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Posted in Celebrities on June 18th, 2012 by Reagan

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After a conversation with one of my coworkers a few months back, I decided I needed Gibson Girl bangs. Also called “ballerina bangs”. Basically it’s wisps of hair, or bangs, that only show when your hair is pull up or off your face. They are small sections undercut to look like they grew out of your hair line like that naturally. Kind of like man-catchers.  Here are a few Gibson Girl photos..

I’m not going to speak for anyone else here, but in my humble opinion, those Gibson Girl bangs are straight up bedroomhair-esque.

So I cut some Gibson Girl/Ballerina Bangs a few months back, and never regretted the decision. Eh hem…

Basically, you take a rough section at your hair line (not a clean one or it will look weird and too intentional), zig zaggy and small. If you want more you can always take more, but remember these are supposed to look wispy! Next, you must use a razor. Scissors will give a clean/blunt line that will be sticking up all over the place and it just wont look natural. For this look it’s almost better to cut with dry or barely damp hair, which normally is a razor no-no, but just trust! Take long strokes so that the line is soft rather than short strokes which will almost be like scissor cutting.

Also I should mention that you must definitely never do this to yourself unless you are an actual hairstylist and have advanced razor knowledge. It’s pretty easy, but the razor is no toy. I mean this both in regards to body danger and hairy danger. You could hurt yourself or look straight up crazy. (I literally don’t know which of the two is worse.)

Lastly, after getting my Gibson Girl/Ballerina bangs I felt like the world’s most clever girl. I was walking around singing a song in my head that was like “I’ve got cool hair, I’ve got cool hair.”. Then I bragged about how cool my new bangs were and someone said “I have those too from when I had a baby!”.

*Insert wind out of my sails and many frowns*

Haha! I still like them and I still feel cool.

So what do you think? Do you think the Gibson Girl bangs are as bedroomhair-esque as I do?

PS Kim Kardashian recently said that she has the baby hairs on her hairline removed with electrolysis. What a waste of baby hairs!

14 Responses to “Gibson Girl Bangs”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I have them too. Always have. Always had baby hairs. I didn’t know they could be fashionable. Look at me, fashionable and I didn’t even know it. :) You look awesome!

  2. Shawna Says:

    Yup, I’ve got em! They made me crazy when I was in ballet because I could never get them all the way slicked back for those super tight buns we sported…. Now I just with they’d mature into real hair! Bleh, Having fine thin hair is fail! lol

  3. tara polly Says:

    love your “i’ve got cool hair” song. these rule! i want some.

  4. Andreakj Says:

    i don’t have cool hair that magically gives me gibson bangs. but i am taking this post into my stylist next time so she can give me some!

  5. Alyssa @ Don't Look Down Says:

    Hehe I have these too naturally. I have a lot of baby hairs and it is really obvious when I pull my hair back. They used to drive me nuts because I wanted to slick back my hair in a pony and never could.

  6. Kerry W Says:

    Sorry Raegan, I have the naturally too! But most of the time they drive me crazy and don’t look super cute like yours. Mine stick up in all crazy directions due to my cowlicks :(

  7. lisa Says:

    The age old reason us hairdreesers stay in business, because if you have say, baby hairs naturally you hatred them, and if you don’t you want them! Or if you have curls you want straight ect. I love the g girl bangs but I never had baby hairs. Love the site..

  8. kati Says:

    i had those after i had babies, too but somehow they weren’t that cool haha

  9. Violet Says:

    I’ve always had new growth on my hair line, but they never lay down- instead they look like two little hair colored fitted out cotton balls. Any suggestions on getting them to look a little better?

  10. Chelsea Says:

    You mention in the man-catchers post that you might do a tutorial on how to do them. Are you still thinking about this?? I have hair down to the middle of my back and want them, but don’t want them to look jankyand awkward with my long hair!

  11. Allison Says:

    I’ve always called them baby hairs!!! I’ve had them forever and everyone always likes to remind me that I have so much “new growth”….umm pretty sure nothing is growing there, they’ve been looking the same for about 15+ years now hah. Glad to know it’s kinda “in” now :)

  12. Steph Says:

    Hi Reagan! I love your blog(s). I was wondering if you’d ever consider doing a video tutorial on how to cut Gibson Girl/Ballerina Bangs? I love the look!

  13. Kat Says:

    I really like this look! I have so many fine baby hairs that I try to control with bobby pins, maybe it’s time to let them shine :)

    (Not to disprove your professional advice but I’m not a professional hairdresser and I am GREAT at cutting my bangs!! I must be one of the few…)

  14. Louis Vuitton Vesker Says:

    av de to merkene av nesten 180 mote vesker, COBO antilope merkevaren kultur – fleksible, myke på utsiden, bare sannheten skjønnhet.


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