!)


Thanks, Sarah! I hope I get a picture of the look you choose!

Enzo Milano

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Do any of you use the Enzo Milano curling wands? I have a few clients who bring theirs in for me to use on them, but I don’t actually own one myself. It’s on the “to-do” list. Or really the “to-buy” list. And that, my friends, is a very long list.

So, back to the Enzo Milano. These things are awesome! They are used by wrapping strands of hair around the iron to create different kinds of waves and curls. I have been wrapping strands of hair around curling irons as long as I have been clamping strands of hair inside curling irons, but there is something about wrapping strands of hair around a curling wand….The Enzo is just such a cool hair tool. Ok, I need to buy one right now..

The different shapes of the iron give different effects when curling. There is something wonderful about the enzo that makes your hair hold curl amazingly. You finies and smallies (fine haired and small haired) should try out an Enzo!

(I hope to talk more about the Enzo after I buy one. Or three.)

Hair Answers: soft perms

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Q by Ashley: You mentioned that perms are most always a no-no.  What about body waves?  I have small hair and something that will make it look bigger (I totes want GINORMOUS hair) is really tempting to do.  So I guess my question is do body waves even look good?  Will not doing as much heat styling kind of cancel out the damage from a body wave?

A by Reagan: Ashley, I know you want to look like the picture above, so march right on over to your local beauty parlor this very second! Hehehe. (When someone calls it a beauty parlor, the only thing that I can picture is a bunch of women with tight roller sets and perms. And FUMES from perms!)

In all seriousness, a lot of people have asked this question. Ashley asked it most recently, so I just copy/pasted her Q for the post. I’m afraid to say ladies, loose, wavy perms do not really exist. They don’t. If you insist on getting a perm (don’ say I didn’t warn you), the closest thing you could get to wave, is bigger rods with very small sections, or small rods with bigger sections of hair. The chances of it coming out the way you want it are very slim, and the chances of it coming out damaged are very high. Especially if you have color treated, or long hair.

Honestly, I rarely do perms. But the fundamental rules for perms haven’t really changed….the bigger the rod, the less likely the curl will take. But you are still putting a very powerful chemical on your hair, so whether or not the curl takes, that damage will be there. Another honest opinion, I like perms. I like perm-perms. Perms that look like this…

I can tell Halle’s style is done with a curling iron, but it is similar to how a normal perm with normal white or purple rods would look like. And I like it. I almost did it with my own hair, but seeing as how my hair is brittle, and I knew I’d grow it out again, I opted to keep my natural instead.

Back to your Q…a body wave will give you some damage (that you might actually need), and make your hair a little bigger. But it wont make it ginormous, and it wont make it wavy. I think you should get a small curling iron, wrap big sections around it, and shake it out furiously. That will give you ginormous hair.

Ashley (and others), I think you shouldn’t do it. But if your heart is saying perm it, follow your heart. (don’t come chase me down when you look like the first picture!)

Hair Answers: you like MY hair?

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I can’t believe you guys like my hair! I’ve gotten more than a few emails asking for my hair’s step by step.  I guess I can’t feel too cool, because apparently I have a very common hair texture, and it can take a little bit of time to figure it out. I flat ironed my hair every single day for probably 5 years before one day I accidentally air dried it and someone gave me a huge compliment. My head then immediately communicated to my hair the following conversation…

Brain- “Hey hair, what do you say we take it easy on the damage and 45 minute daily styling?”

Hair-”I thought you’d never ask.”

…And I (we) never looked back.

Here is my hair’s step by step:

Step 1~Shower. Maybe. I’m only going to say this once (except I think I’ve said this more than once) I usually shampoo once every 4-5 days. Please like me anyway.
Step 2~Towel dry.
Step 3~Apply product. I use all or some of the following: Redken Outshine (A cream), Redken Full frame (a mousse), Garnier Wonder Waves (a miracle spray of beachiness), It’s a ten (detangler and leave in treatment),  L’Oreal Proffessionel Architexture (a wax) and Redken Anti snap. I genuinely use all (and others on occasion) of these products. I’ll start out with a cream after I towel dry, then wonder waves spray or a mousse, then I continue to scrunch until the cows come home or until my hair is dry, then I rub some wax in my hands and scrunch again!
Step 4~Scrunch more. Just do it and stop complaining.
Step 5~Maybe blow dry my fringe (bangs) if I feel like it or need to. I’m going to do a bang/fringe tutorial soon
Step 6~Dance.
Step 7~Wear for 4 or 5 days with no regrets. And maybe use a little hairspray.

*guys, this was really hard (I swear I accidentally wrote “haird” when I meant hard) for me. I guess it’s because I do my hair different every day! Sometimes I leave the house with nothing in my hair, sometimes I use everything on this list. I guess I don’t like to be chained to anything, but these products I’ve suggested really are what have been consistantly great for me. I hope it helps and that you have all the hair success you always dreamed of. And if you don’t then I think you should repeat step 6.


Also, please forgive the picture. I had a hard time finding a decent picture that wasn’t the side of my head.