Mens hair with a razor

Posted in News on January 8th, 2013 by Reagan

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Ive been using a straight razor more and more on my man haircuts these days. Im not really a fan of that crunchy hard gel look, so any and all texture that can be added to their hair just means less product needed for styling. One of my very favorite clients, Clay, (who I should mention is engaged to my good friend Jen B!) only uses a spritz or two of Ocean Mist, which he discovered because Jen uses it! The combination of the razor with the salty spray and his natural waves is like money in the bank. I dont know how its like money in the bank, but I heard a rapper sing that and I knew I wanted to use it on my blog (I believe in honesty even when it proves that youre a huge nerd.).

Oh, dont let me forget the neckline! Undercutting the neckline so it lays softly is the key. I need a picture, dont I?

Hairstylists, whats your favorite trick for man haircuts? I like calling it a man haircut. It sounds caveman-ish.