Alexander Wang’s blondes.

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When I left work on Friday night (at 9pm) there were 9 runway models in the salon getting “1950s blonde” in preparation for Saturday night’s Alexander Wang Spring 2013 show. My bosses, who are both colorists, work closely with a few modeling agencies here in New York. They get a call from the models’ agent, and get a mere word/phrase of what they need their color to look like for that particular job. In this case it was 1950s blonde, but really anything could be used to describe what the end result needs to look like. They get food, decades/eras, celebrities, art, movies, etc for their guidance. In this industry, it’s so important to know pop culture, art, fashion and anything else that a client would use for inspiration. You want a good general knowledge of those kinds of things so that you can keep them happy, no matter how crazy their description seems!

Maybe it’s Lucille Ball red, maybe it’s Brigitte Bardot waves, maybe it’s butter blonde, Roman Holiday chop, or a 1970s fringe…nothing feels better than being on the same page as your client.

Now let’s look at these 1950s blondes. This show looked amazing, wish I could have been there.


PS protect your blonde ends with my favorite argan oil.

Je Veux

All photos from Vogue

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  1. amy Says:

    Do you think I can tell your dad i was late for his class because I was reading your blog? It’s way more exciting than managerial economics. LOL

  2. Meleny Says:

    Blondes have more fun!

  3. Soumya Says:

    Oh wow I am in love with your blog. LIke the Blondes

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