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Do guys watch Madmen? Probably, because its amazing.

I went to a premier party on Sunday night in Brooklyn with a few friends and had some fun dressing up for it. I teased up my hair into a beehive that skimmed the heavens above, threw on some lipstick and pearls and headed off to BK.

At first I was wearing a prom-y number, but since I dont like strapless I changed to a more conservative shift. The style of the show has changed a lot in the last season, and isnt so much pearls and gloves anymore. Its more cat eye-lined lids and short paisley dresses. I love how the show evolves.

Guess how you do a beehive. Tease, then tease more, then tease more, then a little more, then smooth the top part over your huge nest and pin it up or pony it to your liking. Its so easy, I promise. The hard part is brushing out the nest. Teasers be warned.

Not pictured (because the pictures were out of focus) Megan from Greetings from Texas! She was a ball.


3 easy up dos on Latest-Hairstyles.

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I’m doing a series of 3 tutorials over at Latest-Hairstyles. To me, they are three different looks that work for any occasion and they are all easy! This week’s tutorial is how to create my Party Bun!

Click here to see the tutorial!

Photo by Jacob Breinholt

3 easy up dos on Latest Hairstyles.

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Im doing a series of 3 tutorials over at Latest-Hairstyles. To me, they are three different looks that work for any occasion and they are all easy! This weeks tutorial is how to create a braided chignon.

Click here to see the tutorial!

Tutorial: Sweetheart Braid

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I invented this little braid because the only other heart braids Ive seen were full blown little girl dos, and I wanted to give your hair something festive for Valentines day! This style is quick, easy, and sweet as pie. Try it out as a full up do if you are feeling more formal, and by all means, tease that crown before you get started for a more grown up (eh hemsexy) look.

Hair Dresser On Fire Tutorial on Sweetheart Braid, by Reagan Breinholt from Jacob Breinholt on Vimeo.

Ive had so many ideas to make my tutorials more creative and interesting, and were finally trying them out! I hope you all like them, I cant wait to show you more!

2012 Golden Globes

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Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? I did an impromptu live discussion on my facebook page of the show and it was so fun! I think now that its award season, Ill have to do it more!

I have to say, I was very impressed with the women last night. The gowns, the make up, the hair. I wish I could say the same for the men. They were all way too tan. Oh well, they cant all be as suave as Leonardo DiCaprio I guess.

Alright, here are my favorite looks of the night!

The cut and color of Reeses dress are perfect. The blood red looked great against her skin and hair. Normally, I would prefer a slicked pony with a structured gown like this, but she looked fresh and beautiful as she was. I couldnt find a photo of her without her hands on her waist, which was a shame because she was a hippy goddess in that red number, and her hands took away from that.


Kate Beckinsales gown was such a great color on her. I loved the sharp neckline and her updo was the perfect choice.


Nicole Richie walked onto the red carpet with straight up dinosaur hair, and I was feeling it. You know she had 20lbs of hair extensions in there, and it was beautiful. I want to recreate this look with some wave. Hot!


Zooey Deschanel killed it. She looked so cool out there with her one of a kind Prada gown and her retro hair. I couldnt find a great profile shot, but she had some kind of sideburn chops that completed the look. I think she may have been wearing a wig, because her hair is normally a lot longer, and I doubt she cut it.


I always love Michelle Williams, but it wasnt until she walked up onstage to accept her award that I saw how subtly slinky she looked in this gown. She could not be cooler. Showing hardly any skin and almost no jewelry, and she still looks gorgeous. Also, her speech about being a mom had me tearing up. Shes a lady. Oh yeah, and I loved that she brought her best friends Busy as her date.


Claire Danes and Emily Blunt tied for first as my favorite gowns. I could not find a photo of Emilys gown anywhere though! They both chose dresses that looked perfect with their hair color.

Ive realized that my favorite gowns are usually sleeveless. I dont like strapless on me, so I think I naturally lean towards a little fabric up top. There were so many hits on the red carpet, I could have gone on and on. Felicity Huffman? Tilda Swinton? Laura Dern? They all looked awesome. Who am I missing?


New Years Eve party hair fun time goodness.

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I have recently realized that a lot of people share my same opinion about NYEits not that cool. In fact, Im not really going to do anything if it requires me leaving my apartment building or neighborhood. Its cold, its packed with tourists and its hard to get a cab. So when Jen told me a few weeks ago that she wanted to throw a party, I was very excited because she is my neighbor just two floors down. Talk about Friends right?

After listing the reasons I hate NYE above, now Ill list the reasons I love it:
Fancy hair, Fancy make up (I always wear fake eyelashes), Fancy clothes.

So after work, I came home to get fancy. Jen and AmandaBlair came up and I asked them if I could do their hair. I was feeling a half up theme for the night. I did a cute little hair bow flare on myself, which felt quite festive, then I did ABs and halfway through her hair I heard a Gwen Stefani song, so at the last second I did a little Gwen Stefani swirl in the back. It was mostly 1960s with just the slightest twinge of a 40s flare. For Jen I did a quickie half up fat twist but with a braid flare instead of a swirl flare. I love a little hair flare, hooray!

Since we are just a few steps away from each other, Jake and I set up a photobooth in our apartment for Joe and Jens party guests to come up and partake in. It was pretty fun. We put up tinsel and had props to play with. We had a great time getting our sills out! I even had fun cleaning up all the tinsel the next day.

One perk to being at home is that I was able to do an outfit/hairfit change halfway through the party. Do you every have the urge to do an outfit or hairfit change? I went from my fancy golden girl grandma vintage top, to my flapper princess dress.

How was your NYE?

Also, Ta Da!
Thank goodness my heel didnt destroy my silk dress!

A peek into my kit: Pins

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For our Pins segment, Ill be covering a broader area than just pins. Im including all the things I use to secure different styles. Before you get started, you want a pin case. This one below is great. I didnt use my own picture because my pin case isnt organized very well right now.
You can get this one here.

I like to bring a big clip to hold the hair while Im blow drying/curling. This clip holds the thickest of the sections and never falls.

I make sure to always have lots of two prong clips for setting. Also, if you are doing a shoot or a show (or even a wedding) the make up artist will want to front of the hair pinned away so it doesnt get in the way during the make up application. A lot of times Ive used a piece of tissue between the hair and the clip to prevent a mark, but there are also special clips just for that purpose if you dont want to deal with the tissue.

Bungees are the best way to get a smooth pony. They hold the hair tight tight tight! See my bungee tutorial here!

I go through these little bands like crazy. I use them mostly for securing braids and ponies. Make sure you have clear (pictured, but hard to see) for your blonde clients.

Japanese bobbies. Ive written about these before. Normal bobbies dont come near these guys. They are expensive, but one box comes with hundreds, and you non hairstylists will likely have a life supply by getting one. You hairstylists will likely have a few months supply. Lets be real. We go through a lot of bobbies!

Last up is hair pins. I also like Japanese because they are easy to form without being too flexible. They are very comfortable to wear. The longer I do hair, the more I find myself using hairpins instead of bobbies. Go here for a quick hairpin tutorial!

Tomorrow Ill choose a winner! Also, We have a new tutorial all edited and ready to go. Ill probably post it Monday, but I just had to tell you!

All photos by Jacob Breinholt for Hairdresser On Fire. Except the top one.

My kind of up do.

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Do the Olsens ever experience a style/hair swing and a miss*? I dont think so. Both of these styles (dresses and hair) are breath-taking. These would be amazing for so many occasions.all fuzzy and romantic in a good way.


*They probably do.

Braids for the maids

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I did 12 heads of hair the day of Maggies wedding. In the weeks approaching the wedding, Maggie asked me a few times if I wanted her to find someone to help me with the hair. I knew I didnt need one (plus, what if our work clashed?), because we had decided the look for the maids, would be braids.

Maggie gave me a few rules:
No Peasants or Pinheads (meaning, they need volume and dont make them look like milkmaids!)
All updos, no tails.

Braids were a genius idea, because they are quick and you can do them on any hair type.and I worked with every hair type that day. Fine, processed, thick, silky smooth, curly, virgin hairetc. Also, because I was doing 12 people, I could only allow about 30 minutes per girl. I started at 6:30 and finished around 2:30. The major time saver, was that I didnt have to blow dry anyone. I brought lots of products, my kit and my cutting tools anyway, and just did touch ups when needed. (and two bang trims!)

Here are just a few pictures of some of the girls. (who are all my friends. it was so fun!)

And last but not least, an image of the maid of honor fishing the bouquet out of the chandelier. Have you ever seen the bouquet toss end up in the chandelier? It was glorious.

Braids were a beautiful way to have a theme, but avoid being too uniform. You can get so creative with braids. Once you get them down, they can take you anywhere. Just like Reading Rainbow!

Click here to see more about braids!

Two looks for the Bride

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Something Ive never really seen done before, is a bride wearing her hair one way for the ceremony and another for the reception. It is such a brilliant idea if you ask me. Maggies brand new husband, Ben, loves her hair down, so she wanted to be her most beautiful self for him when he first saw her. I could really cry just writing that. They are so sweet together.

Since Maggie is a Barbie come to life, I layered SachaJuan mousse-three huge handfuls on her wet hair, then Oribe Volumista all over her roots, and finished with Oribe Maxamista everywhere. For Maggie we were bringing on the volume. Then I used a small/medium size round brush and blew out her hair huge and curly, setting each section in pins. The end goal wasnt curl, but volume! And since Maggies hair is super straight on its own, I had to do lots of curl, to get just a little bit.

(i never knew i do such a serious hair face!)

This is me and Maggie in the bathroom, discussing how much volume she still needs.

Ultimately, I decided that since her hair wants to go straight, we should do a curl set with an iron. It was the right thing to do, because her hair ended up looking similar to this picture (plus lots of Bridgit Bardot backcombing) after the curls fell a little. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Maggs with the backcombing and veil, she looked so beautiful.

After I put the veil on, Maggie leaned over to me and said the most wonderful words Ive ever heard. She told me that this was how she always dreamed she would look.

Mission accomplished!

For the reception, Maggie wanted to dance without worrying about her hair. She and Ben had a quiet dinner by themselves while the guests were at a cocktail hour, and I snuck up into their little area to do her second look. She requested the biggest bun I could do on the top of her head.

So I packed up a small bag beforehand, and gave it to the Maid Of Honor to deliver for me. It had hair pins, bobby pins, a pocket size Mason Pearson, a rat tail comb, a few bungees and some hairspray. It sounds like a lot of stuff, but the bag was quite small.

Then I gave Maggie a Party Bun on crack. Her hair is almost to her waist, so it was huge and glorious.

(dont worry, this photo was pre-flyaway smoothing)

We topped it off with a flower from her gown and she went to the party looking like a beautiful cupcake topper! She danced and twirled all night and none of us could take our eyes off of her!

Ill be back next week with the bridesmaids!