My formula.

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One of the most common questions I get on this blog is what is your color formula?.

Its like the whats your sign of Hairdresser On Fire. Anyway, here are a few reasons Ive never revealed my formula.

~I have no idea what it is.
~My colorist has no idea what it is.
~Its complicated and impossible to do unless you are a professional

The way my colorist, Charlie, works is mostly visual. She doesnt write anything down, and instead looks at the hair and decides what it needs based on the condition of it, the pre-existing color, and what Im going for.  I like this because I never know how its going to turn out, I only know that Im going to like it. I try to not guide her too much, and instead let her creative coloring mind and hands maul my hair in a good way. We generally do any and every variation of strawberry blonde there is, because its my absolute favorite color in the world to be, and I love that it turns out different every time.

Anyhair, I had a gloss the other day, and I had another colorist at my salon, Carla, do it. I finally got a wild hair and asked her what formula she was using for my strawberry/apricot/warm blonde*, and wrote it down for you. She layered two different glosses at the sink for me, here they are in order of appearance.

Eh hem..

First Layer:
1 oz. 9AA
1 oz. 9RB
2 Caps of O kicker
2 Caps of 8C
A dash of Clear gloss to dilute it.

Second Layer:
1 oz. 9RB
1 Cap of 9V
1 Cap of Red Kicker
A dash of Clear gloss to dilute it.

See why that basically requires a PHD in hair color to pull off?

For all you colorists/stylists out there, let me know if you try this and how it turns out! Id love to hear back! And maybe Ill start a trend of asking Charlie/Carla what formula they use each time and report to you here. Then we can laugh at how totally different it is every time. Hows that sound?

*If my haircolor was a food I would eat it.

Divine Caroline: 5 tips to make your color last

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Today at Divine Caroline, Im giving out my best tips for making color last as long as possible. Great for you color lovers (me!) who are looking for ways to get more of their moneys worth. Heres to pretty color like Jessica Biel!

Click here for the story

Image from Divine Caroline

New Hair color!

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Over the weekend, Jake and I went down to Atlanta, Georgia to visit my family there. I got my color done the day before and went that nice blush pink again. As per my hairs normal behavior, it doesnt look anything like its real self in pictures. Charlie lightened it so much, with highlights all over, before toning it to a rad rosey rosey pink. Its even pinker than it was last summer. Here is a picture that doesnt help much.

We karaoked for my sisters birthday. I was in the middle of an important performance of Pat Benatars Love Is A Battlefield when this photo was taken. Thats my top 5 favorite karaoke song ever.

Heres an iPhone pic that shows my hairs rosey rosey a little better.If you must know, yes..I was crawling through a doggie door. You never have?

Its time for me to have a crush on color protecting shampoo/conditioner again, because this blushy hair is still only going to last 3 or 4 shamps if Im lucky!


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This picture is so edited (Instagram!) that you cant really see the true color, but I went pinker! This is definitely a semi-perm color, because it came from a shampoo! Niles from my work, who is a color assistant, asked me if he could try this pastel shampoo on me to see how my hair would take it.

It really really took it. The pink is beautiful, but it is so bright, that I feel like the natural looking roots dont really marry with the bottom. Its like Little Orphan Annie on top and My Little Pony Tales on the bottom. But Im crazy and Ill try anything so I dont care. In fact, I really like having pink hair. And people on the street want to talk to mewell girls. This is definitely a man-repelling hair procedure. Which I dont mind because Jake loves me for the crazy pants that I am.

Im anxious to see how long this pink lasts. Ill make sure to give you a full review of the process! And some better pictures soon too!

Tonight Im going to pick a giveaway winner, so hurry and enter!

One commenter said she should win because her hair is gross and for some reason that had me laughing for 3 hours. I like a simple explanation like that.

Good luck yall!