Strawberry Blonde is our jam.

Posted in News on August 7th, 2012 by Reagan

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My friend Maggie and I have been friends since she moved to Tennessee in 6th grade. With her living in DC and me here in NYC, were able to keep in touch quite well. She was in town over the weekend and we started marveling over dinner. We marveled over being newly single, we marveled over nearing the end of our 20s (were both 28) and we marveled over having strawberry blonde hair. The reason this is of significance, is that Maggie and I, out of all of our friends, were the girls who wanted our hair as long and as blonde as possible. Especially in high school. I also wanted my lips as shimmery as possible, but thats a marvel for a different day.

Anyway, we both still have long hair, and were both blonde, but its funny how you realize something you were all about, was really all wrong for you. Cool blonde is a gross tone on me and my skin, and although Maggie pulled it off nicely, the warmer blonde suits her personality better. Not to mention her hair has never looked shinier.

Im pro-strawberry blonde. For life.

Do you ever see that person who has definitely had the same hair since high school? Only high school was several decades ago? And youre like woah, no one told you!. And theyre like I heart scrunchies and banana clips..

Anyway, I feel like Maggie and have just escaped that last paragraph by a hair. Maybe Ill have long wavy wannabe mermaid hair well into my hundreds, and maybe Maggie will have long straight hair with bangs well into hers, but at least weve found a suitable tone to take us there.

Is it hard for you to break out of your hairs comfort zone?