Tutorial: Summertime Side Pony (and how to use a bungee)

Posted in Tutorial on August 2nd, 2011 by Reagan

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Guys, go pick up some bungees at your nearest beauty supply store and practice using them. They’re awesome! Especially for you girls with super long hair, super thick hair, or you lovers of the sleek pony. Let’s get started!

20 Responses to “Tutorial: Summertime Side Pony (and how to use a bungee)”

  1. Amanda Blair Says:

    1. your arms look killer 2. i thought with those bungee hair ties that you hooked the two hooks together! hahahahahah I’m an idiot.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    I Love this side pony and can’t wait to try it with the bungee!

  3. brissa Says:

    i have never heard of those bungees before, but i definitely want to check them out! so, you just hook them into your hair and not each other? and it’ll stay?! magic.

  4. amber Says:

    Ok… this is a crazy question, but did you model for Bath & Body Works Paris Amour scent? Because this girl looks EXACTLY like you. https://www.bathandbodyworks.com/cms_widgets/51/75/517550_assets/hd_st_paris_7-28.jpg

  5. Katie Says:

    Your bangs look so cute parted to the side! Of course they look cute parted in the middle too! And I always thought you hooked the bungee clips together. Guess you learn something new everyday?

  6. Briana Says:

    Your tutorials are the best. I’m excited about these bungees cause I’ve got thick AND long hair.

  7. Allison W Says:

    This turned out so cute, I want to try the bungee! :) I like things to side too, I feel like it as more personality than just straight back.

  8. lisa Says:

    love it! I never saw the bungees before what a great idea~Just want you to know I love the blog.

  9. Robin Says:

    Are the bungees a b*tch to get out – like do they get caught in ones hair easily and need ripped out at the end of the night? ouch:< ?

  10. Rachel C Says:

    I need to know what products you had in your hair before you started cuz my hair would absolutely never just hold a curl like that. Thanks for the new video!

  11. Rae Says:

    Reags you are so cute. I’ve never seen the bungee before, it’s awesome! I’ll have to pick one up.
    And I’m insanely obsessed with your hair colors.

  12. Kathleen Says:

    Love this look! It’s so effortless and fun. Also, what is your lipstick color? It’s the most perfect pink, I must know! :)

  13. jen Says:

    O M G what is your lipstick color?!?!? i love it!! (hair looks great too!!!)

  14. tara Says:

    hi~ love you and your blog…just wondering what brand of curling wand you are using? danka!

  15. TiffanyA Says:

    Reagan, than you SOOOOO much for this tutorial! I randomly bought some bungees at my local beauty supply a few months ago. Crazy ol me did not know how to use them, and I didnt think to google it. Yay, now I can bust those babies out and use them!!!! Thanks so much! BTW, I love this blog. I have a guilty pleasure for all things hair related! And your bang styling video saved my life as well!!
    What are you thoughts on at home color glazes? I’ve been wanting to try one!

    Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

  16. Kara Says:

    I went right out and bought bungees, then did it for a Friday night out with my hubby. I have similar bangs and TONS of semi fine hair. It was great! Thanks so much for constantly giving me new ideas!

  17. TiffanyA Says:

    @Amanda Blair: I thought the same thing! LOL. When the space was WAY too big (and the bungee ends didnt stay together) I thought, “Hmph. They must be for UBER thick hair.” and threw them in the drawer! haha.

  18. Sonya Says:

    Just wondering where you get bungees? I can’t find them! thanks!

  19. Brittany Says:

    Hi! I love this look and your bangs always look so good. Do you have any product in them when you started this video? Mine are so fine and fly-away-y how do you get them to do what you want? Hairspray is okay for me but doesn’t last… I’m getting engagement photos taken this weekend and I want to make them work for me! Help??

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