Does your hair texture change?

Posted in News on January 18th, 2012 by Reagan

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After talking about bi-texturals, I thought I would talk a little about shape shifting hair!

I’ve heard that a woman’s hair changes every 7 years. It can become thicker, thinner, more brittle, curlier, less curly, etc. For me, that is definitely true. When I was a little girl, I had really loose wavy hair, then in middle school it was on the straighter side with tiny ringlets around my face (in the Southern humidity). Since high school, my hair has traded off being wavy-curly-wavy-straighty and thicker or thinner depending on the year.

Our texture can change for many reasons, but most of all it can be blamed plain and simply on hormones. But if you have had a baby, a surgery, an illness, a weight gain/loss, change of diet or any major change in atmosphere, you can expect that your hair might have a slight fit over it.

Has your hair changed over the years?

PS this picture is an example of how I would like my texture to shift next. I set it in tiny rollers for this permed look but don’t have the patients to do this every day!

And here is a funny/ugly photo of Jake forcing me to smile.

20 Responses to “Does your hair texture change?”

  1. Sara Says:

    Augh, yes. My hair changed dramatically from elementary school to college. I used to have thick, straight hair and bangs. It got so curly that I can’t even imagine bangs because of the strong curls near my face. People always are shocked when they see photos of me as a kid!

  2. Shannon @ Bungalow960 Says:

    Mine has definitely gotten curlier over the years, less manageable, but more fun!

  3. MNStacey Says:

    Oh yes, growing up I always had wavy/straighter hair, but after having kids, my hair looks like it has a perm in it! I used to hate it, but have come to be thankful for it, as I have thin hair and it gives me much needed volume!

  4. Ashley Rae Says:

    i totally agree with the texture change! When i was a kid, my hair was shirley temple curls that when they dried they were sooo frizzy… then my mom had my hair relaxed for the better part of 8 years- which made it more wavy when it was wet and it was very thick, I stopped relaxing my hair about 7 years ago and now my hair is back to being super curly (i’ve learned to control the frizz part) but its so fine now i feel like there’s less of it. but in contrast, when i had a relaxer from middle to high school, it took 3 hours to blow dry & flat iron my hair… now i can wash, blow dry & flat iron (if i even need it) in an hour to an hour & a half. its really weird, but its kind of fun!

    i love your blogs!

  5. Juliette Says:

    Love that last pic – you totally look like a porcelain doll.
    I believe my hair has changed throughout the years – from super straight to semi straight to, “Hey, my hair can actually hold curl for longer than two hours.”
    Now that I’m not damaging or saturating my hair in chlorine, I think it is much healthier than years past.

  6. Courtney Says:

    I WISH my hair would change! I’m 24 and have had the thinnest hair you’ve ever seen my entire life. I’d love for it to start growing thicker or even curly.

  7. Tina Says:

    Loving my post-kiddo waves! I’ve been able to grow my hair longer, as I’ve gotten older, because it looks a bit more interesting in it’s new wavy state!

  8. Tanya Says:

    That’s my hair! Between this post and the previous I feel like for the first time in my life I might be able to describe my hair. Big thanks to you!!! Now to find a good place to get a haircut; if only we lived closer I would see you!

  9. Megan Says:

    I noticed my hair was different when I was in New Orleans recently. Let’s just say its good I don’t visit there often. It’s not a cute look for me! =)

  10. Sarah Says:

    My hair changed after I had my baby and I love it! Better savor the moment as who knows what will happen when she reaches 7!! My hair has changed colour too! X

  11. Sara Says:

    When I was little, I had very thin strawberry blonde, nearly curly hair. Like every woman in my family, as I got older, it got straighter. and darker.
    I now have a head of thick, poker straight brown hair. If every female on my mom’s side didn’t have this happen, I’d be concerned about what was in my water.

  12. Shelly Says:

    Until I was 18 I had super fine, super thin, super straight hair. In my early 20′s i grew a lot more hair, especially on top, but it was still fine and medium blond. Then I had children:
    Baby #1 — flippy waves on the top side, straight underneath, dark blond– total bitextural
    Baby #2 — Waves….I would put in mousse and scrunch it with my hands while it dried….fabulous, lovely hair…oh, and dark blond with lots of gold highlights (the exact color and texture that that girl of mine has)
    Baby #3 — Waves totally gone…stick straight…a lot thicker and dark….couldn’t be called a natural blonde anymore.
    Baby #4 — 7 months old….No waves, really dry and fragile, Dark, dark….a mediumebrown really.

    The color is what cracks me up. People accuse me of dying my hair after every baby, but within a year, it’s just a total different color.

  13. Nonny Says:

    My hair changed after I had my second baby, it’s always been fine but it ised to be fine and wavy and now it’s fine and poker straight, wont hold a curl for love nor money sob, sob.

  14. Sabra Says:

    Totally! I had fine, fairly straight hair until puberty. Then BAM! It turned super coarse and curly. For reals. It was a totally awkward transition at the most awkward time in life. Hi, i’m 13 and I now have hair that could file nails and I have no idea how to manage it! But then I hit 25 and it started to chill out a little. And then I had two kids and now it’s back to being pretty straight. Ugh, i wished for straight hair everyday of my adolscent life and now I would KILL for all that beautiful volume and texture. (My babies are pretty good consolation prizes though.)

  15. Jodi Says:

    My hair was stick straight and so flat that the kids at school used to tease me about it (this was in the 80s). Now my hair is thicker (which I like) and wavy, especially on the underside.

  16. Natalie Says:

    Mine hasn’t done anything crazy yet, but my sister … She went on a mission for the LDS church, to Denmark, and came home with naturally curly hair. Not sure where that one came from! It didn’t last more than a few months after she got back to the dry Colorado/Utah air, but it was fun while it lasted!

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  19. Tvd Says:

    Omgsh. I thought I was the only one with this problem! Its nice to see that a lot of other people can relate to this. When I was in elementary school my hair used to be so straight and average thickness (notthat sure how thick, but not thin for sure) but I used to always tie it. When I came to highschool, around grade 10 I used to have a phase of straightening my hair. Which I later stopped cause I was losing hair. Then around grade 11-12 my hair started beciming curly and dry. Now I’m in first year uni and the top half of my hair seems to be more on the wavy straight side, and bottom half is more on the wavy curly side, (which is weird). I always felt that the cause of the hair changes was because of the hair straightening. But now after reading the other comments I really don’t know. But anyways, I’m okay with the way my hair is now :)

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