2013 New York ING Marathon

Posted in News on July 22nd, 2013 by Reagan



I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be running the ING New York Marathon this year. I’m in the early stages of my training program, but the miles are building up swimmingly (runningly?) despite this blasted July heat. If I can only cut back on the popsicles and fro-yum, I’ll be good to go.

On November 3rd, 2013, I’ll be running on behalf of a fantastic charity called “Crutches 4 Kids”. It’s a small, but great little charity that helps provide injured children in third world countries with proper walkers, canes and crutches. As you can imagine, these crutches aren’t all that expensive, so your donations will really help a huge number of children who would otherwise not be able to play or attend school on their own.

I feel fortunate every day to have a healthy body that functions just as I need it to, and I’m so excited to have the chance to use it in a way that will help others who don’t have that luxury.

I’d consider myself very lucky to have your support throughout my training, and it would mean a great deal to me to receive any donations that you feel comfortable contributing towards Crutches 4 Kids. You can also help by forwarding this to anyone you think might be interested in helping.

Lastly, if you’re a local, for crying out loud come out on marathon Sunday and cheer me on! I’ll be the girl with the huge, impossibly grateful grin. I can’t promise I won’t tackle hug you at the finish line.


A million Xs and two million Os,

Reagan Breinholt


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  5. Jamie Says:

    Go girl! :)

  6. Luana Says:

    Good luck! :D

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  8. Frances G. Cortez Says:

    So truth be told, I’m not really seeing a lot of ‘good’ when it comes to being on crutches, but there are a few and those are the things I am trying to focus on while I try to recover from this latest injury.

  9. Linda Says:

    You must be very excited, good for you. Congratulations hope you do enjoy…
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  10. fulbabu Says:

    I feel fortunate every day to have a healthy body that functions just as I need it to, and I’m so excited to have the chance to use it in a way that will help others who don’t have that luxury.

  11. Marie Taylor Says:

    Good luck with the marathon….and I hope you will be able to resist those popsicles! :)

  12. Linda De La Cruz Says:

    That’s awesome! I’ll try to attend the Marathon but I might not be able to make it. Either way ill be donating :)

  13. Hairdressers Auckland Says:

    Good luck :D

  14. Steph Smit Says:

    Oh cool! Hope you post your experience in the marathon. :)

  15. John Tucker Says:

    That’s a great cause to raise money for. I wish you the best with the marathon.

  16. James Paulson Says:

    Good luck and make sure to take tons of pictures! We’re all looking forward to seeing the results.

  17. Alexander Irving Says:

    I’ll drop some dimes in the kitty. Thanks for the good work, Reagan.

  18. Kylsystem Says:

    Always top … I love your super amazing blog :)

  19. Adina Greenidge Says:


  20. Linda Olsen Says:

    I love running as well. I ran a 5K this morning – for the first time after breaking my foot in February 2013. I hope to some day run a marathon :)


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