Don’t burn your hair with the blow dryer!

Posted in Answers on January 7th, 2013 by Reagan


I have but a mere moment to spend on blogging this morning. But I feel that a quick, yet important tip should be shared. You know…with it being cold outside, I like to blow dry my hair a little more often so that I don’t wander this city with icicles for hair. (am I right NYC? the last few weeks have been freezin’!)

However, I will not stand for blow dryer damage. So here is my quick little tip to make sure you’re not killing your hair with your blow dryer: Don’t touch your hair with the nozzle. That’s right, get close to the hair, but don’t ever let the nozzle touch your hair. You will torch the poor cuticle.

That’s all there is to it. Rough drying, round brushing, whatever it is. Keep a little space between the nozzle and the hair.

This photo has nothing to do with anything. And it’s old as the hills. But it’s from when I went to Argentina last spring and it was warm and beautiful there. This is the type of thing I dream of when I’m blow drying my hair during these freezing, grey months.

28 Responses to “Don’t burn your hair with the blow dryer!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Also, don’t burn your eyelashes with the blow dryer – cuz it hurts!

  2. Kanyce Says:


  3. Kelly Says:

    A friend of mine literally burnt off a big section of hair with the hair dryer! She has long hair and lost about a 1/2 inch in thickness and about 8 inches of length. Please be careful!

  4. curlywurly Says:

    what about when you use a diffuser??

  5. Stephanie Says:

    I hate blow drying my hair! But I, like you, also hate freezing to death in the cold with long wet hair (my ponytail is 16 inches, so yeah, icicles!). My solution is usually to shampoo at night and sleep on it damp, but that makes a helluva mess to deal with in the morning!

  6. Ketty Pirce Says:

    I’m trying not to turn maximum of my dryer power whenever I use it, that helps me to avoid explicit damage!

  7. Peruvian Hair Says:

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  8. Monique Says:

    thank u for the tips, imma take that into account when I’m using my karmin g3 hair dryer, but until now I haven’t had any problem :D

  9. bestdissertations Says:

    keep it up looking forward to the next ones :)

  10. Adriana Says:

    I knew that photo was taken in Argentina the moment I looked at it!! It was probably taken at a bar/gallery called Hollywood in Cambodia, am I right?

  11. Rogger Hollins Says:

    I hate blow dryer because damage hair. But it is useful in certain time like in biting cold weather. Than Freezing your hair in winter you can use blow dryer.

  12. Jeannine Says:

    So true! I have smelt burning hair while blow drying my hair because I was not paying attention and having a conversation with a friend. Now I use a diffuser!LOL

  13. Frisør Valby Says:

    Like the color

  14. Eric Jin Says:

    the model and the person in the picture on the wall is look like each other :))

  15. Eric Jin Says:

    the model and the person in the picture on the wall are look like each other :))

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