Tutorial on Blow Dry with Volume and Body

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Here is our fun little blow dry tutorial. Im so excited to get it up! I have been putting off this tutorial for a while, because it is really hard to explain a blow dry properly. There is a lot of information that you forget you ever learned once it becomes second nature to you. Then youre whipping them out just like youd tie your shoe.

There is so much info, that I would have to have someone doing a blow dry in front of me so that I can tell them do this here or do that there. There are wrist movements and brushing patterns, they are really quite complicated!

Two things I forgot to mention: The smaller the brush, the more curl and volume youll get (but it can look funny on too long of hair). And make sure you blow dry working your way from the roots down instead of drying the ends first and working upwards.

Also, rough drying=getting the water out just with your hands and blow dryer before you start trying to create the shape with the brush and sectioning..

I hope this all makes sense! Im a little nervous about how this will go down. Make me proud!
(hint: the video is pretty long, so it might be kind of choppy, depending on connection speed, unless it is allowed to completely load before watching)




Volume Part 3: Products

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My hair (pre red) looking all big thanks to mousse and approx fifty other volumizing products.

Back to the volume series! Ive been putting off the next few posts, because I was thinking of maybe doing some tutorials to help guide the way, but it turns out Im super busy right now and I dont want to keep you waiting any longer.

Lets talk about products, shall we?

Products for volume (cheering and high fives)

The best products Ive found for volumizing have come in two forms; mousses and sprays. They are light and airy, and have a nice way of coating the hair with the right amount of grab/hold to lift it off of the roots, just where it should be. I use handfuls of mousse sometimes on really fine hair before blow drying. I swear to you, guyspeople tell me their hair wont do this or wont do that, and then I get a couple handfuls of mousse/spray/other products and they are saying my hair has never done this before. So, maybe not for every day wear, but try using more product if your pea size isnt getting the job done?

I love mousse.

I love volume spray.

I feel like Im constantly repeating myself with product recommendations, so maybe click on my products tab and check out the ones that I love the most.

(little known fact, dry shampoo gives my hair TONS of volume. I dont even know if its supposed to give volume, it is the product that keeps on giving. I would bring it on Survivor as my luxury gift. For sure.)

If you are having trouble getting lift and volume, you will want to avoid creams and gels. Sometime they work, I love creams, but when Im going for the most volume, Ill go for a Morroccan oil for smoothing I would get from a cream after my hair is dry instead. Gels and creams will weigh the hair down. They are both generally (but not always) heavy. Again, some of you might be able to get fabulous lift while using creams and gels, but Im saying for maximum, go with mousse or spray. If you want the hold from gel AND the lift from mousse, Im sorry, but youre going to have to choose which one is more important to you.

One last thing about mousse, is that you dont have to have curly/wavy hair to use it. A lot of people think it isnt for them if their hair is straight, but it works wonders with straighties. Put it on towel dried (but no more dried than that or the hair will get crunchy) hair, then blow dry like you usually would. It might be a little harder during the blow dry to get a brush through it than usual, but that is a good thing! It means your hair will have hold and wont be so slippy and soft like you hate! Try it!

Is that everything? Try sprays, mousses and root lifts. Avoid heavy creams and gels.

Good luck out there.


(for mousse I like to go for medium hold. Sachajuan, Redken and Garnier are my favorites)



Volume Part 2: Shampooing

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The shampoo/conditioning process is very important in creating volume. Its actually almost more important to know how to properly shampoo/condition so that you can prevent weighing down your hair. It is so easy to overdose on heavy conditioners thinking youre repairing your hair, when youre actually caking on more and more build-up, causing small tiny hair. So sad yall.

So, here are my steps for the best, most volumizing shampoo to create enormous hair.

Step 1: Use a good shampoo, of course! A volumizing shampoo is always a plus, or a clarifying shampoo to remove product and pollution build-up. Be careful with clarifying shampoos though, they can strip your hair. You dont want to use them more than once a week or every other.

Step 2: Shampoo thoroughly. Get all that dirt and grime out. Ive mentioned before that it is good to shampoo twice if your hair is extra dirty or hasnt been shampooed in a while. You dont want to use much shampoo each time, just about the size of, or a little bigger than a quarter. You usually wont get much of a lather the first shampoo, and when you get a big lather the second time around, it means the hair is clean. While youre shampooing, really make sure you scrub every single inch of your head. Im surprised how often I see clients that have very dirty hair underneath, and really only rub in a small circle with their palm on the top of their head. They skip out on the scrubbing with the pads of their fingertips and they dont get the sides, nape or crown properly cleaned! Lots of detail, but make sure you scrub!

Step 3: Avoid over-conditioning. This one is extremely important in preventing flat hair. To apply conditioner the right way, put a small amount in your palm, then start at the bottom of your hair and work it through upwards, combing through the strands. I dont even put it at the roots, because my natural oils moisturize that part and the conditioner will only weigh the roots down! The next part is vital.rinse like crazy. A lot of people get out of the shower with slimy hair, it should be soft, but not slimy. Rinse well!

Also, I would say not to use a moisturizing conditioner unless your hair is incredibly damaged or over-processed. A moisturizing conditioner will be too rich and too heavy. Think Pantene Pro-V. I know it is a really good detangler, but it is too heavy and it will pull your hair down like crisco. All conditioners will be moisturizing to a degree, so again, unless your hair really needs the extra moisture, Id go for a lighter volumizing one.

So, here is a short list of my favorite volumizing shampoos. (conditioners from all the following are good too, but this post is a little more focused on the shampoo!)

Matrix Amplify

Pureology Purevolume

Redken Body Full

Oribe Shampoo for Magnificent Volume


P.S. If you use shampoo for color treated hair, Id keep using that. Or you can alternate with a volumizing shampoo if you are dying for Dolly Parton hair.

(im so sorry about the funky centering of the photos. the photo centering on this blog with puzzle me until my dying day..)

Volume part 1: The Haircut

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Ive decided to do a series focusing on how to get the best volume for your hair, because to me volume is the most important factor in achieving a good hair day. Doesnt that sound so weird and funny? But anyone who knows me, knows that Im constantly fluffing up my hair throughout the day, making sure it stays nice and huge. What is your passion? My passion is huge hair. Apparently many of you have a passion with huge hair too, because volume is probably my second most common email topic, next to frizz.

So, the very first step to creating wonderful voluminous hugeness, is having the right hair cut. The problem here, is I cant just say Go get your hair cut like ___ and have the problem solved. There are just too many hair types and textures and head/face shapes for that. That is why it is so important to find the right stylist (eh hem, me maybe?) who will be able to talk to you and find out with you what will work for your styling routine, texture and hair type.

Hair types= Thin, Fine, Medium, Course, Thick.

Hair Textures= Curly, Wavy, Straight.

Decide what your hair type/texture is, and that will help you find the best cut(s). **I say cuts because who is going to keep their hair one way for the rest of their life?**

My type and texture is wavy and fine with medium thickness. That really leaves me with a lot of room for different hair cuts and I have found that I can do many lengths and still have volume. What works the best for me though, has been to have a blunt bob (chin length to shoulder length) with no layers, or to have it long with lots of layers and framing around the face. When my hair is long, I absolutely have to have framing around the face. I have worn my hair short for the last year, and I have realized that I needed a regular trim much more often with my long hair to prevent it from losing its shape, than I do with my short hair. If I had something short and layered, I would probably have to get it cut more frequently than I do with my blunt cut. But again, it would be a completely different story if I didnt have wave in my hair.

Aside from getting regular haircuts to maintain the shape, the technique being used is very important. If you have heavy or weighed down hair, its likely that a razor cut, point cutting or thinning for texture will help lighten it up. You wouldnt believe how much your hair can spring up with the right cut!

This post will get way too long if I explain each and every hair type, so lets continue it in the comment section! Tell me what cuts have worked best for you to maximize volume. Do you have questions about your hair type and what would work best for you? Ill do my best to answer them so check back!

Sorry for the structural chaos of this post. I cant help myself because volume is my passion.

Next Volume post will be about how to shampoo/condition for the best results!

Come back and you could have hair like this!

Ok, maybe more like this

Because it always comes back to Zooey, right?