The best brush for detangling.

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This brush recently appeared at my salon in the shampoo sink area, and I’ve enjoyed it so much, it really just needs to be shared. It’s by LuxorPro and is just called “The Wet Brush”, and is meant to detangle your hair quickly and painlessly even in the shower. I’m not sure if you know this, but at a salon, long hair can easily tangle up while being shampooed at the sinks, because it kind of balls up on top of itself in there, rather than having room to hang freely like in the shower. It can really set a stylist back if they have to spend ten minutes combing out someone’s tangles, so this brush is my idea of convenience! I’m not sure how, but it really does glide through the hair, removing tangles so quickly!

It would be so great for those heads of hair that are long and incredibly thick and tangle easily, or for children with very tender scalps. I have heard people mention they’re also great for extensions, but I haven’t used them for that purpose yet.

Get one here! I like the black, which has a cool matte finish.

Also, detangle even quicker with these two leave ins!

It’s a 10

No highlights until December. Done!

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I went from June-December without highlighting my hair and it feels so good to reach the end. This was not easy. There were times when I was like “hey! i want fresh ‘lights in my hair!”, but I held out. I stayed strong. At the end of the six months, I actually started to love my rooty blonde hair more and more, and I would honestly go much longer, but I have a collaboration coming up that I should look a little more polished for. I’m having color done today and I’m thinking of doing a little change. Someone mentioned in a comment the other day that I should consider going dark..maybe I will?

The six month break was the way to go. I feel like my hair grew so much, and all it needed was a tiny trim every few weeks to keep it cleaned up. It would have been much more desperate with some more processing.

My advice for growing out your hair:
Keep your color jobs close enough to your natural color, so that you can stretch them out longer. Your hair and pocket-book will grow right before your eyes!

Also, use tons of this.

(all you colorists out there, forgive me for the above advice.)

A trim and a gloss.

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You’d think working at a salon I could get my hair cut and/or colored any old day I fancy, but you know something? No one (including myself) ever has time. I have spent the last two weeks at work trying to squeeze a trim inbetween clients or during someone’s lunch. It finally happened today. Kristen spritzed down my hair with leave in conditioner and cut a totally straight line across the back. No time for any shaping and I did the world’s quickest blow dry on myself in order to look presentable for my next client. If memory serves…Kristen remarked how my ends were just “falling off” at the sight of the scissors. They were ready.

As for the color…I wrangled Carla into glossing me last week. Same story. She tossed on a gloss at the sink, hoping to layer it a few times for the perfect tone, but after the first round I realized I didn’t have enough time.¬† I don’t know what else she had in store but to me it looks perfect as it is.

And by the way, I still haven’t done any highlights since June, I’m totally going to make it to my goal for no highlights til December..and even beyond!

Treat your gloss right with color safe shampoo!



Hairdresser’s Beauty Products: Clarisonic

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I’ve been using the Clarisonic Mia for a few months now. Ladies and fancy gentlemen, everything is different. Basically, the clarisonic is a little hand held device to wash your face. The brush has very soft bristles that vibrate, so you get a really great and gentle clean. I mean, I could see/feel results within a few days. Not to mention, I just don’t think I was getting all of my make up off before I was using my little Mia. The Clarisonic is a little expensive, so I held out for a while, but I kept hearing estheticians and beauty editors rave about it. I wish I would have bought it sooner, because I really feel that it was a worthy investment. Proper skin-care is very important to me.

Having such fair skin, I worry that I’m going to look wrinkly at a young age. I will do pretty much anything to prevent more skin damage/wrinks. Better late than never says the girl who used to tan too much. So if this Mia-chick is cleaning my skin better, then this Mia-chick is my best friend.

I use it once a day with Cetaphil, usually at night so that I can go to bed without taking all the dirt/hair product/make up from the day with me.

Buy a one here.

(ps can we talk about the state of my fingernails? have you ever seen the likes of my manicure looking so bedraggled?)

I get questions and emails about all kinds of other beauty products besides those of the hair sorts. It’s what inspired my Lips on Fire series, for instance. So if you don’t mind, I’d love to share my favorite beauty products and tips now&then. What works for me..and what I think you’d possibly benefit from. I find that the beauty product/skincare/make up world can be very overwhelming, so if you have great tips, please share them in the comments as well!

 This post was not sponsored. I really just love my clarisonic.

Alexander Wang’s blondes.

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When I left work on Friday night (at 9pm) there were 9 runway models in the salon getting “1950s blonde” in preparation for Saturday night’s Alexander Wang Spring 2013 show. My bosses, who are both colorists, work closely with a few modeling agencies here in New York. They get a call from the models’ agent, and get a mere word/phrase of what they need their color to look like for that particular job. In this case it was 1950s blonde, but really anything could be used to describe what the end result needs to look like. They get food, decades/eras, celebrities, art, movies, etc for their guidance. In this industry, it’s so important to know pop culture, art, fashion and anything else that a client would use for inspiration. You want a good general knowledge of those kinds of things so that you can keep them happy, no matter how crazy their description seems!

Maybe it’s Lucille Ball red, maybe it’s Brigitte Bardot waves, maybe it’s butter blonde, Roman Holiday chop, or a 1970s fringe…nothing feels better than being on the same page as your client.

Now let’s look at these 1950s blondes. This show looked amazing, wish I could have been there.


PS protect your blonde ends with my favorite argan oil.

Je Veux

All photos from Vogue

Summer’s over. I love you summer.

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I had to go to the beach one last time. This summer has been so kind to me that I don’t want it to end. Not to mention my hair has been craving salt…honest to goodness salt from the ocean. So I jaunted off to Montauk (the verrrry eastern tip of Long Island, past the Hamptons) for an end of the summer beach trip to play in the water and give my hair what it wanted. I actually think salt water is pretty drying of your hair, but it just makes it look so rad that I imagine it’s worth it for most girls. (like myself)

I think my hair’s two favorite things in life are salt water and golden sunlight. Montauk gave me both. Here are some photos…

Apps and drinks at The Montauket for the best sunset of the summer. The locals had apparently seen much better, but I was crying and becoming a believer at the site.

Did you see Amanda Blair’s new bob? I’ll be writing about it soon. I think she has found her look.

At the top of the lighthouse. Furious winds and rays of light.

I always joke when I give a client beach waves that she looks like she’s been “making out with a merman”. It gets them every time.
Maybe you had to be there..

One last, because this trip recap wouldn’t be complete without including the photo of me rolling down the hill at the lighthouse. I lost control and flailed the whole way down like a lunatic. Later I found grass and other pieces of nature in my hair. Remember how golden sunlight and sea salt are my hair’s favorites? Not so much grass.

Summer has been a dream. I found myself again, amidst various strolls in the park, bike rides, trips to the beach, and the rare slower pace the city has when everyone is away. Summer came when I needed it the most this year. Even though it comes at the same time on the calendar every 12 months, this particular summer felt like it was here just for me. Like a care package from my mom or something.

Love you so much summer of ’12.

PS I plan to continue to look like I made out with a merman by using this product. It’s my old faithful. How many times have I recommended it now?

(ps thanks for staying with me during this sappy I Love Summer post.)

NYFW: Backstage at Joseph Abboud SS 2013

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For a number of reasons, I don’t do backstage hair at NYFW too often, but I was asked by Larry Raspanti (Whittemore House Salon co-owner) to join the hair team for Joseph Abboud SS 2013 and I just couldn’t say no. The inspiration was a little bad boy, a little 1950s Americana, a little just jumped out of the shower wet look.

We slicked the sides of the hair back until it was tight against the skin, and had the front and top looking like they’d run their fingers through their hair while wet. We took tiny sections of the hair and covered the roots completely with wax before combing and shaping the look, finishing off with hair spray and loads of shine spray to keep it looking wet. I think we each went through about two jars of wax by the end of the show!

The chaos of backstage just after the models left to get lined up….

Here are two of the models I worked on.

Bryce Mathias with Ford Models

Demy Matzen

More backstage..

The show was at the New York Public Library which was a beautiful venue. The runway was a in the shape of a square with a symphony in the center that the models walked around. I love runway shows for how much of a presentation they have become. It’s not only inspiring to see beautiful work by the designer, hair and make up team, but to also be entertained by all the other effects, music and lighting.

Here are some of the products we used.

Wetting down the hair with the foundation mist, prepping each section with the Pomade, and finishing off with the superfine strong (which is the strongest hair spray I’ve ever used.

It’s quite difficult to find the original source of photos for these events with all the cameramen around. If any of these photos are yours, please notify me and I’ll credit you properly!

Lips On Fire: Nars Schiap

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Schiap is in my top three favorite lipsticks of all time.

When I wear this, I think to myself “This..this is living”.

You can buy it here.

Also, I have the matching nail polish.

And last, a little fashion history for you. This color was named after Coco Chanel’s rival, Elsa Schiaparelli. Read about her here.

Faking Shine

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Now that my hair is finally pretty long again, I’m dealing with dry ends. I have to trim it pretty frequently, or it looks like cotton candy..the bad kind. (the bad kind consists of any kind that you wouldn’t eat.)

Anyway, when my hair loses its luster, I turn to artificial luster.

Basically I love shine sprays and serums.


Redken Vinyl Glam

This one gives you a spritz. It’s very shiney and light and goes great on dry hair. This is best for medium to thick hair.

Tigi Headrush

This is an aerosol spray and goes on light as air, so it works for any hair type. It works best on air-dried/blow-dried hair.

SachaJuan Shine Serum

This is a pump serum and can be used on wet or dry hair. It’s good for any hair type.

I know what you’re all thinking. If teasing is the high heels of hair, then spray/serum shines are the bronzers of hair.

If you wont tell, I wont tell.

Top photo by Ty Mecham

Lips on Fire: Pink Nouveau

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I call this my delicious pink. It’s creamy looking and makes me think of dessert. Like cotton candy or perhaps frosting on a doughnut. It compliments almost every color in your scheme, and can be pulled off by blondes, reds, and brunettes alike. I’ve only been blonde and red with this color, but I’ve seen one of my South American girlfriends wear this with her dark hair and dark skin like it was made for her. How can that be possible when I feel as though it was made for me? Sneaky dessert pink.

This pink, called Pink Nouveau, is by MAC. And it can be purchased here.

Photos by Devon Baverman

Raise your hand if this post made you want a doughnut.

(raises hand)