More retro hair, darling.

Posted in News on September 27th, 2012 by Reagan

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I went ape with the 1930s theme at my sisters wedding. I did soft waves on myself, my sister Kelly, my sister in law Melanie, and fingerwaves on my sister Erin. It was the retro hair loving girls dream come true. I hermited in the upstairs of the bridal suite (at the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta, amazing) and did hair and did hair and did hair some more. I was focused. I turned on some musica little Britney, a little Bowie, a little Gagaand my curling iron and I had a party.

Here are the fruits (curls) of my labor.


I was so excited to do fingerwaves. Its been a long time and I enjoy them so thoroughly. Even in beauty school when everyone was moaning on about how awful they were, I was passing mine off left and right. I was a little rusty, but got the swing after a few tries. If I could marry retro hair, I surely might.

Below youll find a lovely photo of the Shake It Girls. We did a fantastic choreographed dance at the reception to Hey Ya that took months of practice. Im in the center, the two on the right are friends of my sisters, and the two on my left are my sisters. Yay. Erins fingerwaves turned out nice, right?

I plan to post some more photos of the wedding and the beautiful brides and even a tutorial for the vintage looking hair pieces Melanie and I wore. Stay tuned, darling!

Inspiring mugs.

Posted in News on April 27th, 2012 by Reagan

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Ive been feeling a little uninspired lately. Blogginwise. I miss this blog and its always on my mind. I have a million ideas for upcoming projects, some that will even be happening in May! Im really looking forward to showing them to you all.

Ive been working on a million projects around my home these days and its pretty much day and night. On the weekends I find myself checking the free section of craigslist and going to flea markets to bargain as low as I can for little items to spruce up my home. (Not the same as my hair sprucing!) I recently found these girls at the Green Flea and couldnt leave without them. Their hair puts me in a dream.

When you were little and youd watch movies with your friends or family, would you yell out Im her for the prettiest girl in the movie? I hope you did because my friends, cousins and sisters and I did that too. I would watch Princess Bride and Splash and I would refuse to watch the movie if I couldnt be Buttercup or Madison. This applied to all major Disney movies too. Even the Jungle Book. Which only has a girl in it for 15 seconds.

Anyway, in this case, I get to be the pink one. But if one of you called it first, then Ill be the orange girl. Id settle for any of these girls. I love them, and their hair and their cheeks and their flowers. Theyve got my mind spinning with inspiration.

..And also caffeine.