Sad day for lips on fire.

Posted in News on November 30th, 2012 by Reagan

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Two months ago I was flying American Airlines (don’t do it. not worth it. never ever worth it.) and my checked baggage was ransacked. The American Airline agents had their way with my bag that I paid money to keep in their possession while I traveled with them. They stole my Bottega Veneta handbag, a camera, a Bottega Veneta coin purse, my car key, Rayban sunglasses and every single tube of lipstick that I own. The total value of what they stole was almost $4,000. it never occurred to me that a company would rob from their paying customers, which is why I had valuable items in the checked bag that I thought would be safe and well taken care of. American Airlines has been completely unsympathetic, and unhelpful would be an extreme under-exaggeration. I have spent hours upon hours of my life dealing with this mess, because of how difficult their customer service/central baggage department is. They sent me a check this month for $200, yes $200 to cover what was stolen.

This whole experience has really shaken me. I’ve never felt so violated and afraid to travel. I now question that everyone around me is out to take advantage of me. American Airlines doesn’t value their customers, and has no interest in fixing their mistakes. I have felt so sad and frustrated and helpless throughout this experience, and hope that by sharing my story, it can help prevent some of you from feeling the way I feel/have felt. I haven’t cashed my check from American Airlines in hopes that they’ll do the right thing and fix this mess in a more appropriate and considerate manner.