In A Hairry: Zipper Braid with a Bun.

Posted in News, Tutorial on November 19th, 2012 by Reagan

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I’m beside myself with excitement to introduce a new series of videos on Hairdresser On Fire. This series of tutorials will all be styles that can be done in well under two minutes, you know, for the girl who’s in a hairry!

In A Hairry – Hairdresser on Fire – Hairry 1 from Joe Varca on Vimeo.

Step by step instructions:

Flip your head upside down.
Start a french braid at the nape of your neck.
Braid until you get to the crown of your head and gather all the rest of your hair into your hand firmly.
Tie up into a pony tail
Twist or stuff into a bun and pin/tie into place.
Pull down your mancatchers.
Go about your business.

This video is also special, because it’s the first time having my new theme song featured! My sister/brotherinlaw’s great band, Imagination Head, wrote this little jingle for my videos and it makes me feel like Hairdresser On Fire is finally complete. I love my job.

Thanks to Imagination Head and Joe Varca for another great video! See our other videos here!

MarniShoes (can’t find the backless ones!)
MadewellStacked Rings
LonewolfHand Chain (my favorite thing ever)

40 Responses to “In A Hairry: Zipper Braid with a Bun.”

  1. Maura Says:

    Love the zipper braid! And the new series… its all amazing!

  2. Melinda Lyon Says:

    O I loved this tutorial! Very original and you look beautiful. Love and miss you.

  3. Reagan Says:

    Melinda, I love and miss you too! Thank you so much for your comment <3

  4. Gloria Says:

    WOW!!! Amazing tutorial. You rock!!

  5. cake & valley Says:

    OMG stop, this is amazing!!!! we love this video & can’t wait for the nest one!!!!
    marvelous addition to HoF!!!

    xo. c & v

  6. cake & valley Says:

    OMG stop, this is amazing!!!! we love this video & can’t wait for the nest one!!!!
    marvelous addition to HoF!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  7. Liv Says:

    I noticed the awesome music and am so happy for you!

    Also, super-clever way of doing a tutorial. I love the zipper braid/bun and actually did this for my wedding reception. It’s a great look and it’s so fast!

  8. Rae Says:

    I am impressed for so many reasons, the first that you could flip your head over and not kill yourself on that crazy ass long steep escalator. I’m assuming that was the one at your stop?? Seriously freaking impressive!!!! Secondly that you could do the style in that amount of time.
    You rule. And are adorable. Love the jingle.

  9. Rae Says:

    I just watched it again. AND you’re in heels!!! It’s scary enough to ride those escalators in heels standing straight up. This is seriously amazing. You could do cirque du soleil.

  10. kati Says:

    love the new song! and the escalator idea was GENIUS!

  11. Megan Says:

    God, I love this video. I almost get dizzy thinking of being upside down going up the escalator. So good though! Also love everything about your look. Am I missing a necklace credit?

  12. Cari Eggen Says:

    I LOVE this tutorial! I cannot imagine doing this going up the escalator!

  13. Molly Says:

    Amazing video! You are so unbelievably creative and talented! Can’t wait to see more in this series <3

  14. Stephanie Says:

    Cute video and I LOVE the jingle!! But, I seriously CANNOT braid my hair upside down!! I have tried and I’m a pretty expert braider (I thought!!) – I mean, I have a 6 year old with waist length hair so I have braided some hair in my day. I will have to practice that. It won’t be a two minute deal though!! of course I JUST figured out how to french fishtail my own hair too like two weeks ago.

  15. steph Says:

    I LOVE this!!!!!

  16. Violet Says:

    I just love this! You are seriously adorable and talented! Can’t wait to see more!!

  17. Marisa Says:

    Upside down and backwards on an escalator?? You’re crazy! That was rad. Love the zipper braid + bun and can’t wait to see more two minute ‘dos!

  18. Candice Says:

    That was so delightful!!!! A tutorial that was entertaining all the way through, well done, Reagan! I am going to use this fabulous idea. :)

  19. lindsey Says:

    this is badass!

  20. Marinita Says:

    I know your blog by a Spanish magazine! I love this blog, congratulations!

  21. Amanda Blair Says:

    I love you. I adore you. I think you are the coolest person in the world. And you’re a genius. As is Joe.

  22. bridget Says:

    going up the escalator while doing a hairry hairdo? that is GENIUS.
    and you have your own theme now! by imagination head! i love it!

  23. Lauren Says:

    You are just so cute. Great tutorial!

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold

  24. Rachel C Says:

    Yikes, that was suspenseful. Love the video though (my computer just tried to auto-correct that to “thug” – Love the video, thug?)
    anyway, can’t wait to see more fun videos.

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  26. foods for hair growth Says:

    Great tutorial! Never saw a tutorial on an escalator before…very original!

  27. Emily Says:

    Amazing!!! This was so cool!!!

  28. Xcentric Hair Says:

    Not only is the hairstyle super cute, it’s entertaining to watch it being executed on an escalator ;)
    Very impressive!

  29. Bridal hair Brisbane Says:

    They are fantastic tutorials. Very easy styles to do yourself.

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  31. Amanda Says:

    Ha ha ha, love it the hair style and the tutorial! I especially love the older dude coming down the escalator at the start, he didn’t bat an eyelid at your upside down hair doing and filming antics! I am so doing this hairstyle for work tomorrow.

  32. Shauna Says:

    I’m in awe of your ability to braid like that on an escalator! I have enough trouble just standing there. Beautiful! :)

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