Halloween Hair: Sid and Nancy

Posted in Celebrities, News on October 25th, 2010 by Reagan

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Its Halloween week! Yay!

I love Halloween, so much. I love to dress up and I love to spice up my hair/make up too. Last year, Jake and I were Sid and Nancy, and the costumes came out perfect! (in my humble opinion!)

Along with the right clothes, what really made these costumes work, was the way we did our hair! I rolled my wet hair, bangs included, in tiny perm rods (think white, gray and pink!) and let it dry by itself all day. After I took the rods out, I fluffed and sprayed so it would hold. It looked rad even the next day. I seriously considered perming my hair after wearing it like that for two days.

Nancys make up is just a very pale foundation, lots of blush and red lips.then all the black liner, mascara and fake eye lashes I own.

For my Sid, I flat ironed Jakes hair, teased it so it was nice and spikey, then hair-sprayed it into a pokey punk look.

Topped off with some fake cigs (rolled up note paper!) and we were good to go.

These costumes were a huge success and we were recently featured in UsWeekly for best celeb Halloween costumes!

Fun fact: Jake is wearing my jeans.