Volumelike in the 70s.

Posted in News on July 22nd, 2012 by Reagan

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You know I love volume and I know you love volume too. So lets go into a little detail on a more retro take on volume.

Volume at the bottom, like in the 70s. Like Farrah. What if we started going less volume at the crown, at the roots, and embraced a more massive balance all throughout? Id say its a good idea. Its a bit more of a flowier fullness and Id even say that perhaps the full teased crown doesnt have a monopoly on hot girl volume.

Make room for even, consistent volume. I suspect were going to see more all over fullness and less rooty fullness in the coming years.

All over fullness is best achieved by making big curls starting halfway down your hairshaft, then shaking out vigorously when necessary. I have formed a beautiful habit of shaking every 30 minutes. Oh, and dont forget the product! Oribe Dry Texture Spray will give you that 70s hair.

Do you plan to go for bottom fullness? Or will you keep with your rooty fullness? I wont judge either waywere talking about hair here.

Photos by Ty Mecham