Tutorial: Mermaid Braid

Posted in Tutorial on May 4th, 2011 by Reagan

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Here is my demonstration of a mermaid braid! I mostly just demonstrate it, because it’s hard to explain. It really is just a french braid with only the front section of your hair! I often do this two or three times before I’m satisfied to walk out the door, so don’t feel frustrated if you aren’t getting it right away! Before long, you’ll be doing it with no mirror!

31 Responses to “Tutorial: Mermaid Braid”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I do this all the time now on myself and my daughter. I even did it on my mom when she was in town and my sister is probably sporting it in the MTC now. I also have been doing the halo braid on my daughter (she is a first grader) and she thinks she is so cool now.

  2. Briana Says:

    I’m crap at braids! And I’m a girl?!

    I’m practicing and trying to get better cause I dig all these braided styles you’ve been sharing. Thanks, Reagan!

  3. Amber Says:

    Super cute. I do mine a little different, I only pull in strands from the front section…it makes the braid a bit thinner…i should take a pic and email it to you later, so you know what I mean! Fun fun fun.

  4. Melissa Says:

    While all of your tutorials are helpful, I especially enjoy the ones where you do your own hair. I have little girls and I play with their hair all the time, but for some reason I always struggle the most when I try new stuff with my own hair! Thanks for the tut! Can’t wait to go try it out! :)


  5. Rae Says:

    I do this braid all the time but I never realized how meticulous I was until I watched you. Yours looks so much better, and probably takes way less time. I’m going to quit fussing over it. Thanks Reags. :)
    Also, I agree with Melissa, it’s helpful to watch you do tutorials on yourself, plus I get seriously hair playing/scalp massaging envy when I see Amanda Blair or Jen being your models.

  6. stephanie joy Says:

    Thanks for all the tutorials! I actually do my hair now! (Most of the time…. heh heh)

  7. Jamie Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this one. I can french braid my hair but apparently not sideways? My fingers just won’t work right! Hopefully this will help. Can’t wait to try it tonight!

    Also, I agree with the ladies who said it is helpful to see you do the tutorials on yourself!

  8. Kelley Says:

    Mermaid braids are my fave! Especially when I don’t feel like dealing with my bangs.

  9. Sarah Bella Says:

    I was convinced I would never be able to do this, but you inspired me to keep trying and after seeing the pics on the blog I am finally getting the knack of it! Thanks for the tutorial as well. Question, my hair doesn’t have nearly as much body as yours, and I wish I could find a way to make the braid appear thicker and have more volume(not so glued to my head looking). Does that make sense? Any suggestions? Thanks again for the tips- next up I am determined to master the halo braid- you have given me the determination and confidence!

  10. Whiskas Says:

    Hey girl! Could you credit your music? I love what you pick for videos!

  11. Melissa Says:

    Hey, look… Rihanna reads HDOF, too. She’s totally sporting a fancy version of the mermaid braid. ;)


  12. Sara Says:

    As a person who always does their own hair I love this. I’m essentially useless trying to do things like blow drying and such, but I can braid my own hair! Thank you!

  13. Laura Says:

    THANK YOU! I have been doing the side french braid for a while now, but after seeing your tutorial, I realize I have been doing it the hard way! This is so much easier, and only takes a minute! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  14. Brandy Says:

    I have been rocking this two or three times a week. I love it! Thank you <3

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