Roaring 20s

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(Karrie’s gorgeous headband C/O Andrea’s Beau)

I think the motto for the way people did themselves up in the 1920s was “leave no accessories behind”. Diamonds and feathers piled up on top of pearls, beads, fringe, gloves, curls and bold lips. Amazing. I sometimes think I was meant to be friends with Daisy Buchanan on the Long Island Sound, long long ago.

So when my friend Kristin threw a 20s inspired costume party, I saw nothing but curls and diamonds in my hair’s future. I started with setting some finger waves in my hair with some Styling Cream by SachaJuan, and finished off by curling my ends (from the chin down) with this iron before combing them out with my Mason Pearson. I quickly put together this little headpiece with some trimming I picked up in midtown, and clipped on this jeweled piece I made for my sister’s wedding back in September. Here is a photo of my hair setting:

Costume parties are always fun when everyone gets into it. In NYC, there is always that moment of panic when you’re taking public transit to your destination, and you get a sense of what it will be like if you are the only one taking the theme seriously. Thankfully this was not the case for my friend Karrie and I, and Kristin’s friends all came very well prepared. Here are a few photos of the party.. incredible was this venue? The penthouse of a downtown highrise with a wrap-around terrace for the best views of the city.

Yes, finger waves..if you’ll allow me to toot my own hair horn for a minute, I was kind of a young genius at them in beauty school on my mannequin. The state required a certain amount to be passed off, and I remember loving them and not understanding why everyone complained so much. I’ve done them quite often since then, however, they’re pretty hard to do on yourself! Towards the end of the party, when I was really ready to dance, I took off my headpiece and shook my hair out. I love the effect the finger waves had on my hair once it was completely shaken out, and I actually might start doing it more..for a daily kind of wear. (unfortunately it does take some time to set!)

Are you excited to see The Great Gatsby? Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio can do no wrong in my opinion. Plus the book is just really something special, I’ve read it three times!

Most photos by Ty Mecham, but some not.

My faked 1920s updo.

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A few weeks ago I was at Target and I saw this shiny beaded headband in the hair accessories for $2.99. I thought about how it matched the shiny beads on the dress I got for my friend’s wedding and dreamt of some cool 1920s updos I could do with it that day.

Having been honored to be the on sight hairstylist for the entire wedding party, I was pretty busy. After putting the veil on the bride and kissing her and crying, I looked at my watch (also known as a phone) and realized I only had about 20 minutes to get ready for the ceremony. I ran to my room, showered my body, dry shampood my hair, threw on the headband and grabbed pinned grabbed pinned grabbed pinned and repeated. I ended up with this variation of the low messy side bun with a 1920s twist. The headband and the messy bun having a wider span and being less “low” helped with the 20s look the most. The red lipstick helped fake that I had lots of make up on, when really if you looked closely you’d see that there were giant patches of half smeared in foundation! haha. World’s greatest faker!

I was completely 100% ready for the wedding in less than 15 minutes. Showered, haired and make-uped. I can scarcely believe it myself.

When we walked into the chapel, I sat down next to my friend Bobby and he turned to me and said “You look like you’re straight out of Boardwalk Empire!”. And I screamed (in my head because I was in a church) with delight. My vision of a 1920s ‘do back in the hair department at my local Target in the Bronx had somehow been successful with only a 3 minute time slot.

I was able to cry and hug friends and dance like crazy at the reception with no worries.

I should write a book called “the art of fake-spending a lot of time on stuff”.