Divine Caroline: The “less fussy” haircut trend.

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These days I’m doing less and less layered haircuts on my clients. To read more about how you don’t have to have “The Rachel” anymore, go read this week’s Divine Caroline post!

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Image from Divine Caroline

My Favorite Movie Hair: Evita

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By the time you read this, I’ll be in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m going with my mom and sister. I’ve heard wonderful/beautiful things about the city, and I’m looking forward to sharing my trip with you when I return!

To get excited for the trip, I watched Evita. You know, Madonna-Evita, not the one currently on Broadway starring the foxy Ricky Marten. Anyway, the hair is wonderful. All kinds of soft waves and victory rolls. I love the 1940s.

Here are a few still images from the movie.

I’m a nerd for musicals, but the music in this one isn’t really my favorite. But it’s still worth watching for the styling and wardrobe alone.

Divine Caroline: 5 tips to make your color last

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Today at Divine Caroline, I’m giving out my best tips for making color last as long as possible. Great for you color lovers (me!) who are looking for ways to get more of their money’s worth. Here’s to pretty color like Jessica Biel!

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Image from Divine Caroline

Androgynous Hair trends.

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The other day I was consulting a male client who wanted his hair cut like one of the girls I work with. Yes, she has a long pixie, but you still don’t see a guy pointing to a girl for hair inspiration every day. It’s happened a few different times, with both men and women. Men are wearing more feminine hair cuts and clothes (skinny jeans, etc.) and women are also going more simple with hair and wardrobe (blazers, trousers and oxfords are everywhere!). Ultra layered cuts are definitely making their exit and more natural, flowing styles are what I’m doing more every day at the salon. Women are wearing more soft, natural looks..less “done” altogether.

Whenever I think about how the lines are blurring more and more with men and women’s styles, I think about the late 70s and early 80s. Specifically David Bowie. He looked very much like a beautiful woman. (I mean that in the nicest way)


Also, if you take away their beards and sexy hairy chests, the Bee Gees all have lady hair.


Annie Lenox was all about the dude do.


Ok, both Annie Lenox and Jamie Lee Curtis look crazy similar to David Bowie. Also in a good way.


What do you think about the newest “androgynous” hair trends?

~In case it wasn’t obvious, this was one of my all time favorite posts to write and research. Thanks to David and the Bee Gees having such nice, slender legs and chests.~

Brigitte Bardot and a deer

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I love Brigitte Bardot so much that I could have a blog just about her and her hair and the beautiful pictures I find of her. She really is my idea of a perfect woman. Naturally pretty..with little imperfections like her messy hair and the gap in her teeth. I secretly always wanted a gap in-between my front teeth!

When I look at photos of Brigitte, she oozes confidence but also seems fun and playful. Look at her feeding this deer some grass! So cute! And her hair always looks incredible. She has inspired me to wear my hair half up more, which is the best of both worlds-hair edition.

When Jake and I were in Brazil a few years ago, we went to a little fishing village called Buzios. For various reasons that date back to the 1960s, this particular village worshiped Miss Bardot. They have a statue right on the water that I went to every day and got a million pictures with.


Out of all my hair idols, Brigitte is my main hair idol squeeze. My love for her will never falter.  This picture of her with the deer seals the deal.

My Favorite Movie Hair: Margot Tenenbaum

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I was sick on Monday with a stupid cold. I took turns watching movies, napping and checking facebook. One of the movies I watched was an old favorite “The Royal Tenenbaums”. If you haven’t seen it, you really should. Like all Wes Anderson movies, it’s got a cool/muted color scheme, dark humor and a dysfunctional family. Also, it was filmed in my neighborhood here in NYC and I recognize so many outdoor scene locations. I love when that happens.

Anyway, Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, Margot, is the best role she’s ever done. Margot wears a fur coat, a stripey collared dress and a blonde bob with a red barrette for pretty much the whole movie. Also, she has a wooden finger.But really, her straighty straight bob is spectacular.

Whenever I watch this movie, I remember that I want to be Margot for Halloween some year. Jake would make a great Richie if he grew his hair out!

Images from Flickr

Divine Caroline: Faux Bob

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I’m still coming down from my Oscar high..so this week over at Divine Caroline I’m doing a tutorial inspired by Penelope Cruz’s faux bob.

Go here to check it out! And have fun faking short hair for a day!

Oscars best and more best.

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I had so much fun watching the Red Carpet specials last night. Everyone looks so beautiful and there wasn’t a single gown I wouldn’t wear myself. Here are a few of my favorites.

Mila Jovavich was tied for my favorite head to toe. Her dark hair with her deep lips and textured white gown were all a hit with me. She is so slinky and just looks plain hot.

Rooney Mara is my girl who tied with Mila. You can probably see why, with her having the same color scheme as Mila, I guess that’s what I was feeling last night. I think Rooney may have done better because her colors contrasted a little more. Her hair is so dark, her skin is so white, her lips were the perfect plum and her gown was just beautiful. I loved her bangs and her little bun in the back. When I was in middle school, I called that bun an egg.

Something else I loved about Rooney, is that she is still new to red carpets, and has no idea how to pose. I mean that in a good way. She looks like a normal person instead of the same old hand on hip, over the shoulder peek that we always see.

I love Rose Byrne for having a cute bob with heavy bangs. I saw people ripping her bangs on twitter, but I thought they went great with her overall look. I just love her anyway.


Michelle Williams wins for best dress color. I am obsessed with this tomato red gown. The fabric, the texture, the peplum, the broach..all perfect. And that blonde with the red. I just love her. I wanted her to win. I still haven’t seen her as Marilyn, but I’m dying to.


Jessica Chastain had one of my favorite gowns on. I thought the pattern was beautiful, and only wish she would have had a low bun at her nape. Her hair color looked much better than a blonde would in this gown, but I like hair up when there is such a busy pattern. Those are my little adjustments, but she did look gorgeous anyway. Also, I loved her in The Help.

Angelina Jolie looked gorgeous. Her make up, her hair, her velvetylicious gown….but her posing had me going bonkers. Her leg sticking out in every single picture just started to bother me. She’s beautiful and talented and still on my best list, but just because your gown has a high slit doesn’t mean you have to do the splits down the red carpet so everyone can see your leg. Ok?

I’m so relieved to not be doing a worst list. Everyone just looked to good to rip on. Even the correspondents! Kelly Osborne! Giuliana Rancic! Some other blonde girl that I never heard of!

The show was actually pretty fun this year, with all the clips they did and the funny spoofs. I loved that cirque performance. But as usual, I enjoy the hair/dresses the most.

Who were your favorites of the night?


This weekend’s Oscars.

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I can’t wait for the Oscars this weekend. I’m going to wear a dress, do my hair, put on some jewelry and walk down my grey West Elm carpet (rug) to my couch to watch the show. I love seeing everyone all done up in their best.

I’ll be all over Facebook with my opinions. Wont you join me?

(Mila was one of my best from last year.)

Go see my best and worst from last year here!


Blue Ivy’s baby hair

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Just in case any of you have questioned how perfect JayZ and Beyonce’s baby might be, here is a photo of the little darling’s hair. I mean, the little darling. Sorry, I can’t take my eyes off Blue Ivy’s hair. What baby is born not bald? I mean, she is actually perfect.


Photo spotted here.