Tutorial: Vintage Jeweled Hair Piece

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With a Hollywood Glamour theme at my sister’s wedding, I knew I wanted some sort of jewels in my hair. I scanned etsy and a few accessory stores for the right piece, but nothing was really tickling my fancy. So, I decided I’d make one! I went to Mood (of Project Runway fame) to take a look at their trimmings, and found these beautiful Appliques. They weren’t cheap, but I was tired of looking and these were just what I had in mind. Here’s how I made them!

1-cut out your applique. mine came on these little mesh screens, yours may not.
2-cut out your felt to fit the back of your jeweled piece. (this is to give it some sturdiness)

3-attach your clip to the felt so that it is in-between each prong.
4-use your glue gun to adhere the felt (and clip) to the jeweled piece.

Note: The more curved side of the clip will be the side that’s glued to the piece. That way the side against your head is flat and more comfortable.

5-clip it in your hair and attend your wedding like your favorite lady of Old Hollywood.

Vivien Leigh? Mae West? Or maybe Veronica Lake? That old peek-a-boo girl..

More retro hair, darling.

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I went ape with the 1930s theme at my sister’s wedding. I did soft waves on myself, my sister Kelly, my sister in law Melanie, and fingerwaves on my sister Erin. It was the retro hair loving girl’s dream come true. I hermited in the upstairs of the bridal suite (at the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta, amazing) and did hair and did hair and did hair some more. I was focused. I turned on some music…a little Britney, a little Bowie, a little Gaga…and my curling iron and I had a party.

Here are the fruits (curls) of my labor.


I was so excited to do fingerwaves. It’s been a long time and I enjoy them so thoroughly. Even in beauty school when everyone was moaning on about how awful they were, I was passing mine off left and right. I was a little rusty, but got the swing after a few tries. If I could marry retro hair, I surely might.

Below you’ll find a lovely photo of the Shake It Girls. We did a fantastic choreographed dance at the reception to “Hey Ya” that took months of practice. I’m in the center, the two on the right are friends of my sisters’, and the two on my left are my sisters. Yay. Erin’s fingerwaves turned out nice, right?

I plan to post some more photos of the wedding and the beautiful brides and even a tutorial for the vintage looking hair pieces Melanie and I wore. Stay tuned, darling!


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I have been in Atlanta since last Wednesday for my sister’s wedding. I had the most amazing time and I did all kinds of glamorous hair for her 1930s themed occasion. I can’t wait to share more photos!

For now, I just have one of the hair I did for my eldest sister, Kelly (not the bride)..

She turned 40 last week. I tell you if I look half as good as she does at 40, then I look forward to 40.

How was your weekend?