No highlights until December. Done!

Posted in News, Products on December 4th, 2012 by Reagan

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I went from June-December without highlighting my hair and it feels so good to reach the end. This was not easy. There were times when I was like “hey! i want fresh ‘lights in my hair!”, but I held out. I stayed strong. At the end of the six months, I actually started to love my rooty blonde hair more and more, and I would honestly go much longer, but I have a collaboration coming up that I should look a little more polished for. I’m having color done today and I’m thinking of doing a little change. Someone mentioned in a comment the other day that I should consider going dark..maybe I will?

The six month break was the way to go. I feel like my hair grew so much, and all it needed was a tiny trim every few weeks to keep it cleaned up. It would have been much more desperate with some more processing.

My advice for growing out your hair:
Keep your color jobs close enough to your natural color, so that you can stretch them out longer. Your hair and pocket-book will grow right before your eyes!

Also, use tons of this.

(all you colorists out there, forgive me for the above advice.)

18 Responses to “No highlights until December. Done!”

  1. Bonny Says:

    I would love to see you go darker! ! You would look great either way though!

  2. Jamie "ChatterBlossom Says:

    Looks pretty with the roots grown out a bit! Can’t wait to see what you do next whether it is dark or something else!

    I’m having a blog hop right now and you should come get in on some of that love. ;-)

  3. Rebeka Says:

    Oohh I can’t wait to see your new hair! So exciting!

    Also, your hair ALWAYS looks gorgeous, even when you go 6 months without highlights. I’m totally envious.

  4. A Says:

    oh my goodness! Dark!! I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  5. GardenValleyGirl Says:

    Your hair is soooo gorgeous with the blonde highlights. I can see you looking good either dark or blonde but can’t you do something dark and temporary just to see if you like it first?

  6. mommaresha Says:

    That is great advice for growing out your hair. As a stylist, I recommend another approach for people growing out their hair but either they are coloring their hair for grey coverage or they prefer to go a couple of shades darker. Go with a demi or semi permanent color. Yes it will fade more but it doesn’t give that hard line as the hair grows. it just fades as it grows. It’s better for your hair because they typically doesn’t contain ammonia. For clients going for grey coverage this is know as grey blending. You’ll get some subtle “highlights” where the color doesn’t fully darken the grey hair.


  7. JoshuaTodd Says:

    During the winter months darker tends to be popular. Here at the salon we have been having a lot of clients changing to dark. If you’re in the LA/Long Beach/Orange County area look us up!

    Joshua Todd
    Salon Coordinator

  8. Tina Lombardi of Moda Says:

    Colouring your hair a darker shade is a popular Winter choice in the UK – we say go for it!

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  11. Ketty Pirce Says:

    I used to go through this too!) My congrats to u, sweety!)

  12. Nancy Sam Says:

    This is gorgeous, I can’t wait to try it

  13. Julia Says:

    Your hair looks so long and healthy, I really dig the blonde roots! I’d say go darker for the winter months but definitely try and maintain the organic look.

  14. Barton Parsons Says:

    Love the rich color, and it has lasted very well. I am very active and hard on nail products.

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