Hair Answers: Too much flat ironing.

Posted in Answers on September 28th, 2011 by Reagan

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Me on the far right, in 2001. Addicted to the flat iron. (and bleach and lipgloss and cheerleading)

Q by Allie: Hey there Reagan! My name is Allie and i absolutely love your blogs. I am a teenager with a similar hair texture to yours except slightly curlier/frizzier. I feel like all teenage girls nowadays flat iron their hair daily which is obviously super damaging. do u have any cute hair ideas that dont involve too much heat!? hopefully u see this cause i really need some help here! thanks.

A by Reagan: Allie, I was a flat ironer too! The flat iron became really big when I was in high school, and I guess it’s never left the high school scene! In my experience, the flat iron is what destroyed my hair. Before the flat iron, my hair was so thick and perfectly healthy. Before I knew it, the flat iron had wrecked my hair so much that the only way for it to look smooth was to keep flat ironing it every day. It wasn’t until I finally cut off lots of length and left it alone that it got back to health. Pheeww! Bad memory!

Anyway, Allie, I love you. Do you know how much I hate unecessary damage on hair? Because of over-heat styling, overdue haircutting, over-processing color treatments or whatever it may be. Just treat your hair nice and it will be so much more glorious resulting in tons of boyfriends or girlfriends or jealous people! I am constantly trying to show my clients how to keep their hair healthy, so thank you for this question.

So to answer your question finally, I say look all over this blog! I am really into just enhancing your hair’s natural texture. Maybe by blow drying only the roots and letting your ends dry how they naturally would, or just curling a few pieces around your face to feel jazzy. You could also let your hair air dry before putting it in a bun, a pretty ponytail or a braid of some kind. And don’t be afraid to use product. Product is always a great way to cut down on styling time AND damage. As always, I love Redken Outshine for almost every hair texture and styling purpose. But I still think it’s freaking sick and disgusting that they call it polishing milk. Milk?? Are you kidding me?

I have an idea! What do you say you and I run around dressed like hamburglars and steal all of your friends flat irons so they are forced to stop doing it? No? That’s illegal?

10 Responses to “Hair Answers: Too much flat ironing.”

  1. Talia DeNae Says:

    Pretty sure the over processing is my fault. I really liked to do that to my clients back then, when I was such a newbie! Just smooth your ends with your flat iron, what. WTF was I thinking?

  2. Magalie Says:

    Ahah, I am French, your teenage picture is so American for me! Lovely blond cheerleader girl! I would have love to be in highschool in the US. Do you think I can go back at 27 ;) ?

  3. jen Says:

    i used to be addicted to the straightner too! funny though, as i have gotten older i see volume/wavy/curly hair as more attractive than boring, pin straight hair. (although there is a time and a place for it, such as a sleek pony tail) one thing i noticed made a huge difference for me was shampoo, which i have never been brand loyal to before. i always switched it up but after using biolage shampoo & conditioner i can get my hair decently smooth with some good volume with just my blow dryer, a paddle brush and some products. although i am also wearing my hair longer now so maybe the weight of it tugs on some of my wavy curls?

  4. Rebeka Says:

    haha you crack me up. But oh my, I was also addicted to flat ironing my hair, and cheerleading and lip gloss in highschool (I graduated in 2005). Funny how things change, these days I would MUCH rather just let my hair dry wavy and naturally – I think it looks so much prettier, and it’s SO much easier than blowdrying and flat ironing!

  5. Cassidy Says:

    Ah yes, the flat ironing days. How could we ever forget you? Us twenty somethings look back and say, “what were we thinking?”. And the teenagers look at us and say, “um…I think you need a flat iron.”

    It’s a phase everyone must go through, I think. Luckily, there are people like Allie who are going against the trend. Way to go Allie.

  6. Mush Says:

    This post makes me sad, because I curl my hair pretty much every day. Maybe two days a week I don’t. I used to love my natural curl, but then I got a brazilian blowout (like, 10 months ago) and my hair texture has never quite been the same. Why don’t you make a special trip out to SLC to help me do my hair and help me work with my (new) natural texture? You know, if you’re not too busy :)

  7. Julie Says:

    I actually had a roommate in college who would make me iron her hair before we went out…. like with a clothes iron on an ironing board. We were so young and naive.

  8. Shannon Says:

    Is there any safe alternative for us curly hair girls if we do want to straighten our hair sometimes?

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