My hair crush on Erin Wasson

Posted in Celebrities on July 30th, 2012 by Reagan

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You could say that I have a slight hair crush on Erin Wasson. You could also say that I have a style crush, a leg crush, and a hat crush too. Really, I just have an overall girl crush on her. Doesn’t she seem like a rowdy time? She is always being cool, just plain cool in every picture I see of her.

Anyway, her hair is always cool too. A little wild and a little natural, like she doesn’t care. She just wants to rock.

Here are a few photos that I love of Erin Wasson. Of course it was impossible to find a source for any of them, but the first one looks a little Terry Richardson to me.

There are tons of photos of her in various hats. Like a dream.

Getting Erin’s hair is simple. Allow bedhead. Allow roots. Allow your hair to party.

17 Responses to “My hair crush on Erin Wasson”

  1. Jenny Kersting Says:

    I love her! And her hair style totally reminds me of yours.

  2. Maura Says:

    Ha! I am glad I’m not the only one crushin’… I have always loved her hair and her style and her hats. And yes, her legs too:)

  3. Lea Anne Says:

    I have a girl crush on her too! She is gorge! And you totally look like her in the last picture!

  4. Jessie Says:

    She is my HAIR IDOL! (Weird that I have a hair idol? Perhaps.)

    LOVE your site… just found you via twitter, and I’m hooked! XO

  5. Sam Adams Says:

    That last picture, thought it was you. mostly because of the hair.

  6. Amanda Blair Says:

    I thinks she’s smokin’ too and probably the coolest chic ever because she’s dating my favorite skater.

  7. Ashley Taylor Says:

    MAJOR crush on her! She just pulls you in with her coolness. You and @ascotfriday remind me of her!

  8. Hannah Says:

    She looks just like you!
    both are soooooo gorgeous :]

  9. Emma Says:

    These could be pictures of you!

  10. Says:

    4th pic down really looks like you, Reagan!

  11. tammy Says:

    Is it possible to be this cool with straight hair? Could you please post some straight hair crush pictures just to humor me? I need some hair confidence right now because it seems like I am surrounded by gorgeous wavy beach hair everywhere I look. And I love to curl my hair but I can’t do it everyday. Serious I have no bend at all.

  12. Make Up School Says:

    Nice collection of snaps Reagan … they all are looking awesome….
    nice hair style too..

  13. Stephanie Rollinson Says:

    Cool pictures love the rough hairstyles!!

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