Tutorial: Vintage Jeweled Hair Piece

Posted in Celebrities, Tutorial on October 1st, 2012 by Reagan

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With a Hollywood Glamour theme at my sister’s wedding, I knew I wanted some sort of jewels in my hair. I scanned etsy and a few accessory stores for the right piece, but nothing was really tickling my fancy. So, I decided I’d make one! I went to Mood (of Project Runway fame) to take a look at their trimmings, and found these beautiful Appliques. They weren’t cheap, but I was tired of looking and these were just what I had in mind. Here’s how I made them!

1-cut out your applique. mine came on these little mesh screens, yours may not.
2-cut out your felt to fit the back of your jeweled piece. (this is to give it some sturdiness)

3-attach your clip to the felt so that it is in-between each prong.
4-use your glue gun to adhere the felt (and clip) to the jeweled piece.

Note: The more curved side of the clip will be the side that’s glued to the piece. That way the side against your head is flat and more comfortable.

5-clip it in your hair and attend your wedding like your favorite lady of Old Hollywood.

Vivien Leigh? Mae West? Or maybe Veronica Lake? That old peek-a-boo girl..

20 Responses to “Tutorial: Vintage Jeweled Hair Piece”

  1. anto Says:

    What a beautiful piece and great tutorial. It looks gorgeous on you.

  2. Sarah Says:

    SO beautiful! You must wear one on 10/27 :)

  3. Juliette Says:

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

  4. Kiki Says:

    I bet you could make a small fortune selling these on Etsy (or something like that). They are really fantastic! And they look beautiful on you!

  5. Tracey@chalkboard living Says:

    This is stunning Reagan! You do look very Kim Basinger/Veronica Lake!

  6. MBT Skor Billigt Says:

    optimera och försköna kroppen. Trycket på leden kan lindras genom aktivering av muskelgrupper kring lederna eller andra delar av muskel balans.

  7. MBT Skor Billigt Says:

    Resultatet är formad och rak, naturlig och i enlighet med biodynamisk gång. Hälsa skor blivit trenden för många människor tror att äldre och behöver korrigera gång-vårdpersonal kommer att bära skor,

  8. Meleny Says:

    Wow what an amazing tutorial; wish I had time to do this!

  9. Jessica Says:

    What a great DIY project – the final outcome is stunning, especially with the what you’ve styled your hair.

  10. Edges Salon Says:

    Beautiful head piece! Adds a lil something something to your hair!


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  12. Becca Says:

    Will you teach me how to curl my hair like that? I am THE worst hair curler in the WORLD!!! You are stunning!

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