Aussie Anti-Breakage Spray

Posted in News, Products on November 21st, 2011 by Reagan

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Happy Thanksgiving week! What are you thankful for? Today I’m thankful for healthy hair! Jokes aside, I can’t wait to show you our fourth video from our Aussie series. My model, Hadley, has long gorgeous hair that she wears in many ways. She colors is, curls it, ponies it and buns it. So using products to prevent breakage is very important. In this video, I’ll be using the Aussie Anti-Breakage Spray before blow drying and finishing up with a pretty pony tail. Enjoy!

Visit the Aussie site to learn more about this, and other Aussie Stylers.

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6 Responses to “Aussie Anti-Breakage Spray”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    The past few videos that have been posted don’t play on my computer anymore. I used to be able to view them. I can hear the sound and every once in awhile a partial clips shows. But mostly the screen is crazy with green, pink, white, and black lines…which is really pretty, but so not better than you videos! Do I need to download something to get them to play?

  2. Angela W Says:

    found your site through pinterest today-love it all! just watched this video and wondering what kind of tie you used when making her ponytail? I have med-long very thick hair and am trying to avoid breakage by doing a low pony just like this-but feel that I need some different types of ponytail holders…thanks!

  3. Reagan Says:

    Hi Angela W. It’s a bungee!

  4. CHI Hair Straightener Says:

    First, with a large curling inward roll, electric arc.

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