Hairdresser on (off) Broadway!

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Last night I went to the Opening of Grasses Of A Thousand Colors at The Public Theater. I was proud to be there as the show’s Hair Designer with my close friend Carla Naya, the show’s Hair Colorist. I’m not too cool to admit, seeing my name in a Theater Playbill made me squeal like a newborn baby puppy. Big thanks to Rachel Guilfoyle for booking me. It was such a pleasure and I hope to do more!

Rachel, Carla, Me and one of the stars of the show, Jennifer Tilly.

Never too shy to get some sills out on the Step and Repeat.

Happy Opening, Grasses!

Met Ball

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I have gone through this photo gallery from NY Magazine’s “The Cut” blog 4 times. I love the Met Ball. My salon spent the last two weeks making wigs for the event, which added to the excitement of the evening. I look forward to seeing the beautiful gowns, hair and make up more than any other red carpet event of the year. This year, all my favorite looks were people who had their hair up, which is funny because I love long-down hair more than anything else on the planet. But there is such a statement made when hair is warn up. And these ladies nailed it..

I can’t stop looking at Nicole Richie’s eyes. She’s like a hungry vampire. And I would have definitely worn a deep wine colored lip like her to the “punk” themed ball.

Blake Lively’s body was made for gown wearing. She is almost always a favorite. If I could pull off a sleeky pony like her, I’d never wear it down..but have you seen her hair down? I mean…

Strappy pointy shoes, cut-out dress, up hair. Emma Watson, ladies and gentelmen (slow clap).

Gwen Stefani, as usual pulls off the perfect balance of rocker and lady-like. Normally I would HATE a heavy chunk of hair randomly pulled out of a bun like above, but she’s convinced me to be accepting of it. Probably because of the way her top is tied. Asymmetry at it’s finest. This look is so her, which is my favorite thing about her. She is so Gwen, without being a one noter. Love. Yep, Love.

Dakota didn’t wear her hair up, but this dress is bananas in a good way. Maybe my very favorite of the night. Her hair was nice and naturally parted, not too straight, and not too fussy by being brushed to the side. Any longer, any straighter and I think it would have been too much. I remember when Dakota was a little girl, look at what a beauty she grew up to be!

Sienna Miller doubled her weight with this jacket. Seriously, I want to just try to lift the jacket to see how much it weighs. She looked awesome.

All photos from The Cut. Make sure to check out the whole Gallery!

Tutorial: Vintage Jeweled Hair Piece

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With a Hollywood Glamour theme at my sister’s wedding, I knew I wanted some sort of jewels in my hair. I scanned etsy and a few accessory stores for the right piece, but nothing was really tickling my fancy. So, I decided I’d make one! I went to Mood (of Project Runway fame) to take a look at their trimmings, and found these beautiful Appliques. They weren’t cheap, but I was tired of looking and these were just what I had in mind. Here’s how I made them!

1-cut out your applique. mine came on these little mesh screens, yours may not.
2-cut out your felt to fit the back of your jeweled piece. (this is to give it some sturdiness)

3-attach your clip to the felt so that it is in-between each prong.
4-use your glue gun to adhere the felt (and clip) to the jeweled piece.

Note: The more curved side of the clip will be the side that’s glued to the piece. That way the side against your head is flat and more comfortable.

5-clip it in your hair and attend your wedding like your favorite lady of Old Hollywood.

Vivien Leigh? Mae West? Or maybe Veronica Lake? That old peek-a-boo girl..

Blue Velvet

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Another video coming your way.

I keep watching this LDR for H&M video. It’s so strange and stylish and slightly silly. I love the typist with the curls, the girls on the sofa, and Lana’s creepy long nails. Her hair basically never looks bad.

I’m as free as my hair.

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I love this behind the scenes video of Gaga’s Vogue cover shoot. I’ve loved her “Hair” song so much over the last year and a half, but haven’t been able to find a video that could be posted on my blog until now. I love the hair pieces, wind machines, and light heartedness of the video. And most of all, I love how hair gives you such an endless way to express yourself!

I’m as free as my hair!

Lips On Fire: Nars Schiap

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Schiap is in my top three favorite lipsticks of all time.

When I wear this, I think to myself “This..this is living”.

You can buy it here.

Also, I have the matching nail polish.

And last, a little fashion history for you. This color was named after Coco Chanel’s rival, Elsa Schiaparelli. Read about her here.

My hair crush on Erin Wasson

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You could say that I have a slight hair crush on Erin Wasson. You could also say that I have a style crush, a leg crush, and a hat crush too. Really, I just have an overall girl crush on her. Doesn’t she seem like a rowdy time? She is always being cool, just plain cool in every picture I see of her.

Anyway, her hair is always cool too. A little wild and a little natural, like she doesn’t care. She just wants to rock.

Here are a few photos that I love of Erin Wasson. Of course it was impossible to find a source for any of them, but the first one looks a little Terry Richardson to me.

There are tons of photos of her in various hats. Like a dream.

Getting Erin’s hair is simple. Allow bedhead. Allow roots. Allow your hair to party.

My work in Rolling Stone Magazine!

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A shoot I did with the smart/hilarious/beautiful comedian Amy Schumer a while ago ended up in Rolling Stone magazine.

I’m doing cartwheels in my apartment over this one


PS You must see Amy’s new movie with Steve Carell, Keira Knightley and Adam Brody (my boyfriend!)

 Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World.

Photography by Natalie Brasington

Divine Caroline: Hollywood Hair Crush.

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The Hollywood Hair crush is a thing and I’m talking about mine on Divine Caroline this week.

Find out who they are here!

Img source unknown

Gibson Girl Bangs

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After a conversation with one of my coworkers a few months back, I decided I needed Gibson Girl bangs. Also called “ballerina bangs”. Basically it’s wisps of hair, or bangs, that only show when your hair is pull up or off your face. They are small sections undercut to look like they grew out of your hair line like that naturally. Kind of like man-catchers.¬† Here are a few Gibson Girl photos..

I’m not going to speak for anyone else here, but in my humble opinion, those Gibson Girl bangs are straight up bedroomhair-esque.

So I cut some Gibson Girl/Ballerina Bangs a few months back, and never regretted the decision. Eh hem…

Basically, you take a rough section at your hair line (not a clean one or it will look weird and too intentional), zig zaggy and small. If you want more you can always take more, but remember these are supposed to look wispy! Next, you must use a razor. Scissors will give a clean/blunt line that will be sticking up all over the place and it just wont look natural. For this look it’s almost better to cut with dry or barely damp hair, which normally is a razor no-no, but just trust! Take long strokes so that the line is soft rather than short strokes which will almost be like scissor cutting.

Also I should mention that you must definitely never do this to yourself unless you are an actual hairstylist and have advanced razor knowledge. It’s pretty easy, but the razor is no toy. I mean this both in regards to body danger and hairy danger. You could hurt yourself or look straight up crazy. (I literally don’t know which of the two is worse.)

Lastly, after getting my Gibson Girl/Ballerina bangs I felt like the world’s most clever girl. I was walking around singing a song in my head that was like “I’ve got cool hair, I’ve got cool hair.”. Then I bragged about how cool my new bangs were and someone said “I have those too from when I had a baby!”.

*Insert wind out of my sails and many frowns*

Haha! I still like them and I still feel cool.

So what do you think? Do you think the Gibson Girl bangs are as bedroomhair-esque as I do?

PS Kim Kardashian recently said that she has the baby hairs on her hairline removed with electrolysis. What a waste of baby hairs!