Giveaway: Oribe Shine

Posted in News on December 3rd, 2012 by Reagan

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I’m so excited to announce this giveaway today! Are you ready?

The lovely people over at Oribe generously sent over their new product, Shine, for me to test out. It’s a finishing spray infused with argan oil and lemongrass, and it’s a game changer ladies and gentlemen. I’m a long time believer in shine sprays to keep my long (and likely dry) ends looking shiny and healthy, and this is the best I’ve ever used. It applies evenly and is fine like a mist, so it doesn’t weigh down your hair. A little goes a long way so the bottle will last you a long time, and like every Oribe product, it smells extremely heaven really.

The best part, Oribe sent over two extra bottles for me to give away! By all means, leave a comment to enter this giveaway. If you tweet about this giveaway (with a link to this post), you may leave one extra comment with a link to your tweet for another chance to win. I’ll be picking two winners on Friday afternoon!

Click here to read more about Shine!

Thank you Oribe for this Giveaway, and thank you all for entering!

250 Responses to “Giveaway: Oribe Shine”

  1. Amy Says:

    Pick me please. My ends are always dry and it sucks.

  2. Kelsey Says:

    I would love to receive this shine spray!! I love your blog :) always has great tips.

  3. LRH Says:

    I’m always game for shiny hair!

  4. LRH Says:

    And here is my tweet!!

  5. jennypenny Says:

    I need to try this…sounds awesome!

  6. jennypenny Says:

    Here’s my tweet!

  7. Dee Says:

    I have really thick dry hair I would love to try this product!

  8. Erika Radford Says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Oribe. Luck to me!

  9. Kelly roper Says:

    I would love to win this!

  10. Claire Says:

    Oh my hair needs this badly!!

  11. Amanda Says:

    This sounds awesome! I need to try it! :)

  12. LeAnn Says:

    My ends need this! If I win I will be so happy… If I don’t win, I guess I’ll just have ti buy some for myself.. lol! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  13. isabelle Says:

    Shine sounds amazing! I would love to try it out on my winter-dry hair :)

  14. Beth K Says:

    I looooove some shine!

  15. Joelle Camp Says:

    HI!! My ever-so-curly hair would be ecstatic to be bathed in what sounds like a wonderful product!! Curls and shiny tend to be at opposite ends of the spectrum for me, so a shine spray/serum is a MUST!! The ones I’ve tried are, well…ehh, at best…and tend to leave my hair looking more greasy than shiny. This spray sounds light and fresh and I would be so appreciative if you would choose me!!

  16. maggie Says:

    pick me, my hair needs salvation!

  17. Liana Says:

    AHHH this would be awesome for my hair :3 I’ve been dying to find a good hair spray because winter really dries out my hair… It’s a frizzy mess :)

  18. Cynthia Says:

    Umm…. YES my hair needs this badly!!!!

  19. Kat Says:

    I want to win! Oribe is the best….

  20. Michelle Says:

    Oooo pick me, pick me.

  21. Susan Says:

    We have the same hair! Wavy-curly, ombre fun! My fingers are crossed! Here’s my tweet!

  22. Malia Says:

    My color treated, winter hair would love some Shine! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Renee K Says:

    I am a die hard Oribe fan. :)

  24. Elisa Says:

    took forever to brush out the tangled ends this morning!

  25. sarah see Says:

    oooh i love stuff like this. my dry ends would drink this right up!

  26. Morgan Says:

    I use the Après Beach Wave and my boyfriend who literally cannot smell, thinks I’m crazy when I tell him my hair smells like a sexy man.

    I am all for free Oribe products :)

  27. Rachel A. Says:

    Would love to infuse my dull locks with a bit more luster!!

  28. Anna Says:

    My hair would be VERY happy if I win!

  29. Anna Says:

    And I retweeted the link! :)

  30. Carrie M Says:

    Oooooh, I looooove shine sprays! Pick me to try a new one!!

  31. Tiffani C Says:

    I love me some shine spray! Kenra is my fave right now but I’d love to try this!

  32. Amy Says:

    Lemongrass? I’m sure that smells fantastic. Would love to win it!

  33. Amy Says:

    And I tweeted about it!

  34. Domanique Says:

    WHOO!! I am need of a new shine spray!

  35. Tif Says:

    If I win I’d love you forever…wait i already will…

  36. lindsey Says:

    Mr. Oribe visited my salon, The Master Design 3 years ago in memphis, tn. He and my boss, sheila zaricor wilson are friends. Omg he is so SEXY! I would love LOVE to try this new product and give my grown out wavy hair which is so dry on the ends, some cpr. :D

  37. wintu nancy Says:

    Always good to find new products to keep my long hair looking healthy. Thanks for sharing…

  38. Nicole Says:

    I would love to try this!! I’ve never tried any of the Oribe products before. I love your blog!

  39. Amy Says:

    I’m anxious to try this! My hair needs it! Thanks.

  40. Maura Says:

    Oh! I would love to win this! But, then again, who wouldn’t?

  41. Wendt Says:

    I love Oribe! And I would love to try this!

  42. lisa Says:

    Love that they stopped using silicone, breathing that stuff in always made me wary. I adore new products, adore your blog and would love to win!

  43. Cortney Says:

    Don’t quote me on it but I’m pretty sure Oribe means hair of a goddess in latin…or not ;) love these products and your hairrific (hair + terrific = hairrific) blog!

  44. Margaret Says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I love your site, Reagan! Keep up the great work!

  45. Malia Newhouse Says:

    I wouldn’t mind an early Christmas present!!!!!!

  46. Dawn Says:

    I love to try new things!

  47. Meggan Says:

    Who doesn’t need more shine?

  48. Stephanie Says:

    I love shine spray – I have quite the collection since I’m always in search of a new favorite!

  49. Jess Z. Says:

    I need some good shine in my life!

  50. Sarah Says:

    I would love to try this on my dry frazzled ends!

  51. Amy Says:

    Shine and smells like heaven. I’m in.

  52. MicheleB Says:

    I would love to try it! Sounds like just what my dry, curly hair needs for winter!

  53. Sarah Says:

    I tweeted it too!

  54. Lindsay Says:

    Id love to win this!!

  55. Annette Says:

    I would love to Shine! Or, at least have my hair shine!

  56. Stephanite T Says:

    This sounds amazing! I have to try. Thanks for thinking of us HDoF readers :)

  57. Jessica Says:

    Who wouldn’t love shiny hair!

  58. Finn Says:

    Sounds like an awesome product – I’d love to give it a try.

  59. Cami Says:

    I would love this stuff. I could always use a little more shine in my life. Thanks!

  60. fiona Says:

    happy holidays!!! i like that december has a pretty sweet giveaway. :) and that maybe i’ll win it! ;)

  61. Vivren Says:

    I love hair products that smell good, never mind my addition to shine serums. I would love to try this!

  62. Tara Says:

    Sounds divine, the products you endorse haven’t failed me yet!

  63. MairzyDozy Says:

    Just tweeted and will post on our FB. Our fans would love a chance to win this. Thanks for the great give away!

  64. Molly Says:

    Hi Reagan! I am a long time reader and would LOVE to win this Oribe giveaway. I am a big fan of whatever products/hair tips you are endorsing! Pick me! Pick me!

  65. JenSwen Says:

    Oooh I would love this! Thank you!

  66. Shanda Says:

    Never used Oribe here in AZ as a hairdresser.

  67. jeri Says:

    I’d love to give this a try!

  68. bridget Says:


  69. Christy Says:

    Would love to win this – my hair needs it esp. this winter! Thanks for the opportunity, Reagan.

  70. Kristy Says:

    I love this blog!! I am constantly on it, and am definitely in need of shiny hair this winter! My ends suckkkkk :) Thanks, Reagan!

  71. Mitra Says:

    My hair needs this!

  72. Julie Says:

    My hair really needs this in the long cold dry winters in Utah! Please!

  73. Emily Says:

    This would be so amesome for my poor, dull post baby hair!! And it sounds like it would smell heavenly! Thanks for the chance, my fingers and hair are crossed! You rock, Reagan!

  74. Leah Says:

    Love oribe!

  75. Julie Says:

    Would love to win and try this product! Enjoy your blogs/videos!

  76. Emily G. Says:

    My hair needs this product! Pretty please!

  77. Katie Says:

    I love Oribe so I would love to try this! Thx!!

  78. Julie Says: Posted a tweet! :)

  79. Alison Says:

    After years of work I finally have grown my pixie out and have nice long locks, and now need a nice go to product-this sounds great. I’d love to win and test out Oribe’s shine spray.

  80. CB Says:

    I have a couple of other Oribe products and I think they work great, even though they are a bit of a splurge. I’d love to try this one for free!

  81. Robin Says:

    Ooh, pick me!! I love your blog, my hair is very similar to yours so I feel like I have a kindred spirit for when it is having a crazy day. I love shine products for the same reason – they make the ends look so much better!

  82. Beth B. Says:

    This looks great; would love to win. Thank you!

  83. Amber Says:

    I’d love to use this shine spray, my hair definitely needs it! I love your blog so much, it’s really helpful and fun to read :)

  84. Heather D Says:

    Sounds like a great product!

  85. Nessa @ Isle Style Living Says:

    YAY! I love giveaways =)

    Pick me, please!

  86. Nessa @ Isle Style Living Says:



  87. Anne Says:

    I’d love to try it. I’m a sucker for yummy smelling hair products.

  88. Rebeka Says:

    oh the ends of my hair are SO dry. the winter is doing bad things to my long hair. I am pretty sure I need this!

  89. Rachel Cunningham Says:

    I bought another Oribe product after seeing it on your blog and I L-O-V-E it!! This shine spray would be an awesome addition.

  90. Jamey Jeppson Says:

    This stuff sounds amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Jamey in Kansas City

  91. Christine Says:

    I think my hair hates winter *almost* as much as I do. Please shine me up!

  92. Annie S. Says:

    This would be amazing to win! You are great and good looking!

  93. Christie Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  94. Shaughnessy Says:

    I live in Colorado — a mile above sea level — and my hair is feeling it. Would love a chance to win — thanks!

  95. Annie S. Says:

    Aaaaaaand Tweeted. :D

  96. Katherine | Gathered Heart Says:

    Oooh yes please… my locks always suffer from dryness in the winter. I bet this would be the perfect solution!

  97. Andi Says:

    Oooh! I’d love to win, trying to go as long as possible between cuts to grow out my hair – the ends, needless to say could use some shine. Especially in this crazy, not-quite-winter weather.

  98. Lisa Says:

    I would love love love to win!

  99. Vivian Says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Oribe products!

  100. Regan Says:

    I think my long hair would love this!

  101. Anne Says:

    This sounds amazing for my dry ends!

  102. Sarah Says:

    All I want for Christmas is shine shine shine!! ❤

  103. Laura Diniwilk Says:

    Ooh, I love the texturizing spray so I’m excited to try the Shine. Sign me up!

  104. Emily Says:

    Crossing my fingers…

  105. kati Says:

    love oribe! and who doesn’t need a little more SHINE?! i would love to win.

  106. Amber Says:

    With an hombre ‘do comes dry ends – this would be amazing!!

  107. Ang Says:

    Please pick me! I want shiny hair that smells like heaven!!

  108. Susan Says:

    Oribe products are wonderful. I bet this is great! Would love to win one.

  109. Juliette Says:

    Shine Me Please ;)

  110. Marie Says:

    I would love to try this!

  111. Heather Says:

    Oh! Pick me! I’d love to try this stuff out!

  112. Sarah Says:

    I would love to try this spray. I’m trying to keep my hair looking nice after teasing it for our fall show!

  113. Rae Says:

    OOoooh I loooooove me some yummy smelling Oribe anything!

  114. Abby M. Says:

    Dying to win a HDOF giveaway. I’d love to try this out!

  115. Holland Says:

    yay for shiny hair!

  116. Kimberly Says:

    Fellow hairdresser here! Would love to give this a try. Aerosol/shine is always a good combination

  117. Sarah Says:

    Oh my! It sounds amazing! I would love to win this and try it on my clients! Thanks!

  118. Leslie Says:

    Pick me..pick me!!

  119. Jen Says:

    never tried it… would love to! I would try anything you love:)

  120. Leanna Says:

    Love trying new products.

  121. Jessica Says:

    Pick me! This sounds heaven sent – I’d love to try it as the winter is wreaking havoc on my poor tired ends. Thanks for thinking of us!

  122. Stephanie Says:

    I’d like to be added to the mix! Love visiting your site.

  123. Alex Says:

    I can haz?

  124. Viridian Vega Says:

    Lemon? Om nom nom. I’m all over that.

  125. Allison Says:

    My dry, curly hair would love this product!

  126. Megan Says:

    As a bleached blonde, I need some help adding shine. And yes, Oribe smells heavenly (they use it at my salon, I don’t own any products…yet)!

  127. Rachel H. Says:

    *Fingers crossed!*

  128. Marissa Says:

    thanks for the opportunity!

    I have a twitter account but no followers :(

  129. Sonja Says:

    I love shiny hair! And hair oil!

  130. Kelsey Says:

    My Extra long locks need a little love and shine! I might even feature it on my Youtube Channel Hot Tub Topics if it works for me! Ofcourse credit and direction to your blog will follow!

  131. Tina H Says:

    It sounds like heaven in a bottle! I would love to give it a try. My hair could use it! ( I’ll share with my fiance !:) )

  132. Ashleigh Barlow Says:

    Id love the opportunity to try it out! I have ridiculous wavy dry hair! I’ve tried everything! I’m a stylist and I’m in the process of starting my own salon! Product research is a must! Plus, I recommend your blog to everyone! I attribute my love for different shades of lipstick all to your genius! Need I say more! Oh please pick this poor Utah girl!!!!!

  133. Lisa Says:

    Sounds amazing!

  134. steph Says:

    Yeah Orbie is the best!!

  135. Emily Says:

    I could use some shiny heavenly spray right about now! Will it work on other parts of my life too?

  136. Angi Says:

    Oh my! That would be perfect for my hair in this dry climate I live in!!

  137. Jenny Says:

    Pick me! I am always trying to figure out how to make my long locks shiny

  138. renee Says:

    amazingness!!!!!! (:

  139. renee Says:

    ma link! (: xo

  140. Cass Says:

    My long hair is loving this giveaway – sweet!

  141. Mary W. Says:

    I’d love to try it; I have suuuuper long hair that always looks dry at the ends.

  142. Katie Says:

    You’ve turned onto Oribe products and now I am obsessed. I use the texturizing spray and the Maximista thickening spray. Both are the best products ever! I’d love to try the new Shine spray for my naturally curly/frizzy/dry hair!!!

  143. Wendy A. Says:

    I often think to myself “WWRD?” with this mess of hair I have. And the answer? It’s this. This is what my hair has been growing to do-to shine like the little hair stars it is.

  144. Sarah Says:

    I would LOVE some shine spray :)

  145. Rachel Ann Says:

    I’m new to taking care of my hair (I’m a super hippie…but finally trying to care) and new to your blog! Would love to try this product for my dry ends.

  146. Elizabeth L. Says:

    Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! I like shine! :D

  147. Danielle bates Says:

    Oh my gosh I’d love to win. Taking all your advice. Havent bleached since june and threw out my straightner. The added shine would be insane.

  148. Robin Says:

    Make me shiny!!!!

  149. Tracy Says:

    I’d love to try this!

  150. Tracy Says:

    And here’s my Tweet

  151. Katerina Says:

    AAHHHH!!! I <3 SHINE! so great(: shineshineshineshine!

  152. Kerry W Says:

    I would love to try this stuff! Oribe is so hard to get hold of where I live :(

  153. Valerie Says:

    I would love some shine! Hook a girl up!

  154. Leetal Says:

    sounds awesome thank you!

  155. Margaret Says:

    Love all oribe products and love your sweet blog!

  156. Janel Says:

    I love Oribe products but only use it when I am feeling fancy or have a fancy night out. I love the shampoo and conditioner…heavenly.

    Thanks Oribe!

  157. Verity Says:

    ooh la la!!! I hope I win!!!

  158. tarynnr Says:

    I hereby formally enter this giveaway

  159. Amanda Says:

    I love your blog!!! I’d love to win!!!

  160. Tricia Says:

    Hi Reagan! I I suffer from dry ends as well. I would love this product!

  161. Lexi Says:

    Always on the hunt to make my normally fuzzy/matte hair shiny!!

  162. Christine Says:

    Cool giveaway. I love Oribe!

  163. Anne Says:

    My ends will suck up any moisture they can get. Would love to win this! And love the blog!

  164. Alyssa D Says:

    Shine me up baby!!! My hair needs all the help it can get!

  165. Apryl Riebe Says:

    This sounds AWESOME!!! Pick me! :)))

  166. Stef Says:

    Oh how exciting! I’d LOVE to win some shiny hairs!!! :)

  167. Angela Says:

    I would love to try out this new product from Oribe!! Love his stuff and miss the Whittemore House Salon (moved to SF)! xox


  168. Angela Says:

    And here’s my tweet! Crossing my fingers!

  169. Lindsie Polhamus Says:

    me me me! sadly, i don’t have a Twitter account :( I really need a good shine spray tho!

  170. J. Kim Says:

    Ah, I really want to try Oribe products! And shine finishing spray sounds perrrrfect. I’m always on the lookout for something to make my dry ends look more… supple. hahaha

  171. J. Kim Says:

    And here’s to increase my chances :)

  172. Jessica Says:

    Yes please!

  173. Hanna Lucke Says:

    Oh wow I would love to try this!! My dry wavy hair desperately needs a boost this winter :D

  174. Melissa Says:

    Fellow hairdresser, never tried this product, but would love to! I also have a hair product giveaway going on…ends tomorrow.

  175. term papers Says:

    Nice effort, very informative, this will help me to complete my task.

  176. Tauna Says:

    My hair could use some shine! I would love to try it.

  177. Adeline Says:

    Yes please! A shine spray sounds wonderful!

  178. zoe kimberly Says:

    HDOF you give the best giveaways. Need a refill of this product for sure. Oribe shines up good

  179. Tracy Says:

    Healthy shine without greasy weighed-down hair?…..I’m keeping my fingers crossed I win!

  180. Audrey Says:

    I hope I get picked! My ends have been looking tragic lately. xoxo

  181. marta Says:


  182. StacyBrick Says:

    I would love to try this!

  183. Angel Says:

    Hi there,

    Afflicted with postpartum hair loss and a nursing baby sucking the life right out of me, my poor hair could use a little shine! Pick me! Pick me. Pretty please.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway.


  184. Leah Says:

    I wanna shine!!! (thank you)

  185. Marcie Says:

    I ♥love♥ your blog, and I ♥looooove♥ your advice. I never used product in my hair before, until I started reading your blog, and now I’m obsessed. It has made a world of difference for my horribly dry ends. I would ♥love♥ to try this product!! :)

  186. kokoleelee Says:

    I recently had the Oribe dry texture spray shipped to me and I LOVE it for my fine hair! Would be very interested in giving the shine spray a whirl!!

  187. Cindy Says:

    I have just embraced my curly hair at 38 (I never liked it before) and I do find that I need some extra shine. This product sounds amazing.

  188. houpley Says:

    would work wonders on my frizzy mess!

  189. Susan Says:

    Would love to get some extra shine in my frizzy hair!

  190. Sharesa Says:

    Pick me!! Pick me!! My dry, curly hair could use some shine!!

  191. Zachary Says:

    I really hope I win…and that you deliver it in person – any excuse to see you again. Oh, and I would love to have some lightly misted shiny hair as well.

  192. michelle owens Says:

    My long frizzy hair wants!!

  193. Sam Says:

    My ends could use a little bit of Heaven! I would love to smell fancy!

  194. Mary Says:

    Oh I would love to try a new Oribe product! My winter style consists of a lot of buns because the ends are so bad! Oribe to the rescue!

  195. cielo Says:

    ooooh! me, me, me! fancy smells are the best smells!

  196. molly Says:

    I could really use some shine!

  197. Maggie Says:

    oooohhhh….shiny!! :)

  198. Heather M Says:

    Shine shine yes please for me!

  199. Patty Says:

    WANT!!! :)

  200. Joellen Says:

    I would love to try this!! My hair could definitely use a pick me up!

  201. Eva Says:

    I need to try this stuff!!

  202. Courtney Says:

    ohhhh pick meeeeeeee! my hair will forever be in your debt!

  203. silly goose Says:

    me me me! i never win anything!!!!

  204. Lisa Says:

    This sounds so great!

  205. Breanne Says:

    What an awesome product!

  206. Melissa Says:

    Cool product, I would love to try it!

  207. Dorota Says:

    Would love to try this out!

  208. Kylie Says:

    The Shine spray looks amazing, I’d love to try it!!

  209. Amy S. Says:

    oooh!! My hair already thinks it’s winter! I need this spray!

  210. Rachel C Says:

    Merry Christmas to my if I win! Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  211. jeabram Says:

    yes please and thank you.

  212. Elaine R Says:

    OOOH i love shiny hair!!!

  213. lindsey Says:

    oh yes, please!!

  214. suzy q Says:

    Yes please!

  215. Jillian Says:

    I’d looove to try this product!! Hopefully I get lucky :)

  216. Renel Says:

    I neeeeed this!!! :)

  217. Sarah r Says:

    My dry ends could definitely use this spray.

  218. Cat Haskew Says:

    In need of some serious shine!!!

  219. Megan Nicholas Says:

    Me Me Me! :)

  220. Megan Says:

    Always with dry ends… the growing out process would be much more pretty with some shine!

  221. Ginessa Peter Says:

    This is an awesome giveaway! I love the perfumey smell of Oribe products. Thank you!

  222. Natalia Says:

    Question: My ends are dry from bleaching the life out of my already dead hair. I cut most of it off but, I’m trying to salvage shoulder length hair. I use coconut oil on my ends that I bought at the local drug store but it just makes my hair feel greasy at the ends. Am I using the wrong oil? Am I using too much? Do I need a finishing spray instead to trick people into thinking I have healthy hair?

    -Regretful Blonde

  223. Chelsie Says:

    I would love to win! My hair is so coarse and dry!

  224. Julie J Says:

    Yes please, I need any hair help I can get while trying to grow it out!

  225. Dee Says:

    I’ve been reading everywhere about Oribe products but have yet to try any – would love to try the shine spray!

  226. Tammy Says:

    I would love to try this!

  227. AmyAnnT Says:

    I would love to try this. My hair needs some extra special TLC

  228. Lynda Says:

    Hi Reagan! I haven’t used a spray shine in a long time, and my hair would def benefit from it. If I don’t win I am putting it on my list to buy . Good luck to me!

  229. Brigid Z Says:

    My hairdresser turned me into Oribe! A totally amazing line but unfortunately usually a bit out of my newlywed budget :/ I would love it, if you would pick me! Fabulous hair to get my married life started out right!

  230. makenna Says:

    I would love to be lucky enough to win this!!

  231. Katie M Says:

    I have natural curls. I need all the shine I can get!

  232. Melissa Says:

    I love Oribe! Everything they make smells divine! You got me hooked on the texture spray and now I can’t live without it. :)

  233. analee Says:

    My hair would thank you.

  234. Kate Says:

    Just discovered Oribe. Love the products! And would love to try out the shine spray on myself and a few clients that could use a good shine spray! :)

  235. Alyssa @ Don't Look Down Says:

    What a great product! My friend has shine spray in college and I loved using it!

  236. Janette Says:

    Nice, I want!

  237. Anna Says:

    Need! For the first time ever, I lightened my hair this year. And now it’s dry! Also for the first time ever.

  238. Anne Marie Says:

    How lovely!
    As my mom has always said, “Fake it till you make it!”
    Shinny, happy hair to all!

  239. Nancy M. Says:

    I’d love to win this product! My 2nd day hair needs a lift like this one promises!

  240. manu Says:

    That´s so cool! love your blog (:

  241. Amanda Says:

    Utah is dry….I could use this :)

  242. Cherie Montorio Says:

    You have a great blog with great giveaways….

  243. Cherie Montorio Says:


  244. Natalie hinds Says:

    I’m excited!!! I would love to win!!

  245. Angela l Says:

    Oooh… My hair needs this! Fingers crossed.

  246. Lisa! Says:

    Free stuff is always fun! I would also like to know the name of that pink nail polish you were wearing~~

  247. Kara Says:

    Pick me! I love Oribe products and can’t wait to try this.

  248. Jessica W Says:

    Oooooooo….I want!!

  249. Nicole Says:

    I love your blog and Oribe! I would love to win :)

  250. Kimberly Says:

    Am I too late? Have you even read down this far? I would love a chance to win!!